15 Different RVs With Dedicated Office Space

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For travelers who are on the road a lot but need a dedicated office space in their RV to fit their lifestyle, it can be difficult to find a floor plan that fits their needs.

With the increasing number of digital nomads and remote workers in today’s society, an RV office has become a necessity. Fortunately, RV manufacturers have recognized the trend and are offering RVs that already have a built-in office space.

We’re approaching the days when nomads won’t have to sit in an uncomfortable RV canteen to work. Or spend tons of money converting an RV into an office space.

In this article, we’ll show you the latest floor plans with RV space already built in, as well as a few bonus options that have been around for a few years. Let’s go!

What is an RV office?

An RV office is similar to a home office. It is a dedicated workspace that does not need to be set up every day.

It can be frustrating to unpack work gear every morning and repack it every evening. Some travelers need to use the dining area as a workspace, so they pack up several times a day so their family can have dinner.

However, having an office in your RV means having a separate room where you can leave your computer screen, keep files in a drawer, and keep noise to a minimum.

Advantages of a mobile home office

A built-in RV office means no renovations are required. For some people, coming up with a renovation project and doing it can be fun and exciting.

But for many people, renovation is stressful and too costly. These floor plans with an RV office space give travelers that time back.

Plus, you don’t have to worry about weight restrictions. Every time you do a renovation project, you have to consider how much weight you’re taking out and how much weight you’re adding.

Slides can only support a certain amount of weight. Entire mobile homes are designed to hold a certain amount of weight. When you start swapping things out, weight can be an issue.

Disadvantages of an RV office space

Although there are advantages to buying an RV with an office, there are also a few disadvantages.

First, you have to settle for the RV office that the manufacturer has set up. It may not be in the location you prefer, or you may not like the floor plan. You may have to renovate after all, or bite the bullet and settle for the space as it is.

Two, built-in RV offices mean the manufacturers removed something else, or you may have to buy a longer RV than you originally wanted.

If you want to keep a small space, you have to leave something else out when something is added. This could be extra storage in the pantry or a bunk room for the kids. If the manufacturer increased the length of the RV to create an office, your tow vehicle may not be able to pull it.

You may also want to stay within a certain size to get more parking spaces.

15 Motorhomes with integrated office

Below are new motorhomes with built-in offices. These are great options for travelers who don’t want to deal with renovation or want to find out what working on the road is like.

1. 2024 KZ Durango Gold G356RLQ

About this camper: Our first camper with a designated site is from KZ and is the Durango Gold G356RLQ. This is a great fifth wheel, coming in at 35’6″ long and GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) of almost 15,000 lbs.

This fifth wheel has a kitchen island, free standing dining area, theater seating area, sofa and washer/dryer prep area. The bedroom is located at the front of the RV and the office is located in the living room.

The office space: The office space is an optional extra for this model. Instead of the freestanding dinette, you can install a camper office with a desk and two chairs.

The large window directly in front of the desk gives you a good view from here. However, if you have younger children or don’t want to miss out on a designated dining area, you’ll find more options here.

2. 2024 Keystone Montana 3857BR

About this camper: Keystone offers an office space in the newest 2024 Montana 3857BR. In addition to an office space, you’ll find an open concept living area, a loft area for storage or sleeping, and an outdoor kitchen.

The Office Space: The RV office is located in the middle of the RV, called the Mid-Room. There is a couch, a closet and barn doors to separate the room from the kitchen.

The desk stretches almost the entire length of the wall, so you have plenty of room to set up and work. This is a great option for someone who really needs a separate area to focus.

3. 2024 Tiffin Allegro Red 33A

About this camper: If a motorhome is more your style, then Tiffin’s new 2024 Allegro Red models may be just what you’re looking for. This floor plan features a rear bedroom with a queen bed and plenty of storage.

The living area has a sleeper sofa and a dining area with a fireplace and flat-screen TV. You’ll love the luxurious tile flooring and handcrafted cabinets. This tiffin is 35’2″ long.

The Office Space: The RV office space is a feature you can add when you order. You can replace the cabin dinette on the camping side of the bus with a computer workstation or an even larger eating bar with a shelf.

This second option provides storage for a printer, files and equipment. With a window facing the campsite, this is another great option with a view!

Remember: Learn more about the company and the owners of Tiffin Motorhomes in this article on Who Owns Tiffin Motorhomes?

Interior of a Tiffin Motorhome with RV office.
Source: Tiffin Motorhomes

4. 2024 Fleetwood Frontier GTX 37RT

About this motorhome: Another RV option for the working camper is the Fleetwood Frontier GTX 37RT. This new model is 37′ 11″ long and has a GVWR of 33,600 pounds. This Class A diesel pusher comes on a Freightliner custom chassis and has a Cummins B6.7 engine.

It has a king-size bed, a queen pull-out sofa, a large dinette and plenty of storage. You have your choice of three different accent colors and three different cabinet colors to suit everyone’s taste.

The Office Space: The office space in this motorhome is located in the rear of the vehicle. Once you enter through the barn doors, you will see a corner office with overhead storage, drawers and a window.

On the opposite side of the office is a small bench seat and a large hanging closet for your clothes. This space is perfect for one person. You should be able to really concentrate because the living area is separated by the bedroom, so the noise from other people is far away.

5. 2024 Palomino River Ranch 392MB

About this camper: An extremely unique camper with an office is the River Ranch 392MB Palomino. This fifth wheel is 42′ long and has a GVWR of 18,000 pounds.

What makes this motorhome special is that it has no interior stairs, like a normal fifth wheel. It offers one-level living, as the entire lower area is used for storage. However, remember that you need a heavy truck to pull such a large vehicle!

This model features a kitchen island, fireplace, and a double bed with a large closet. The living area is open plan, but the office is hidden.

The office space: The “MB” in the 392MB stands for “mid-bunk.” This means that the office of this floor plan is located in the mid-bunk. Here you will find a desk against the wall with a couch and a bunk on the opposite side.

Above the desk is a hanging closet and a door that you can close if you need quiet while working.

Source: Palamino RV

6. 2024 Airstream Flying Cloud 30FB

About this camper: The Airstream Flying Cloud 30FB was the talk of the town when it first came out. Fortunately, it has sold well enough to continue producing new models.

This camper has a front bedroom and an office in the rear. Between the two rooms are the kitchen, a sofa, a U-shaped dining area and a bathroom in the rear.

The office space: The RV office is located in the back of the vehicle next to the bathroom and is one of the larger rooms on this list that still offers some privacy.

Next to the desk is a padded chair that converts into a bed if needed. Next to the desk is a large closet where you can store your work utensils. There is plenty of lighting, two windows and a power source for your electronic devices.

7. 2024 Keystone Montana 3941FO

About this camper: Keystone recently released a brand new 2024 floorplan model called the Montana 3941FO. This beast of a fifth wheel is 42′ 7″ long and 13′ 4″ tall.

This floorplan features a double bed in the rear, kitchen and dining area in the middle, and a living room in the front. Keystone didn’t skimp on the upgrades in this motorhome, as it features power theater seats, smart TVs, an outdoor kitchen, and a refrigerator with ice maker.

The Office Space: The office in this floor plan is located at the very front of the RV, almost hidden behind the TV. When you open the barn door to the office, the first thing you notice is the large window on the front canopy.

This office space has a long L-shaped desk with plenty of storage and a bulletin board for important documents. You can easily set up multiple monitors and still have room for handwritten notes or a desk calendar.

When you’re done with your work, close the door and forget this office even exists! The only downside we can see with this option is that it might get warm from the large window at the front.

8. Forest River Riverstone 39RKFB

About this camper: Next up is one of our favorite floorplan options, the Riverstone 39RKFB from Forest River. This is the fifth bike we would buy if we went back to RVing full time.

In the 39RKFB, you’ll find a stunning kitchen with all the bells and whistles. There is a half bath that has room for a stackable washer and dryer, and even a laundry shoot out bedroom!

This floor plan has a king size bed and an extremely large front bathroom. It has a walk-in closet, double vanity, and tons of storage.

The Office Space: In many RVs with an office, it feels like the manufacturer had to give up something to make room for the office. Well, not in this floor plan. The office space in this River Stone is in the living room next to the dining area. It has large windows, plenty of drawer space, and a beautiful wood countertop.

9. 2024 East to West Alta 2810KIK

About this camper: East to West is a relatively new RV manufacturer that has developed several floorplans based on customer feedback. The Alta 2810KIK motorhome is designed for working campers on a budget.

This particular floorplan is 33′ 8″ long and has a curb weight of 7,228 pounds. It features an open floor plan, an outdoor kitchen and a triple fold-out sofa. The dinette can also be converted into a bed for additional sleeping space.

The office space: The office space in this camper consists of a desk with a chair in the back. It has a large window, two storage compartments, overhead storage and outlets for your electronics.

This office space is nothing special, but it’s perfect for one person or a part-time worker. It offers just enough space to separate work and play.

10. Grand Design Imagine 2670MK

About this motorhome: This is very similar to the option above, but we wanted to give you another choice when it comes to basic table space. The Grand Design Imagine 2670MK has a length of 32′ 3″ and a GVWR of 8,495 pounds.

It features a forward queen bed with the dinette, kitchen and sofa in an open living area in the rear.

The office space: In one of the back corners is a small office space. Just like in the Alta above, you’ll find a desk, a window, two drawers, overhead storage, and electrical outlets.

11. 2024 Alliance Paradigm 380MP

About this camper: Alliance RV is known for its modern design and bright interiors, and the floor plan of the 2024 Paradigm 380MP is no different.

The office space: The office is located right next to the kitchen in the middle of the room. This office space is unique because it has the attic above the office connected to the space below. Inside there is a desk, sofa bed, bunk bed, small closet, drawers and a TV.

As you enter the office, you can look up to see the loft above. This area can be used as a sleeping space or as additional storage. A previous complaint about this floor plan was that the space heated up, so opening up the attic should improve air circulation.

Source: Alliace RV

Bonus: RVs from the previous year with office space

If the new RVs with office space from 2024 don’t impress you, it’s time to look at the older vehicles.

Note that some of these RVs are only in stock at the dealership. This means that the manufacturer no longer makes new models. You will need to locate a dealer that still has one in stock.

Below are some other options for RVs with office space already built in. Let’s go!

12. 2023 CrossRoads Volante VL3251RD

About this motorhome: The 2023 Volante VL3251RD is 36’3″ in length and weighs just under 14,000 pounds.

This floor plan features a kitchen at the door with an entertainment center and fireplace. There is a kitchen island, pantry, freestanding dining area, theater seating, sofa, queen bed, and washer/dryer prep area.

The office space: In the Volante, the RV office is located in the back next to the pantry. There is a nice big window over the desk and overhead storage for all your work materials.

The additional overhead storage makes it easy to stow gear or file papers.

13. 2023 KZ Connect C292RDK

About this motorhome: The KZ Connect C292RDK has a gross vehicle weight rating of 9,175 lbs and a cargo capacity of over 2,000 lbs. That means you can stow a whole lot of stuff in this 32’5″ travel trailer.

It features a kitchen island, cabin dinette, sofa, fireplace, large pantry, and king bed.

The office space: The office room is located in the back and has a desk in front of the back window. You have a great view while working on a project, answering emails or taking a call.

The walk-in pantry is on the left side, so you could use a shelf for storage or add a small filing cabinet in the lower level.

Remember: If you are looking for a job on the road, you can find serious workamping jobs here!

14. 2022 Jayco Pinnacle 37MDQS

About this camper: Another option for a fifth wheel is the Pinnacle 37MDQS from Jayco. This model has a separate center compartment with office space.

It is 41′ 8″ long and has a GVWR of nearly 17,000 pounds. You will need a heavy off-road vehicle to tow the Pinnacle 37MDQS.

Other features include a kitchen island, a freestanding dining area, theater seating, a sofa, and washer and dryer space.

The office space: The addition of center space makes the Pinnacle longer and heavier than most models on this list. However, it does offer more privacy. The room has a couch with overhead storage and a desk with cabinets on either side.

Above the room is a loft for additional sleeping or storage space. If you need a more private space to work, this Jayco Pinnacle makes a great RV office.

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15. 2022 Jayco North Point 377RLBH

About this camper: Our final floorplan on the list is the 2022 North Point 377RLBH from Jayco. Like others on this list, it has a separate center room with office space. It is one of the longest and heaviest options, with a length of 43′ and a GVWR of just under 17,000 pounds.

It has a fan in the living room, a queen-size bed, theater seats, a triple-folding sofa and an outdoor kitchen.

The office space: This particular floor plan features an office in the middle of the room with a fold-out bunk above the couch. This means you can use the office in the RV as a bedroom for a child or guests. This floor plan is a great option for traveling families.

Work on the road in the motorhome office

Although many campers seek the great outdoors to escape the office and get away from computer screens, emails and text messages, other travelers need to take their work with them on the road.

These may be full-time travelers or travelers who want to spend weeks on the road. A built-in RV office is an excellent benefit. It helps with storage and eliminates the need to pack up equipment every day.

Do you take your work with you on the road? Do you have your own office in the camper?

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