3 Clever RV Gadgets That Make Camping Easier

These RV gadgets maximize space & efficiency

RVers love gadgets. The more secret, clever and purposeful things an RV has, the better we like it. This is especially true for RV gadgets that save us space or help us complete repetitive tasks.

Here we look at three clever things; two of them are space-saving, and one takes a common task off our hands.

1. TakTable™ from Keystone Outdoor

Folding tables and RVing go together like marshmallows and chocolate. We’ve all had or have some sort of small folding table that we set up next to our camping chairs.

Usually these little tables are plastic and not really considered RV accessories. They are just tables, nothing fancy. The problem I’ve had with our little table is that it can easily get blown over or knocked over in windy conditions or if the dogs are particularly careless. The last time that happened, I used a weighted sewing bag to hold the table legs in place. But it’s not something I really want to take into our camping area.

The TakTable™ from Keystone Outdoor Gear Co™ is an incredibly strong and lightweight aluminum table that weighs only 11 pounds, but can support up to 270 pounds. While no one should stack that much weight on a small table, this is a testament to its strength. Plus, it’s light enough to take with you whether you’re looking for an idyllic spot in the woods to eat or just need a place to put your laptop on the beach.

TakTable™ Folding Camping Table

My biggest problem with folding RV equipment is how it behaves when folded. It seems that every folding chair, ladder, table and grill I pull out of the basement of my RV wants to catch on two other items before I can get it out.

As I examined the still-folded TakTable, I deliberately took it in my hand by the edges of one side, fully expecting it to unfold or wiggle apart or unfold prematurely in some way. It didn’t. TakTable uses a ring/pin design to hold things securely when folded. These pins are permanently attached so they don’t get lost when the table is in use.

When I unpacked the TakTable, I didn’t read any instructions or watch any video. I wanted to see how easy it was, with no help or prior training, and I was pleasantly surprised.

The legs and frame of the table fold up and store in the folded aluminum segments of the table. Pulling another pin releases the legs, which snap directly into the now unfolded top segments, creating a large 18″ x 38″ table that has a standard height of 29 ½ inches off the floor.

The TakTable is large enough for two people to share a meal, but small enough to simply serve as a convenient catch-all table when horizontal surfaces are in short supply. These surfaces can be close enough to the campfire to be practical as well, as the metal surfaces are rated up to 1000°F and the plastic surfaces up to 450°F.

If you regularly camp in places where there are no picnic tables, multiple TakTables can be connected together so the whole family can eat together. Your TakTable can be kept clean with the included cotton tablecloth and clips, carried with the included nylon strap, and anchored with the included ground pegs if needed. Visit Keystone Outdoor Gear for pricing and more information.

The 4 mounting points for the TakTable

2. Blue Streak™ Automatic Dispensing System

Next on our list of RV gadgets is the Blue Streak™ automatic dispenser system. It’s not hard to properly treat your black tank, but it does take time and discipline. RVers always want to take advantage of a full hookup or convenient dump station to empty and flush the black tank.

The hardest part of this task is often remembering to top off after the black tank is drained or flushed. Waiting too long before remembering can have consequences, especially if you are traveling in your RV and unloading there. Then when you get home, you are easily distracted and your black tank goes untreated.

Automatically eliminate the smell of the empty tank

I’m often a “too much is not enough” kind of guy. I think two is better than one, and then maybe one more later. I end up treating too much and spending too much money.

To make this task easier for campers, Blue Streak has developed a revolutionary automatic dispenser that applies the right amount of product with each flush. Not only does it solve the problem of when Problem, they deal with the how much Problem too.

Made in the USA, this dispenser is suitable for use in RVs and on boats. It plugs directly into your toilet and delivers the perfect amount of Blue Streak with every flush. The non-staining, formaldehyde-free formula with baby powder fragrance breaks down waste, cleans and deodorizes, and is easy to install. Learn more at bluestreakchem.com.

3rd RUX 70L Storage System

The last of these RV gadgets combines the twin virtues of space saving and storage. Both features are at the top of every motorhome owner’s list.

The RUX 70L is a rugged storage system that packs like a box, carries like a bag and stows like a suitcase. Made of nylon and composite material, the RUX weighs only 5.3 pounds yet holds up to 50 pounds.

The storage volume of 70 liters (about 18.5 gallons) is already indicated by its name. Compressed to just three inches when flat, it expands to an attractive 15.7 x 19.5 x 13.8 cm covered box or crate.

A variety of carrying and strapping options keep your items where they belong. The weatherproof RUX can even be worn like a backpack or attached to a wall or storage compartment.

Use cases for the RUX 70L

To be honest, I had to think about this a bit. Unfolding the RUX and turning it from a flat case into a square box takes a few minutes, as you tuck the coated “corner braces” into the corners. Do I really need a storage box that I have to unfold?

We don’t use our cooler that often, so I store other RV utensils in the cooler and then put the cooler in the storage compartment of my RV. The danger with any dual use box is… what do you do with the stuff in it when you want to use the box for another task?

If I want to use our cooler, I have to dump all the stuff out and leave it lying around in my storage area until I’m done with the cooler. RVers who are short on space and unwilling or unable to convert their expensive Yeti coolers into a storage box will appreciate the RUX’s folding feature.

A foldable (or pop-up) storage box like the RUX 70L could be ideal for e-bike rides to stock up on groceries, as storage on the back of the golf cart when out camping, or even as a handy weatherproof box to carry on your paddleboard or boat.

In cases like these where you need stylish, weatherproof storage and then suddenly don’t need it, the RUX is a great choice. It looks very sturdy and is easy to hose down and clean. Plus, it’s much more attractive than an old cooler or an Amazon box, which would probably be the next two options in case of a “box emergency.” Learn more about RUX products and other gadgets for RVs at rux.life.

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