6 Reason Why Lance Trailers Are So Expensive And Is It Worth It?

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Lance trailers are some of the best travel trailers on the road today. However, many experienced campers will find that most of their models come with a high price tag and aren’t exactly known for being suitable for camping families on a tight budget.

If you’re looking for a new camper that’s worth the investment, you’ll certainly be tempted by Lance campers.

With prices starting at $50,00 for a 19-foot model and going up to $76,823 for the top-of-the-line 29-foot model, you may be wondering why Lance trailers cost more than other RVs?

Lance Camper Manufacturing Corporation is considered one of the highest quality travel trailers and truck campers on the market today, which means they come at a premium price.

To understand the value of their models and figure out if quality affects price or if you are paying for the brand name itself, you need to take a closer look at some important details.

Let’s take a look at all the factors that make lance pendants so expensive, and is the premium price worth it?

History of Lance RV

Lance RVs have been consistently ranked as the #1 RV manufacturer in the United States since 1965. This is a longer, richer history than many other RV manufacturers can claim.

While Lance has made a name for itself with high-end motorhomes, it also has one of the fastest growing lines of motorhomes in the North American market.

Lance is known for constantly striving to innovate and hold themselves to high standards in manufacturing to ensure the quality of their entire product line. They focus on quality, style and comfort and have a reputation for providing excellent customer satisfaction.

This has led to a 40% market share in truck campers and some of the highest quality motorhomes money can buy.

10 Reasons Lance Trailers Are So Expensive

When it comes to why Lance trailers are so expensive, we need to look beyond the metaphors and rich history of this well-known RV manufacturer.

As with many high-end RVs and travel trailers, there are many different details that lead to the expensive price tag attached to so many Lance RVs.

1. Material Build Quality & Construction

Lance’s material build quality is at the forefront of the RV industry. This is evident in both the award-winning line of truck campers and the growing line of motorhomes. Some of the key design features of Lance to consider are:

I) Thick Alodine® coated aluminum frame

With a typical thickness of 0.062″ and coated steel connecting plates, the basic structure of every Lance trailer is ready to withstand years of adventures.

II) EnergyStar® certified TPO roof

This is a durable, seamless roofing material for marine use. It uses a white thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) base to create a one-piece roofing system that does not chalk. This goes a long way toward preventing streaking while providing additional insulation and excellent puncture resistance.

This is a great advantage if you like to camp on primitive forest sites. Lance is so confident in this type of roof construction that it comes with a 12-year warranty.

III) Superior block insulation

Lance’s block insulation in all trailers is precision-fitted so there are no voids for possible air infiltration.

Combined with the fully laminated and insulated floor, ceiling and fiberglass walls, an unmatched level of interior insulation is achieved. This results in less stress on the air conditioner and furnace!

IV) Solid aluminum outer seam moldings

All exterior trim on a lance trailer is made of solid aluminum seam moldings that provide excellent weather protection.

This is a big jump in quality compared to many other RV manufacturers that use brittle vinyl inserts that quickly lose their weatherproof quality.

This type of exterior seam also helps hide the screws, which reduces corrosion problems.

V) A lightweight, powder-coated chassis

This is one of those low-key manufacturing features that doesn’t get much credit in the marketing world. Yet every Lance travel trailer body is mounted on a lightweight, high-strength, powder-coated, hardened steel chassis. This provides superior durability and corrosion resistance.

It extends the life of a Lance trailer and helps the trailer retain its resale value. Many travel trailers end up suffering severe depreciation due to rust, which could have easily been prevented by the type of powder coating Lance uses under each of its chassis.

VI) Torsion Bar Suspension

This is another unspoken quality feature of Lance trailers. But the torsion bar suspension system, with its rubber torsion bar suspension axles and EZ-Lube wheel bearings, provides a smooth ride.

2. Thoughtful design &; floor plans

Lance has been in the RV business in one form or another since 1965. As a result, the company is very familiar with the changing interests and requirements of its customers.

The company is known for its excellent customer service, which translates into campers with well thought-out floor plans and technology that meets a wide range of needs.

Lance places a high priority on building campers to fit any style of camping. Whether you love spending days outdoors, or you’re simply looking for a model that lets you live comfortably while staying connected to the amenities of your favorite RV park.

This is evident in key features like spacious wet and dry bathrooms, kitchens with larger-than-average appliances and a perfect three-point floor plan. Not to mention the living rooms, where the seating and TV viewing angle ensure everyone has a decent vantage point.

You can see this in the little things, too. Like bathrooms, where the showers provide as much space as possible without knocking over shampoo bottles every time you move.

3. Comprehensive innovation

Lance has made a name for itself as a premium RV manufacturer of high-quality motorhomes and travel trailers by embracing innovation at every level. This is evident in construction techniques such as powder-coated chassis, Energy Star TPO roofs and torsion axles.

The same is true for electrical systems and 21st Century Devices. Many Lance trailers are equipped with USB charging ports integrated with the standard electrical system. Many of them have Bluetooth speaker systems,

Wi-Fi capabilities and digital instrument systems. Many of these trailers are pre-wired for solar or designed so you can easily add a tankless water heating system to existing plumbing.

Year after year, Lance leads the way in RV innovation, and many RV manufacturers are rushing to follow.

4. Superior Resale Customer Service & Warranty

Customer service is a top priority at Lance. When you call with a question or concern, you will receive an experienced representative who can patiently walk you through your question.

To them, you are not just a number. This includes things like warranty claims and helping you find approved Lance dealers in your area who will do repairs right the first time.

Lance backs up their customer service reputation with one of the best warranty protection plans that comes standard on most of their models. They also offer reasonably affordable extended protection programs.

These “extended warranties” may not be worth the money if you are staying at a seasonal campground with full hookups.

However, they are usually worth it if you like to camp at primitive campgrounds or off-road campsites where your Lance trailer gets a little wear and tear on every trip.

5. Interior

Interior design

The interiors of many Lance trailers are very high-end. This includes things like rugged RV absorption refrigerators in their off-road campers and stylish residential-style refrigerators in their luxury travel trailer models.

Their furniture and fixtures also tend to be high-end, even in their standard floor plan models. Although this might not be ideal in some of their rough and rugged models that are equipped for off-road campsites and primitive camping.

Sometimes after a muddy day in the wilderness, you just want to put your feet up without worrying about the high-quality pads making a big mess.

6. Resale value of Lance campers

All of the superior materials and construction help Lance trailers hold their value better than many of the competition. This includes things like the powder-coated chassis,

TPO roof, and panel seams that reduce the risk of long-term corrosion problems. Routine mechanical maintenance, equipment care and safe interior handling also help maintain the value of a Lance trailer.

Even though the initial cost of a Lance trailer is higher, it can still be worth the investment. Especially if you start with one of the smaller models and need to upgrade as your family grows or downsizes when the kids finally leave home.

Explore the cost of Lance’s high-end residential trailers.

Lance’s TT (Travel Trailer) is known for offering a diverse range of trailers and RVs with different layouts and features in a spectrum of sizes. Here’s how to find the Lance trailer that best suits your needs,

we need to take a quick look at some of the key specifications for some of the most popular models. While the following table is not the ultimate in Lance trailers, it is a helpful basis for finding the right model for your family’s camping needs and budget.

1. Lance – TT 1475 travel trailer

The 2022 Lance - TT1475 travel trailer

The Lance – TT 1475 is the smallest trailer in the Lance lineup, but it’s certainly not the cheapest. It starts between $40,000 and $45,000, which is the perfect price range for a family with one or two small children.

With a dry weight of just 2,600 pounds, you won’t have to worry about putting extra money into a pickup truck to pull it. It’s within the range of what most family SUVs can tow.

2. Lance – TT 1995 travel trailer

The 2022 Lance - TT 1995 travel trailer

This is the mid-range model of Lance’s TT travel trailer line. There are a lot of optional extras to consider, which can vary the price from as little as $70,000 for a base model to as much as $80,000 for one with all the bells and whistles.

With a dry weight of 4,625 pounds and a maximum gross vehicle weight rating of 6,200 pounds, it’s at the top of what you can tow in a rugged midsize family SUV like the Dodge Durango. If you decide to get a large Lance travel trailer, be prepared to spend extra money on a pickup truck capable of towing it and all the extra gas it will require.

3. Lance – TT 2075 travel trailer

The 2022 Lance - TT 2075 travel trailer

With an MSPR that ranges from $55,000 to $60,000 the 2022 Lance – TT 2075 shows what one of their trailers can be with bells and whistles added to it. Although the more things you choose in their optional menu, the higher the price may rise.

Still, it can show off a bit with a rear-mounted outdoor kitchen with stove and cooler. It also has the app-enabled iN-Command Control system, which lets you control the awning, lights, and air conditioning, as well as monitor the holding tanks-all from a central keypad.

4. Lance – TT2445 travel trailer

The 2022 Lance - TT2445 travel trailer

If price is no object, but sleeping space and comfort are paramount, then the Lance 2022 – TT 2445 may be the perfect Lance trailer for your needs. There are a lot of optional extras, but the somewhat stripped-down base model can be had for as little as $58,000. However, if you start adding optional extras, the price tag can go up to $70,000.

What you get with the 2022 Lance – TT 2445 in its purist form is a 29-foot-long camper that can sleep up to 8 people comfortably. It also features an exclusive double radius “StarGazer” front window, master bedroom and residential style bathroom. You can also have the popular new Lance Load roof rack system mounted on the roof so you can make the most of the rugged 2,075 pound maximum payload!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you pay for the Lance brand name?

One of the reasons Lance trailers are so expensive is that you pay a little extra for the recognizable brand name. Although Lance certainly doesn’t pass on how much brand name markup goes into their travel trailers

Than other manufacturers like Airstream and Winnebago. If you turn your eyes to Lance’s very popular line of truck campers, you’ll see a higher percentage of brand name markup.

Where are Lance trailers manufactured?

Most Lance trailers and truck campers are manufactured here in the USA in Lancaster, California. This gives you the opportunity to support an American company.

However, California’s sky-high state taxes also add a bit to the cost of a Lance trailer.

Why Lance supporters are worth the investment

Lance trailers are certainly worth the slightly higher price compared to many competing models of the same size. They’re not prohibitively expensive, and a lot of solid material quality and thoughtful engineering goes into them, further enhancing their resale value. Ideal for a family that may need to upgrade or downsize in the next 5 to 10 years.

If there’s one segment of Lance’s product line where the price premium for the brand name is perhaps a bit too high, it’s probably the RV and camper shells. Lance has made a name for itself in this market segment and keeps the flag flying with above-average prices.

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