6 Tips For Your Truck Camper Build

6 tips for building your truck campervan

Is your truck camper outdated? Maybe you bought a used camper that is not your style or needs some love. There are great deals for older campers, and with some imagination and effort, they can really clean up nicely!

A small space can age quickly, and building a truck camper is a fairly common thing. It can be renovated to use the space more efficiently for your lifestyle or to modernize the interior. Whatever the reason, you’ll want to plan your truck camper to fit your budget and lifestyle.

1. No wasted space

Even in the largest models, truck campers are small spaces. Chances are that the factory layout of your rv is a well thought-out floor plan and that all available space is used wisely.

But there is always more space to be found! Using a nook or cranny is key. Wall space is also generally limited, but its use for shelving or to hang things provides more free floor and counter space.


Some newer models have hidden storage space and multipurpose spaces that can be used for inspiration in your remodeling. Drawer space may be limited, as well as space on the countertop. Be creative when it comes to saving frequently used items.

2. Make it roadworthy

When you are exploring the unbeaten path, your camper can take a beating. This is one of the great things about truck campers: they’re great for exploring and hitting off-road.

When considering things for remodeling your truck camper, remember that this thing will be bumped, shaken, and rattled. Everything that is assembled, such as shelves, cabinets and décor, should be able to handle the task of bouncing around.

The fewer things that need to be packed or stored for travel, the more fun your trips will be.

3. Consider the weight of everything

The maximum weight of your motorhome is determined by the truck with which you transport it. Keep this in mind when you add or change something. Even with large double truckloads reaching 8,000 pounds, you still want to consider weight and keep things as light as possible.

This will have to be weighed against the previous tip: make it worthy of disposal. If you use cheaper materials or products because they are lighter, you may end up with a very short-term solution.

4. Open the area

The actual layout of your truck camper may not be easy to change due to structural and electrical and plumbing systems. Removing a closet or replacing a sofa with a chair are easy ways to create space.

There are ways to open a small space without changing walls or fixed objects. Things like paint choices, fabrics, and décor can really open up or reduce the size of a space.

One of the main reasons people approach a truck camper renovation is that the colors and materials in older units are dark. Look at an older camper; most likely there will be dark brown and orange fabrics and wood paneling.

Kelsey and Scott from no.e.t.a. nailed the color and material choices to their truck camper renovation.

older truck camper interior renovated with mid west style - truck camper remodel

5. Consider RV solar energy

When you open your pockets for the renovation, why not look at solar energy? After all, the freedom to roam and stay on the road is probably a huge reason why you have a truck camper.

Solar energy gives you the freedom to have power wherever you are. There are, of course, some upfront costs, but solar energy systems have become very reasonably priced in recent years.

Having the ability to drive away without planning your next camp spot is worth the price of solar power.

6. Don’t forget the outside

When you think of remodeling a truck camper, you probably think of interior design, right? Most of the changes you make will indeed probably be to the interior of your camper. However, there are things on the outside that could also be renovated.

The exterior of your RV is exposed to the elements all year round and begins to show itself after years of traveling. Paint and stickers become faded and damaged, and refreshing them can make a huge difference.

Because interior space is limited, exterior storage ideas keep your outdoor equipment out. Roof racks and storage boxes eliminate cramming your stand-up paddleboards and bikes every time you move.

Sure, everyone would love a brand new truck camper; however, with some time and a limited budget, you can rebuild your current camper. Whether it’s painting or adding a bathroom, a truck camper renovation will make you fall in love with your truck camper again!

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