7 Campervans That Perfectly Capture the Personalities of Their Owners

7 Campervans That Perfectly Capture the Personalities of Their Owners

One of my favorite things about Camp Quirky (the handmade campervan festival of Quirky Campers) was seeing the vans with their owners. It looks a bit like seeing people with their dogs, but with more interior design … I just love the way they reflect the personality of their owners.

I wanted to share with you some of my favorite photo's of owner / campervan. These are not complete; there were simply not enough hours in the day to see every amazing handcrafted camper that was on display. In fact, we would like to see your favorites on social media.

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The Vintage Lover

Let's start with the great Rosie and her owner. Rosie is like a temple for everything that is vintage and colorful. The conversion itself is fairly simple with a fixed bed, open shelves and a simple kitchen. But, boy, they have brought it to life with an incredible array of crocheted bunting, fake flowers and lots of wonderful prints; on the pillows, the curtains and the bedding. This is true inspiration for anyone who is looking for ideas to worry about his motor home & # 39 ;. And as you can see, Scarlet is a true vintage goddess herself. I have never seen anyone in his van look at home anymore. See more photo's of Rosie the van and Scarlet's wonderful craft here.

The Granny Annexe?

Then we have Saffiyah. If you have seen Saffiyah in Camp Quirky, you have not forgotten her. Beautifully upcycled pallethout everywhere, beautifully accented by orange cushions and accessories. It features a spectacular waterfall shower, heating, 240V connections, full-size 3-burner stove and large fridge, wine rack and mood lighting. And of course it is crowned by a beautiful external spray project. Saffiyah just happened to be from my mother, who does nothing through the halves and often achieves things that other people thought were impossible. She recently retired, so she obviously ordered a camper to travel around the world with her grandchildren! She is available for rent at Quirky Campers and you can read more about her conversion story here.

The adventurers

We love Bee, the Happie Hippies of conversion. These are two incredibly talented women – carpenters and welders – and when you saw it on instagram, the conversion seemed complete within a few days! Their camper is super practical and beautiful – just look at all those triangular details. And obvs, it has a climbing wall on the back doors! Lillie and Laura love traveling and adventure, and it shows. Find more photos on their insta account here.

The International Gypsie

A conversion unlike anything you have seen before. This beauty is like a loft-like apartment on wheels, has a huge balcony with French doors where you can get some rays, and of course there is storage space for the motorcycles. Yes, you heard that well. It also features some really original, contemporary décor, with a stainless steel kitchen topped with an orange countertop and some fantastic lighting in the ceiling and in the walls. If I were going to live full-time in a van, I wish it was this one!

The Escape the 9-5ers

If you would work full-time as a doctor and nurse for the NHS, what would you require from your camper? How about quiet, relaxing, with a comfortable bed and a roof terrace. Dave is the ultimate weekend warrior, designed for the perfect combination of adventure and relaxation that you need to get away from rewarding but hard work in the 9-5. He is also available to hire at Quirky Campers if you need your own escape from the rat race.

The Stone Carver's From

"The only one who could ever reach me … was the van of a stonemason." If you saw a picture of this bedroom from the context, you would never guess that it was in a van. Anthony Lysycia created something truly magical here, with his crafting skills and eye for aesthetics, it is no surprise to discover that he is an artist. You can see his epic stone and carvings here.

The Instagram icon

If you've been around the # vanlife trend on Instagram in recent years, you'll struggle to miss The Rolling Home and their iconic converted VW. This beauty is small and perfectly formed and looks just as good on the outside as on the inside. Living in such a small space for months means that everything has to have its place, something that does this conversion so well. Plus they are visual people, so everything has to look good. You can learn more about Calum and Lauren and their beautiful diary.

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