A promise between Gary the guitar man and Mike the keyboard man

By Mike Sokol

Promises to keep …

I just ran into a guitar pick gary bunzer gave me at the last Hershey RV Show. When he gave it to me, we promised that for the next show he would bring his guitar and I would jam my keyboard and a sound system for us together in the parking lot somewhere (if they didn’t give us a room).

Yes, Gary is quite the guitarist and music buff, and he always has his guitar handy as well as guitar picks in his pocket. I didn’t expect to get one with his face pressed on it.

So here’s hoping that the power of prayer and music can help Gary get better, and we can go to a jam session soon. (The next Hershey RV Show, America’s Largest RV Show, is set for September 16-20, 2020.)

Let’s keep this promise, Gary.

Editor: Do you have any of Gary’s guitar picks? When did you get it? Let us know in the comments below.

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