AirSkirts Inflatable Cooler Saves You RV Storage Space

Can the AirSkirts Cooler help you save storage space in your motorhome?

RV owners are always looking for ways to increase the storage capacity of their RV or save space in the limited storage space they have. Full-time RVers pay special attention to every square inch of available space in their motorhome, fifth wheel or travel trailer.

While most people immediately associate coolers with camping, the fact is that RVers don’t always need a cooler. As refrigerators in RVs get larger, a cooler isn’t always necessary, but just in case one is needed, it’s a good idea to have one on hand.

We recently had the opportunity to test the AirSkirts inflatable cooler. The AirSkirts Inflatable Cooler is made of the same durable material as the AirSkirts Inflatable RV Aprons and AirSkirts Pet Fence and uses air as an insulator, just like the RV Aprons.

Why use an inflatable cooler?

The AirSkirts inflatable cooler is of interest to RVers who are constantly playing Tetris with their belongings to fit everything in their RV and tow vehicle. A cooler is a nice thing to have, but if you don’t use it very often, the 4-5 cubic feet you save can be used as storage space in your RV for something else. If you’re not ready to go without a cooler, but you’re interested in saving space, the AirSkirts inflatable cooler might be for you.

Much like an inflatable kayak, the folks at AirSkirts have found a niche for those who have pushed their RV storage space to the limit with their inflatable cooler, RV cover and pet fence. Your RV can only support a certain amount of weight and there is only so much storage space available. Inflatable products fill this gap very well.

The inflatable cooler saves storage space in the motorhome

As you can see from the pictures, the uninflated cooler takes up about half the space of the 54-quart Coleman cooler I’ve had for years. This space is also what I like to call “squishy space” since it can be shoved or squeezed into any storage space, whereas a hard-shell solid cooler takes up the rectangular space it does, period.

Inflating the cooler

Inflating the AirSkirts cooler is quick and easy. The included pump creates a fantastic volume of air, so only a few pumps are needed for each segment (sides, bottom, lid).

When you remove the pump from the valve, simply give it a quick twist and pull it directly away from the cooler so that the spring-loaded valve locks into place and retains the air you just filled it with. If you try to turn it out slowly or at an odd angle, the air will escape too quickly. After a few tries I had it figured out and it worked perfectly.

How to let the air out of the cooler

If you turn the hose to the other side of the pump, you can release the air from the cooler just as easily. You can also push on it as you collapse it, but be sure to push the spring-loaded valve to release the air as you do so. As mentioned earlier, the deflated cooler takes up only about half as much space in the RV as a regular cooler.

What is included in the scope of delivery?

The AirSkirts cooler comes with the unit itself, a sturdy foot pump, a fill hose, and a clear Velcro liner that makes the cooler easy to clean.

Cooler Box Performance

Since I already had the two coolers sitting side by side, I decided to throw a few blocks of ice into each and compare the cooling performance of the AirSkirts cooler to that of my old Coleman 54.

On the whole, the AirSkirts cooler performed well. I did find that the ice packs in the AirSkirts cooler softened a bit by the end of the day, which I attributed mostly to the lid, which closed well but not airtight. For a day at the beach or keeping things cool at the campsite, this is more than adequate.

Again, it’s important to understand your use case. This is not a huge, heavy Yeti cooler designed to keep things cool for days on end during a long camping trip. Basically, this is a day cooler or even an overnight cooler if you must. Inflate it, use it, deflate it, go home.

open airskirts cooler with ice packs inside.


If you want the luxury of a decent cooler but don’t have unlimited storage space in your RV, the AirSkirts inflatable cooler could be right up your alley. The materials are extremely durable, the build quality seems high, and the space savings could be the difference for many between having a cooler or not.

RVers who already use other AirSkirts products and already own the pump will benefit even more from the space savings. Order your AirSkirts inflatable cooler today.

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