Airstream Shares A First Look At Their eStream Concept

The eStream is Airstream’s all-electric RV concept. Photo via Airstream

The all-electric Airstream eStream Concept

Wouldn’t it be great to have an RV trailer that can drive itself, park itself, and go completely off-grid for weeks? If your answer is yes, Airstream thinks just like you.

The iconic manufacturer has added many features to the eStream that make it a dream RV to “tow” behind your trailer. “Tow” is in quotes because the eStream actually has a built-in electric powertrain that drives it behind your tow truck.

A trailer that helps increase your fuel consumption while towing? It’s a thing now. But wait, that’s not all the eStream can do. The trailer is packed with features that make it the ultimate design for anyone looking for a worry-free RV experience.

With the eStream you have all the comforts of home, wherever you are. This 22′ trailer is fully electric. High-voltage batteries, an expansive sunroof and advanced electronic systems provide a completely off-grid experience wherever you camp.

The interior

Airstream has a reputation for handmade quality. The eStream is no exception. It is beautifully decorated inside with sleek white cabinets and spacious windows with curtain window coverings.

Photo credit: Airstream

Solar energy on the roof

The eStream has the traditional Airstream look and features 6 solar panels on the roof to power itself. A space-age, LED wrap-around taillight extends across the rear wall. Numerous LED strip lights on the outside remind us that this is definitely a concept vehicle.

Photo credit: Airstream

Drag/control the eStream

The eStream has a full powertrain integrated into the chassis. This means it can work hand in hand with the tow vehicle or drive itself according to instructions from a remote control, making it easy to park when you arrive at the site.

This trailer has built-in sensors to help stabilize the trailer without the need for a weight distribution clutch. The single axle of the trailer has two motors that work to actively extend the towing range.

The future of Airstream

Airstream created the eStream to explore possibilities and give itself something to hurry up to in the form of an eco-friendly design.

“We’ve seen some of this technology emerge in European RV design in recent years,” said McKay Featherstone, Airstream VP of Engineering and Product Development. “But the eStream brings together multiple technologies and combines them in this complete package. It’s comfortable, connected and built with the intention of showing what’s possible in the future of Airstream travel.”

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