Top 5 Best Cozy Fifth Wheel Campers For Winter

Winter is here and if you are going to be spending the holiday season camping, this is the perfect time to get a fifth wheel. Fifth wheels are built for luxury on the road and come with all the bells and whistles, which is one of the many reasons why they are a great purchase! It will be quite cold even in the south, and an insulated travel trailer will allow you to stay warm and extend the life of your camper. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the top 5 best cozy fifth wheel motorhomes for the winter:

What puts an RV on the list: The amount of luxury that a fifth wheel offers is phenomenal. However, we have selected the best by checking whether or not they have a good assessment and rating among users, good insulation and even those with many expansion possibilities for those who want to upgrade their rig later.

The top 5 best cozy five-wheeled motor homes for the winter:

  1. DRV Luxury Suites Mobile Suites Fifth Wheel
  2. Redwood RV Redwood Fifth Wheel
  3. Coaching Chaparral fifth wheel
  4. Northwood Mountain Fox Travel Trailer
  5. Highland Ridge Open Range Travel Trailer

DRV Luxury Suites Mobile Suites Fifth Wheel

Spacious campsite personified!

View all DRV Luxury Suites Mobile Suites Fifth Wheel Maps

Number of floor plans Empty weight Sleeps Length
20 13800-19800 lbs 4-6 34-44 feet

Why we recommend the DRV Luxury Suites Mobile Suites semi-trailer coupling: When someone is hunting for luxury under luxury, DRV Luxury Suites is the place where the search ends. The Mobile Suites semi-trailer offers a variety of functions and, of course, a very solid insulation system and construction. Because it is a fifth wheel, it is pretty spacious, with the smallest floor plan, the Mobile Suites 32 RS3 at 32 feet. This goes all the way up to the 44 feet Mobile Suites 44 Santa Fe floor plan.

As far as insulation is concerned, you should not have any problems using it in the colder regions of the country, such as Alaska or even here in Michigan, where we are located. It has R-15 insulation on the walls, which is actually outside the recommended range according to the standards of the Ministry of Energy. This is more or less the same with the roof and the floor construction. You also have an option to go a step further by getting upgrades such as a heat pump and CSA certification if the plan is to travel to the Great White North.

Most important features:

  • 20 different floor plans available
  • Four seasons perimeter of heat pipes in the floor
  • Residential R29 formaldehyde-free wool floor insulation
  • Residential R16 formaldehyde-free roof insulation
  • Commercial LED outdoor lighting
  • 40,000 BTU oven with adjusted plenum

Video overview:

Redwood RV Redwood Fifth Wheel

The only real RV from Redwood!

View all Redwood Redwood RV Redwood Fifth Wheel Floorplans!

Number of floor plans Empty weight Sleeps Length
22 13246-15218 lbs 4-6 16-41

Why we recommend Redwood RV Redwood fifth wheel: The company’s only RV since the beginning, the Redwood torque wheel from Redwood RV has seen many upgrades over the years. It not only has a 5 star insurance on our website, but also on many other RV review sites. There is an abundance of floor plans to choose from. The models we prefer are the Redwood 3991RD and the Redwood 399RD for the larger space.

With regard to insulation, the redwood has double layers of the slat glass fiber construction on the floor with R-14 classification, which would be excellent in combination with R-9 insulation on side walls and the total R-21 insulation value on the front and back need to continue caps. As with the Mobile Suites, you can also opt for double glazing, tank heating pads and other facilities to keep you warm this winter.

Most important features:

  • 22 different floor plans available!
  • 35,000 BTU oven
  • Electrically adjustable awning with LED lighting
  • Fully closed lower abdomen with heated tanks
  • Stable counter tops from LG
  • Two layers of fiberglass fiber glass insulation

Virtual tour:

Coaching Chaparral fifth wheel

Various luxury!

View All Coachmen Chaparral Fifth Wheel Maps!

Number of floor plans Empty weight Sleeps Length
12 9575-12694 pounds 4-11 33-41 feet

Why we recommend the fifth wheel of Coachman Chaparral: The Chaparral is mentioned on many of our other top 5 lists, and that proves that it is more than just a great isolated fifth wheel camper. Some of his dry weights actually start with a few hundred pounds shy of 10,000 lbs, making it useful for those who are worried about their towing vehicle. If towing is not a problem, the Chaparral 370FL and Chaparral 392MBL are great choices because they offer many added benefits for the heavier GVWR.

Construction and insulation are well integrated in the construction, even if the Chaparral is not actually advertised as one of the insulated semi-trailers on the market. There is no R-rating given on our specification sheet, but Chaparral guarantees that this camper survives in extreme cold (up to 0F) or extremely hot (up to 110F). Looking at the forums and user reviews it is clear that they have really fulfilled the claim and you will have no problems to camp with this rig in the bitter cold!

Most important features:

  • 12 different floor plans available
  • Solid hardwood sliding panel
  • Weather Shield + ™ unobstructed and isolated pass-thru storage with built-in tool storage
  • 36-inch wide electric fireplace
  • Electronic heated storage tanks
  • 8 cubic foot refrigerator

Virtual tour:

Northwood Fox Mountain Fifth Wheel

The versatile family RV!

View all Northwood Fox Mountain Fifth Wheel floor plans

Number of floor plans Empty weight Sleeps Length
2 235-8277 lbs 4-6 27-29 feet

Why we recommend the Northwood Fox Mountain fifth wheel: If something makes Northwood RVs popular, it is the vast amount of insulated and weather-resistant motorhomes that they make. The Fox Mountain is such a travel trailer, which offers features and a wide range of options on top of what we expect to be a decently isolated fifth wheel camper at this point. We recommend the following floor plans: Fox Mountain 235RLS and Fox Mountain 255RKS.

Fiberglass material and block foam insulation aside, the Fox Mountain also has an R-18 ceiling attached to an R-15 roof. That alone makes it very suitable for cold weather, let alone for the huge amount of upgrades that are available. In addition to the construction, the Northwood Fox, which is a fifth wheel, also has the luxury functions and extensions you would expect and more. All in all, the Mountain Fox is a first-class fifth wheel camper for use in cold weather

Most important features:

  • 2 different floor plans available
  • Block insulation with high density
  • All-conditions / four seasons insulation with R-18 ceiling
  • Exterior maintenance center
  • Contemporary interior styling
  • Kitchen tops with solid surface

Virtual tour:

Highland Ridge Open Range fifth wheel

36 ways to show a qualitative travel trailer!

View all Highland Ridge Open Range Floor plans for semi-trailers!

Number of floor plans Empty weight Sleeps Length
12 10010-12800 lbs 4-8 34-42 feet

Why we recommend the fifth wheel of the Highland Ridge Open Range: Since it was built as four seasons RV, the Open Range fifth wheel of Highland Ridge has our attention, but even more because of the enormous amount of maps it contains. They are slightly light with a weight of ~ 10,000 lbs dry, which is great for anyone who does not want to touch the details of towing too much. We propose to take a look at the open range OF314RLS and the open series OF373RBS floor plans.

There is a whole section devoted to the optional features of this rig being a four seasons camper & # 39; to make. It is true, since R-38 insulation on the ceiling and floor and R-9 insulation on the sidewalls goes beyond what you need to camp in any state in the US during the winter. You can add dual windows along with the extreme weather package for use in Canada. But even without this, the fifth wheel will do just fine.

Most important features:

  • 12 different floor plans available
  • Optional double windows
  • BBQ grill with bracket
  • Extremely arctic package
  • 8 cubic foot refrigerator
  • LED lighting in ceiling

Virtual tour:

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While camping during the winter season, keep yourself warm and enjoy the cold weather in your new fifth wheel (hopefully one of these top 5)!

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Share with us your favorite cozy fifth wheel motorhomes for the winter in the comments below!

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