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Why Choose Blue Compass RV?

When it comes to RV dealers, RVs can be notoriously loyal yet just as fickle. It just depends Do you take care of me and my investment??

With the advent of social media, these same RV owners are now quick to point out when a company, big or small, isn’t delivering on their promise. Even the corporate giants are not safe from bloggers who are not afraid to speak their minds.

Rather than fight windmills, Blue Compass RV, led by Founder, CEO and President Jon Ferrando, has fueled its rapid growth by acquiring and building successful RV dealerships focused on exceptional customer service.

“We have the opportunity to create a strong retail brand around an exceptional customer experience…”

Jon Ferrando – CEO of Blue Compass RV – Forbes

Focus on customer service

While Blue Compass RV’s growth has been nothing short of astounding (100+ stores in just four years), the focus isn’t so much on growth as on arguably the most contentious part of RV ownership: service.

Gone are the days when every RV was handy and accepted the fact that they did all their own repair work. Today’s RVs are more sophisticated, and the RV demographic footprint has gotten younger. The younger campervan owners who get into the hobby have grown up with cars that require almost no maintenance, often for tens of thousands of miles aside from a simple oil change, which most have never done themselves.

These new motorhome generations have also grown up expect Quality service and leaving reviews if the experience is not satisfactory. “That’s what mobile homes are like‘ is not an acceptable answer for the next generation of RV owners. Today’s modern motorhomes may or may not understand or care not about the challenges faced by the motorhome industry, and they certainly will not accept excuses for poor service.

The burden of this customer satisfaction now rests entirely with the motor home dealer. This is where Ferrando and his team have set their focus. It can be harder than it sounds, but Blue Compass RV is fully committed to providing our customers with the best possible service experience. To fix the RV service problem, you need to understand it first.

“The practical reality is that there can be significant wait times for service across the industry for a number of reasons, including supply chain and parts availability.”

Jon Ferrando – CEO of Blue Compass RV – Forbes

Blue Compass Training

There’s no path to exceptional customer service that doesn’t start with training. To this end, Blue Compass RV has around 850 certified service technicians, with the aim of exceeding 1,000 by the end of the year. To facilitate the company’s overall training initiative, Blue Compass RV utilizes three training centers in key US locations: Texas, Utah and North Carolina.

Upon graduation, these service technicians will then find themselves in one of the 1,000+ service bays of the Blue Compass RV dealer family across the country. You will join the thousands of other highly qualified employees who are passionate about providing an exceptional customer experience unmatched in RV sales and service.

Ferrando best sums up the service initiative by saying: “It’s a significant investment for us and a long-term focus on building loyal, skilled, certified and experienced technicians.”

build loyalty

That loyalty isn’t just reserved for technicians, either. Blue Compass RV also wants to build a loyal following of RV sales customers. Motorhomes who buy from Blue Compass RV appreciate the customer service and will come back for their second or third motorhome purchase.

That loyalty is cemented by the ability to service the RV you have purchased any of their Blue Compass RV locations across the country. This goes against a decades-old industry practice of local merchants only servicing their own.

Buying your RV from Blue Compass RV means that should you need any type of service on your RV, trailer or trailer, any Blue Compass RV location will take care of you.

“RVs travel all over the country. We can serve you wherever your journey takes you.”

Jon Ferrando – CEO of Blue Compass RV – Forbes

Sell ​​motorhomes

With all the talk of great service and an exceptional customer experience, let’s not forget that Blue Compass RV also sells RVs and offers a selection of premium brands with over 15,000 new and used RVs for customers to choose from.

The RV buying experience across the country will offer the same features and offerings at every dealership. From their friendly and knowledgeable staff to their all-inclusive campervan package, the experience is, in their words: genuine. Value. Complete.

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In just over four years, Blue Compass RV is now the second largest RV dealership in the country. However, being number one is not only about most shops; it’s about being number one in sales, service and follow-up.

If you can achieve both without sacrificing those core values, then you have more power. Blue Compass RV seems to be on the right track.

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