Bluetti AC70 Portable Power Station – Simple and Robust

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Grab it and go: The new Bluetti AC70 focuses on power & shape

The new portable power station AC70 from Bluetti relies on the straightforward shape and functionality as well as the rounded corners of the other AC models in the product range. With an integrated ergonomic handle instead of a foldable handle and without the charging pad on top found on models such as the EB3A, the AC70 instead focuses on great power, fast charging and better battery life.

The most important features of the Bluetti AC70

The AC70 has some important features. One big advantage is the ability to recharge this portable power station to 80% in just 45 minutes from a wall socket. With 500 W of solar power, it only takes 2 hours to completely download the Bluetti AC70.

The AC70 puts out 1000W of pure sine wave power. Bluetti says the AC70 has 2000W of “lift power”, which is presumably the same as Overvoltage power offered by other brands. The LiFePO4 batteries are claimed to offer a lifespan of over 3,000 cycles to an 80% charge. Bluetooth connectivity and a smart mobile app help you harness and control all that power.

Archive picture of the bluetti ac70 with solar panel

Inputs and outputs of the AC70

When it comes to connecting things, this power station offers several options. For the AC output, you can connect 2 standard AC plugs to enjoy pure sine wave power. The smaller offerings include 2 USB-A, 2 USB-C and a classic car cigarette lighter connection.

Conversely, you can charge the AC70 with AC power via a standard AC input, while the DC port can be connected to either the included car charging cable or the solar charging cable to use DC power to charge the device. Another interesting feature that we don’t often see is an M5x10 threaded hole for earthing, which provides an easy way to earth the device should this be required.

Sweet spot of the portable power supply

After testing several of these units over the past few years, this combination of power and weight seems to be the one for RVers. Plenty of power, easy to use, and at 22 pounds, still light enough to take on trips or small excursions.

While the AC70 is great for backup power, for most RVers who have a generator on board, the AC70 is the ideal power source for laptops, tablets, lighting, air compressors, phones, coffee makers … everything that motorhome owners want to take with them or use outside.

Bluetti Safety

High-quality LFP cells and a powerful battery management system give BLUETTI solar generators greater stability and safety under most conditions such as fire, short circuit or collision. In addition, you can use the battery capacity without fear of explosion… which is very convenient.

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