Campfire Spray: For When You Miss the Great Outdoors

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Have you ever heard of campfire spray? Some of the best memories for outdoor enthusiasts take place around a campfire.

Whether you’re telling jokes with friends, roasting marshmallows with your kids, or reading a book by the light of the fire, there’s just something about the atmosphere around the crackling wood of a campfire.

But when you get home, you may miss the smell of cedar, burning wood, or hot cocoa. But don’t worry. There are campfire sprays and other products you can use at home to bring back memories of time spent outdoors. Let’s dive in!

What is campfire spray?

One way to feel like you’re camping is to have a campfire spray, scented candles or oils at home.

The feeling of sitting around a campfire, roasting marshmallows and having a good conversation is something you want to take home with you.

Campfire Spray is a room spray that brings back that outdoorsy feeling with scents from nature like chestnuts and cedar or marshmallows and smoke. Other products such as candles, essential oils, perfumes and colognes have the same effect.

Why should I use campfire spray?

If you love camping and miss the smell of campfire smoke, a spray, candle or oil at home will take you back to those cool fall evenings.

You may feel transported back to those nights when you’re bundled up in a sweater or blanket, sipping hot cocoa or drinking a beer. The scents that evoke these nostalgic feelings will make you feel good, even if you are miles away from the campsite.

A burning campfire at a campsite

Campfire sprays when you miss nature

Below are some of the best campfire sprays and other scented products you can use to bring the campfire home.

Whether you’re spraying a room, diffusing an oil, or wearing campfire scent, these options can create a warm and natural feeling.

Best room spray: Bath & Body Works Marshmallow Fireside.

This set of three sprays from Bath & Body Works includes 1.5-ounce bottles of Marshmallow Fireside fragrance. After just a few sprays, this campfire spray envelops the room and transports you back to the campsite.

Snuggle up on the couch with a blanket and a candy bar, close your eyes and enjoy the scent of the campfire. Bath & Body Works is a popular brand for scented candles and lotions, so it’s no surprise that the company has also captured the scent of campfire.

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Best Cologne: Outlaw Fire in the Hole

If you prefer to wear the campfire scent rather than spray it, Outlaw has several options for outdoorsmen. The Fire in the Hole scent is not a musky perfume.

Rather, it captures the Wild West with scents of campfires, gunpowder, whiskey and sagebrush. Other popular outlaw perfumes include bourbon, leather, sandalwood and tobacco.

Fire in the Hole Cologne | Unique cologne inspired by campfires, gunpowder, sagebrush, whiskey & excitement! | Outlaw Men & Ladies Cologne (3.3 Fl Oz)

Fire in the Hole Cologne | Unique cologne inspired by campfires, gunpowder, sagebrush, whiskey, & excitement! | Outlaw Men & Ladies Cologne (3.3 Fl Oz)

  • Leave your boring cologne in smoking ruins and celebrate your daily adventure with the…
  • This blend of the scents of campfire, gunpowder, whiskey and good old nature will turn your morning into…

Best Perfume: PINROSE Perfume Campfire Rebel

This perfume by PINROSE (4.8/5 stars) combines whiskey, burning wood, bourbon vanilla, raspberry and vetiver in a unique scent.

If you love wild adventures and the outdoors but don’t want to use a campfire spray in your home, this unisex perfume may remind you of sitting in front of a campfire.

Plus, all PINROSE products are hypoallergenic, paraben-free, phthalate-free and animal-free.

Best scented candle: Craft & Kin Fireside

For campers who want a continuous scent outdoors, this Craft & Kin Fireside candle performs the same function as a campfire spray.

The 7.6-ounce candle smells of cedarwood, smoke, patchouli and vetiver. It is a scent that both men and women who love the outdoors can enjoy at home.

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Best Perfume Oil: Nature’s Oil Campfire

If you prefer an oil instead of a room spray, Nature’s Oil offers a campfire scent that you can use in many products.

From soap making to cleaning products to aroma diffusers and bath bombs, this oil can bring the scent of campfire home in a variety of ways. This particular campfire oil offers a rich, woodsy, fresh pine scent in a 60-milliliter amber glass bottle.

Campfire Fragrance Oil (60ml) for diffusers, soap making, candles, lotion, home fragrances, laundry spray, bath bombs, slime.

Campfire fragrance oil (60ml) for diffusers, soap making, candles, lotion, home fragrances, linen spray, bath bombs, slime.

  • Uses: Our premium fragrance oils are great for soap making, making your own candles, air freshener sprays,…
  • A rich, complex woody, fresh pine scent with a hint of smoky notes, rounded out with a precious incense base….

Best Variety Pack of Fragrance Oils: P&J Trading Store Bonfire.

If you can’t decide which fragrance to take home, this pack offers six scents to bring you back to the campsite.

The Campfire, Fresh Cut Wood, Cola, Smores, Night Air and Hot Chocolate scents come in 10-milliliter amber glass bottles. And each scent comes with its own dropper.

Where can I buy campfire spray?

In addition to Amazon, there are a variety of options on Etsy. You can find campfire sprays, body mists, candles, linen sprays and more.

If you prefer to support small businesses, this is a great option to find all kinds of products that will take you back to the campfire atmosphere.

Relive your camping memories with a campfire spray at home

When you head home from the campground, you don’t have to leave the smell of the campfire miles away. Buy a campfire spray, cologne, perfume or essential oil.

Then sit back and enjoy the smell of campfires, pine trees, or puffs of smoke in your cozy living room. Or wear it every day and take the scent with you wherever you go!

Do you use a campfire spray or other scent at home?

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