Campground Refuses to Allow RV Skirting Despite Freezing Temps

If you’re planning winter camping, do everything you can to prepare for sub-freezing temperatures. You could buy a heated water hose, put Reflectix on your windows and invest in RV skirting if you’re staying stationary.

But what happens if the campground you’re staying at says your preps aren’t allowed?

That’s exactly what happened to one Facebook user. The campground told her that she had to take off her RV apron. So instead of preparing for the upcoming cold weather, she had to think about how to protect her home.

Let’s find out what happened.

Travelers in cold temperatures look to Facebook for help

In January, a full-time RV traveler put his EZ-Snap cover around the floor of his RV to stay warm during the upcoming freezing temperatures in Georgia.

Soon after, she received a text message from the campground telling her that this was not allowed and that she needed to remove the cover. The text message stated, “You are not allowed to cover the floor of your RV,” as this is required by law in Georgia.

The Facebook post received over 240 comments from other full-time RVers. Some of the commenters expressed disdain for such a rule, while others stated that campgrounds have their own rules.

The biggest concern was how to protect the underside of the RV when temperatures drop below freezing for nights on end.

What are motorhome skirting boards?

The EZ-Snap cover used in this case is an example of an RV skirting. This preparation is really important to protect the underside of RVs from damage during the winter.

Even with enclosed undersides, RVers can benefit from the added protection of RV skirting to prevent pipes from freezing when temperatures remain in the tens and twenties.

RV skirts prevent freezing air and wind from circulating under the RV. This protective barrier can be made of any material, but must completely enclose the RV to be effective.

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Are RV pedestals allowed in Georgia?

Commenters on the Facebook post could not find a specific law against mobile home pedestals. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t one. We found that under Georgia state rules and regulations, “…. Skirting must be installed in accordance with the skirting manufacturer’s instructions.” This seems to imply that they are allowed rather than prohibited.

We have also read that baseboards can be used under manufactured homes and mobile homes as long as they are properly ventilated and have access panels.

However, since each county and even individual cities may have their own regulations, these rules can become confusing.

Always check and call ahead to find out if the campground allows RV hookups.

At the end of the day, the campground can enforce its own rules

Unfortunately, the campsite has the final say, no matter how much this Facebook user disagreed with the rule and wanted to fight back.

Residential or rental property owners have certain laws they must abide by. But campgrounds don’t have to abide by the same rules. If the campground does not want RV enclosures, it can refuse them.

One commenter stated, “It’s a private campground, and they can have all the rules they want. They probably don’t want it to look like people live there. Whether it’s a law or an ordinance or not, unfortunately you have to abide by their rules or find another place.”

So you should always follow the rules of the campground to avoid problems.

Is it allowed to camp in sub-zero temperatures?

Winter camping is possible, although most people avoid it because it is not particularly fun.

Protecting your RV from damage requires good preparation. RV bases can protect the plumbing and systems of an RV.

Many people go camping in Georgia during the winter because temperatures usually don’t drop below freezing. But this winter season, arctic air reached as far south as Florida, prompting full-time campers to invest in RV skirts and other means to prevent damage.

How to keep your motorhome warm in winter

In addition to RV aprons, we have some other tips on how to keep your RV warm in the winter. These apply to all types of RVers, not just full-time travelers.

RV bases are best for travelers who are constantly on the road. Travelers who move every week or two or only go camping for a weekend trip probably shouldn’t use RV skirts because they are too cumbersome to take off and put back on.

Here are more ways to keep it warm in your RV.

Install Reflectix on Windows

Reflectix is a common solution for insulating RV windows. You can cut this easy-to-use material to fit all your windows. Reflectix helps keep your RV warm by reflecting heat into your RV in the winter.

Please note: Winter camping is certainly possible, but you won’t want to camp in winter in any of these states

Use portable heaters

Portable heaters can help keep individual rooms warm without running the furnace in the RV. However, you must run the furnace when temperatures drop below freezing to allow warm air to flow through the subfloor.

When temperatures rise above freezing, however, you don’t need to run the furnace during the day. Portable heaters can supplement your heat and save fuel.

Wrap pipes with heat tape

If you don’t want to invest in a heated hose, you can buy a roll of heat tape and wrap your pipes with it. The extra heat that the heating tape provides will prevent your water hose from freezing.

If your hose freezes, it could potentially burst or crack, which means you’ll need a replacement.

Reseal window

Warm air escapes through every crack in your RV. When you reseal your windows, you retain the warm air that your RV furnace and portable heaters produce.

You’ll also keep out any freezing rain or snow that may accumulate.

Putting down carpets

Just like in a house, rugs add warmth to a room. Not only do they make your room look complete, but they also keep your feet off the cold floor.

A rug can help insulate your floor, just like Reflectix does with your windows.

Use an electric blanket

Finally, don’t hesitate to use an electric blanket to keep warm. Whether you’re on the couch watching a movie or lying in bed reading a book, an electric blanket will keep you warm even if it’s 25 degrees outside.

You can also turn it on to warm the bed before you go to sleep so you don’t have cold sheets.

Know the local regulations for mobile home baseboards

Whether you’re on the road or off, it’s important to know your local regulations. And that doesn’t just apply to the winter season.

Even though this Facebook user didn’t know the regulation for RV bases, other RVers are being banned from campgrounds, fined or asked to remove items because they don’t know the regulations.

Whether you hang hammocks from the trees or put up a dog enclosure, you need to be aware of all the differential regulations.

Wherever you travel, read the campground regulations and know the local ordinances that may affect your camping experience.

Have you ever found yourself breaking a rule while staying at a campground?

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