DRV Luxury Suites: What’s New For 2024?

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DRV Luxury Suites presents new updates for 2024

The year 2024 is fast approaching, and that means it’s time to look for new changes and updates to your favorite RV brands. DRV Luxury Suites is a company known for its high-end fifth wheel RVs. Although there are already several factors that set them apart, the brand has announced several upgrades to their 2024 lineup.

Sometimes the annual updates are a little superficial. Maybe there’s a changed floor plan or a new color for the walls. But DRV has come up with something really special for the new year! From the building materials to the kitchen equipment to the built-in safety features, a few things will be changing.

What’s more, these changes will be applied to the entire product family. This includes the Mobile Suites collection and the Full House (a combination of tractor unit and motorhome). If you want to buy a new motorhome from this company in 2024, you can be sure that it will be equipped with the latest and greatest the brand has to offer.

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DRV updates for 2024

“Many of our updates have been inspired by real customer feedback we’ve received over the last year. We look forward to showcasing what has gone into our 2024 models and seeing customer reaction to the features they want.”

Shawn James, Chief Executive Officer of DRV

There are countless innovations to discover at the DRV Luxury Suites brand. As with every year, vehicle specifications, standard features and floor plans may vary slightly. But today we want to focus on some of the key features that will change in 2024.

Read on to find out what’s new, or visit drvsuites.com to learn more.

Improved material for the pull-out shelf

Slideouts are an important feature of many large motorhomes, including the fifth wheels for which this brand is known. But slideouts need to be carefully designed and installed to avoid problems! That’s why DRV has introduced a new material for the bottoms of slideouts.

The new material is a composite material that is lightweight and waterproof. It makes the entire vehicle a little lighter and therefore more fuel-efficient. It also allows you to transport more cargo!

Completely new air conditioning system

Like every modern motorhome, DRV Luxury Suites’ fifth wheel motorhomes have heating and cooling systems. You can’t travel the country if you can’t control the temperature! But in 2024, every new fifth wheel will be equipped with a Trio Airflow A/C system.

This new technology has a special design that allows the system to work faster than ever before, so you don’t have to wait for your RV to cool down. It’s also very quiet, so you’ll hardly notice it when it’s running! Best of all, the new air conditioning system is energy efficient, so you can conserve your motorhome battery while enjoying record-breaking performance.

Kitchen updates

Many people enjoy the opportunity to cook while traveling. If this applies to you, you will be delighted with the new features and changes in the kitchen.

As you know, storage space in a motorhome can fill up quickly. In the kitchen, that means there’s less room for ingredients, appliances, cookware and more. That’s why these 2024 models feature large, pull-out pantries, in addition to the drawers and cabinets that are already included.

The sink has also been upgraded to a residential model with a Kohler faucet. In addition, the work surface has been enlarged, giving you more space for preparing food or storing small appliances and decorations. Finally, the kitchen island has been fitted with a new light to improve visibility throughout the room.

Improved safety features

Every vehicle needs good safety features to help travelers reach their destination. This is especially important for large RVs, including the fifth wheels and motorhomes that DRV manufactures. Drivers, passengers and other road users depend on motorhomes having high-quality technology and safety features.

All previous DRV models were well constructed and equipped with reliable technology. But in 2024, protection is more advanced than ever before. The most notable addition is the Advanced Blind Spot Information System.

When you drive a vehicle, you need to keep an eye on your blind spot if you need to turn or change lanes. But in a large motorhome, the blind spot is often large enough to take entire cars out of view. With this new safety feature, your motorhome can scan the space around you when you put on your turn signal.

If the system detects a vehicle in your blind spot, the lights on your side mirrors will flash rapidly. This early warning system can help anyone avoid nasty accidents!

Improved entertainment technology

Your entertainment is also important when traveling in a fifth wheel vehicle from DRV Luxury Suites. In 2024, customers can look forward to Ghost Audio, developed by ASA Electronics. This audio system with transducer is exclusive to DRV models and delivers high-quality sound.

And it lives up to its name, Ghost Audio, because it has no visible speakers at all. The hidden audio system surrounds the driver’s cab and provides a comprehensive sound experience. If you are a music lover, you will be delighted with this new upgrade!

New cabinets and decor options

Finally, there are also new decor options for the 2024 models. Many people enjoy the ability to customize their living space, and there are brand new options for all new DRV vehicles.

First of all, there is a new optional wood color for the cabinets. It’s a type of walnut wood with a beautiful natural grain. You can find the new option on the company’s website under the name “Toffee Grove”. The type of wood you choose can also be used for other accents in the vehicle.

In addition, there are all-new options for flooring, furniture colors and fabric accents. You can choose some of the elements you like best or opt for one of the pre-made decor collections. These may vary depending on the vehicle you choose. So visit drvsuites.com to take a closer look at all the options for 2024.

The DRV difference

While the changes for 2024 are certainly exciting, they are just the latest additions to DRV’s tradition of excellence. The company is constantly growing and improving. It is also committed to listening to customers and incorporating their feedback into the new updates.

Each fifth wheel is built with incredible attention to detail. The materials are strong, yet light enough to make traveling easy and safe. This craftsmanship has distinguished the company as one of the best manufacturers of luxury fifth wheels.

This golden standard of quality has been dubbed “The DRV Difference”. While they may not look too different from other brands on the outside, you can really tell the difference when you take a closer look.

Some of the most impressive features of these vehicles are:

  • A stacked steel frame with three tubes
  • Pinless hydraulic jacks set at a 5-degree angle for maximum stability
  • Suspended side walls
  • Environmentally friendly R-16 insulation for excellent four-season travel conditions
  • The thickest walls in the RV industry for better insulation, soundproofing and stability
  • Heavy-duty truck tires from Goodyear
  • Hands-free control of RV settings using the AI voice assistant (RV Halo by Winegard)
  • 270-degree vision support through the cameras of the Voyager system
  • And so much more!

This list also only includes the standard equipment. If you opt for a fifth wheel from DRV Luxury Suites, you have a whole world of upgrades, optional extras and customizations at your disposal.

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