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The new 2023 Jay Feather Micro Travel Trailer

Summer is quickly approaching, which means it’s time to get ready for your next camping adventures. If you’re looking for a vehicle that will connect you to the great outdoors, check out Jayco’s 2023 series. One of the most portable options is the Jay Feather Micro. It offers a nice blend of indoor and outdoor living, making it the perfect choice for campers looking to upgrade their lifestyle.

Weighing about 4,000 pounds, this is Jayco’s lightest travel trailer yet. It can be towed by trucks, SUVs, and other mid-sized vehicles, making it a wonderful option for those who want to use their existing vehicle. There are a variety of built-in features, and customers can choose from a variety of upgrades and add-ons.

The Jay Feather Micro is also highly customizable, and buyers can choose from four different floor plans to find the perfect solution for their situation. Each option is compact, efficient and comfortable, so you’ll have everything you need for your next camping trip! Learn more about these ultralight caravans below, so keep reading.


The Jay Feather Micro is built for explorers who want to travel anywhere. Each camper is equipped with a pair of rugged off-road tires, so you can easily travel over rough roads. They also have large awnings and outdoor kitchens, so you can grill at any campsite with ease. Outdoor cooking is an important part of camping for many people, and these trailers make it quick and convenient.

The different floor plan designs vary slightly in length and weight, but each trailer weighs between 3,775 and 4,575 pounds. They are also about 20 feet long, so you can easily pull them without adding too much length to your travel setup.

Despite their compact size, these RVs have room for a lot of people! Some models can accommodate up to eight people, so you can easily camp with large groups.

Jayco has a wide selection of RVs, ranging from huge Class A motorhomes to tiny travel trailers like this one. The new Jay Feather Micro line is designed for adventurous individuals and groups looking to upgrade their camping experience. They’re also quite affordable, with prices starting at $35,993.

Interior of the Jay Feather Micro 2023

Floor plans

The 2023 Jay Feather Micro series includes four different floor plans. Each of them has a unique design and layout. Some even feature slide-outs to expand space, while others are more streamlined and compact. Some models are designed for individuals/couples, while others are better suited for large groups.

Check out all the options so you can find the floor plan that works best for you!


  • Outer length: 19 feet, 8 inches
  • Vehicle Empty Weight: 4,025 lbs.
  • Fresh water/gray water/black water capacity: 55/30.5/30.5 gallons
  • Sleeping capacity: 3 persons
  • Slideouts: 1
  • MSRP: $36,750

The first floor plan on the list is also the smallest and most compact. Still, it offers plenty of room for sleeping, storage, and necessary amenities.

There is a full size bed in the front of the motorhome. There is storage space at the head of the bed and in a large loft.

The slideout is equipped with a folding sofa that has a pair of rotating tables at either end. This means that it can also be used as a dining area or a workstation. The sofa faces an entertainment center and a compact kitchenette.

The rear of the camper is divided into a corner bathroom on one side and a spacious refrigerator and pantry on the other. There is also an additional outdoor refrigerator so you can easily access your food when cooking outside. For more details on this floor plan, click here.


  • Outer length: 20 feet, 2 inches
  • Weight of the empty vehicle: 3,775 lbs.
  • Fresh water/gray water/black water capacity: 55/30.5/30.5 gallons
  • Sleeping capacity: 5 persons
  • Slideouts: 0
  • MSRP: $35,993

The next model is a bunkhouse design and is great for families. A queen-size bed sits in the front of the vehicle, facing a wall-mounted TV. A cabin-style dinette and kitchenette fill the middle module of the space, and the rear is divided between the bunk beds and bathroom.

Each bunk bed measures 26 by 74 centimeters, and they are tucked away in a cozy corner. This way, parents and children can enjoy their own separate sleeping areas with a little space in the middle. The bathroom is located in the back of the vehicle and has a bathtub/shower, a toilet, a sink/vanity and a mirrored medicine cabinet.

With these amenities, everyone can stay refreshed and rested no matter where you travel. To learn more about the 171BH camper, visit Jayco’s website here.


  • Outer length: 20 feet, 10 inches
  • Weight of empty vehicle: 3,980 lbs.
  • Fresh water/gray water/black water capacity: 55/30.5/30.5 gallons
  • Sleeping capacity: 3 persons
  • Slideouts: 0
  • MSRP: $36,375

If you’re looking for a highly versatile and adaptable camper, this is the choice for you. It is also the only model in the Jay Feather Micro line that has a full-width bathroom.

In the front of the camper, there is a sofa that folds out into a spacious folding bed. This way you can enjoy more space during the day without sacrificing your sleeping space. The kitchen/dining room is equipped with a cabin-style dining area, a large refrigerator and a fold-up countertop if you need extra work space.

There is a full width bathroom in the back of the trailer. If you need a little more room to move around and like to do your daily routines on camping trips, this is an ideal setup. In addition to the bathroom, this model also has a spacious linen closet. You can learn more about this floor plan here.


  • Outer length: 23 feet, 2 inches
  • Weight of the empty vehicle: 4,575 lbs.
  • Fresh water/gray water/black water capacity: 55/30.5/30.5 gallons
  • Sleeping capacity: 8 persons
  • Slideouts: 1
  • MSRP: $40,793

Last on the list, we have the largest and heaviest model in the Jay Feather Micro line. But it can also hold the largest number of people, so this trade-off is often worth it! It’s rare to fit eight people in a vehicle this size, but Jayco has found a way to make it work. It combines many of the design choices of previous models into a completely unique layout.

In the front of the vehicle is a sofa that converts to a murphy bed. It faces the kitchen and dining room, which is extended by a single slide-out that contains the dining area.

The rear of the trailer is divided into a corner bathroom and a pair of full size bunk beds. Each bunk bed comfortably sleeps two, making this caravan the best choice for large groups. An additional refrigerator for preparing meals outside is also included. For more details about the 199MBS, click here.

The interior of the 2023 Jay Feather Micro

Noteworthy features

Jayco is one of the largest RV manufacturers in the country, always looking for ways to improve and innovate. The result is that each new generation of RVs is built with the latest and greatest gadgets, materials and technologies.

There is too much to cover in a single post, but some of the most notable features of the 2023 Jay Feather Micro caravan include:

  • Magnum Truss™ roofing system with one-piece seamless roofing material
  • Marine grade exterior speaker with blue LED accent lighting.
  • 3 burner built-in hob with glass cover
  • Jayco-exclusive teddy bear “soft touch” caravan style bed mats
  • Rock Solid Stabilizer System
  • External grill plate for JayPort system
  • Glacier package with closed underbody
  • Solar mounting preparation for the roof
  • 32-inch 12 V LED TV with integrated soundbar and AM/FM/Bluetooth®.
  • And much more!

Customers can also choose between two interior trim levels and a variety of optional equipment. Solar panels can be added as a bonus, and there are also options for heated tank pads, a roof rack system and more. The sky is the limit with these trailers!

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