Gifford Woods State Park (VT) has Awesome Autumn Camping

Gifford Woods State Park (VT) has Awesome Autumn Camping

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Deep in the forests of Vermont is a treasure of a campsite for autumn. Gifford Woods State Park offers a quiet, beautiful place to camp in the fall.

The roads can be narrow, so campers with large campers have to call in advance for the maximum dimensions. That aside, not only are there trails and sports in the park, but the location to nearby towns offers a variety of activities and experiences, including train journeys to see even more of Vermont’s autumn beauty. The campsites are spacious with wooded areas between the sites, and visitors report the park as clean and well maintained.

Activities at Gifford Woods State Park

From mid-September to mid-October, it is the best time to photograph Vermont to see the beauty of the changing leaves. For those with campers and campers, Gifford Woods State Park is a great place to go for the dramatic color change. At the intersection of US 4 and Highway 100, take Highway 100 about a half mile. Gifford Woods State Park offers 21 RV / tent sites and four cabins.

There are no connections, but toilets and coin-operated hot showers are available. Gifford Woods State Park also offers an area for free Wi-Fi. The park has areas for volleyball and horseshoes. Mountain biking and hiking are popular, as are picnics in the wooded area at the back of the ranger’s cabin. The park is designed in loops with access to many paths. There is a sanitary station in each loop. 18 May – 15 October is the season for this park, which is perfect for including fall outings to New England.

Leaf peepers who enjoy walking will benefit from the nearby Appalachian
and long paths in the fresh air. The old growth forests have recently been
reopened for visitors. It is an interpretive course and runs past the picnic
Area. There are not many old-growing forests in Vermont, but Gifford Woods
State Park offers forests of large trees, including Beech, Sugar Maple, Yellow
Birch and white ash that is the perfect combination of colors for autumn

What makes Vermont so beautiful in autumn is the various
colors where these trees change. Sugar maples, depending on the amount of sun and
shadow, can change from red to orange to yellow. White Ash can change into
purple or yellow in autumn, while Yellow Birch will give a vivid yellow
roof. Beech
trees not only offer beech huts, but also a beautiful bronze color. If you have
young children, pack their colored pencils, because they will like to draw a purple
tree that is real.

Pet friendly

Animal lovers will be happy to know that Gifford Woods State Park is pet-friendly
park, and pets can enjoy sniffing through the autumn leaves everywhere. In front of
Visitors who want a pet-friendly cabin ask for open data for the Moose hut.

Things to do

Rock climbing

Although the area is best known in winter due to the ski areas nearby
Killington, Vermont, rock climbing is available with tours in the fall. Also
available for indoor entertainment is the Green Mountain Rock Climbing Center,
offering a lesson for $ 10 to people who are not yet familiar with rock climbing when tying
the right rope knot, glide and other skills. The fun is offered on
half way through the $ 18 price for veterans carrying their military ID
the time. There is also a discount on Facebook Fridays. If you like them  finds
Facebook, you can buy one, get one for free  between the hours of 18:00 to 21:00
Friday nights.

Walking and gondola sailing

Take a tour of parts of the Appalachian or Long Trails and get
close to the seven mountains of Killington. For a better view of the fall
foliage, visitors may want to take a gondola ride to the top of Killington Peak
at more than 4000 feet. The photo  taken from autumn views during this ride
only would be breathtaking.


Speaking of photography, opportunities are limitless in beauty
from Gifford Woods State Park and nearby trails at this time of year. Thunder
Brook Trail offers photo opportunities with its waterfalls as well as the
Lana Falls trail where visitors can enjoy waterfalls. Surrounded by
autumn colors, photo’s of the waterfalls are worth to be framed. If you have one
With the sharp eye you might catch a picture of one of the peregrine falcons
known in the wooded areas.

Mountain biking

Many of the trails in the area are great for mountain biking, and
lovers will find no shortage of routes to choose from.

play golf

Inspired the beauty of the foliage Geoffrey
to build the Green Mountain National Golf Course high
in the mountains for golfers to play at the same time and enjoy the view. The
course is meant for both beginners and advanced players. Private and
semi-private lessons are available. The job is called as Vermont’s
number a public golf course. Groups of twenty or more can play for free. Do not forget to
Take a look at the Pro Shop for all things to play golf. The Pro Shop
also brings golf equipment and clothing for women.

Visitors can also stop afterwards for a delicious meal at Gracie’s Grill nearby
which offers burgers, marinated chicken and salads, as well as Vermont craft beer.


If you are traveling to Gifford Woods State Park before you have reached the contact
station, there is a road that branches, leading to Kent Pond. Here campers
you will also find fishing and access to the boat. You can enjoy catching one of the
large population of largemouth bass or a pumpkin seed sunfish.

Colton Pond, just three minutes away, is also a great place for yellow
perch and largemouth bass.

Go for a drive

It is often said that the real beauty of Vermont is easier to see
of secondary or rural roads instead of highways or roads more often
traveled. Make sure you get an up-to-date new road map from Vermont to be able to
take advantage of the smaller roads that offer more natural beauty and photos
opportunities. Take snacks or a picnic lunch for any picnic spots
come across. Fishing rods and walking shoes are also good things to take with you
in case you can spot public paths or fishing areas where you can fish. You could even
catch your own lunch! You can spot animals in the wild, (but should never approach),
include black bear, moose, lynx, coyotes, beaver, (looking for the dams), eastern
Cougars, foxes, deer or pheasants. Just a warning: be sure that
Trails that you have found to walk on are actually no trails of wild animals. Her
it was known that it happened. For safety, try to stick to paths posted with signs.

Bird watching

The state bird of Vermont is the hermit thrush. Other birds that are often seen in
Vermont, (although some may prefer evenings and nights, making them more difficult
on the spot), are grouse, pheasants with a ring-neck, herons, (looking for ponds and lakes),
wild turkey, ducks, snow goose, swan, pigeons, cuckoos and many other species
too many to mention, because Vermont is a beautiful bird paradise with its trees,
mountains and lakes.


The city of Killington offers no less than ten night clubs,
restaurants and hotspots, including the Pickle Barrel nightclub with
no less than three stories about bands, dance floors, and bars.

If you’re looking for a good, delicious steak, go to the Killington
Wobbly Barn for rare, medium or good.

You can wet your whistle with traditional beer that is available at the Sushi
Yoshi with the only craft beer garden in Killington along with Chinese and
Japanese food.

The Liquid Art Coffee House not only offers a place for great coffee but also
art from local artists for sale along with many other arts and crafts. They
Also have an open mic night on Thursdays from 18:00 to 21:00 if you would like to
look or try your talents for an audience.

is a great tavern for the whole family with activities such as darts, pool and
free Nintendo Wii, bocce and Cornhole.

Activities at Pico Mountain

Less than five minutes away, Pico Mountain offers climbing walls. visitors
can also enjoy alpine rides and a good game of miniature golf. Children and adults
both can enjoy power
where they can jump, flip and fly through the air.


After a powerful few days of mountain biking, hiking and mountain climbing, the
Killington Spa offers a moment of relaxation and luxury for a change of pace.


Killington Art Garage is also nearby for those who are always open to it
increasing their self-expression and skills with different art workshops
choose from. These workshops can be a fun time for family to spend together
while they try new things.


The town of Rutland is only a fifteen minute drive from the state of Gifford Woods
Park. It offers a variety of entertainment and shopping for those who want
taste local food, activities and find gifts for lovers.

Wonderfeet Kids Museum

The Wonderfeet
is a great value with entry tickets for $ 5.00. Children
can puzzle, experience a wind tunnel, play with flashlights on a cave
wall and leather about steam power. There are also activities for toddlers in
color and sensory activities. Rutland wanted to learn a child-friendly way
environment. Visitors who have homeschool here have a good chance of becoming one
excursion on their camping holiday.

Wilson Castle

With events for children and adults, everyone will enjoy visiting
Wilson Castle. A tour is available to visit the site at Procter.
Wilson Castle was originally built in the 1800s.

Pine Hill Park

Hikers and mountain bikers do not want to miss Pine Hill Park. It offers
16 miles of trails covering 325 hectares, largely wooded, making it a popular spot
for mountain biking. Those who like to run or walk are frequent visitors
also. The Long Trail at Gifford Woods State Park is also available in
Rutland’s Pine Hill Park too.

Chaffee Art Museum

The Chaffee Art Museum not only offers an art show until 3 Novemberrd
but also offers a painting workshop for autumn leaves. Now when you’re done
your journey in Vermont, you will have an autumn painting to remember the beautiful autumn
foliage through. Kid lessons are also offered in the museum.


Lake Champlain is interesting for the 300 ships at the bottom of the lake.
Guided tours are available, and if you look carefully, you could
spot Champ, the Lochness monster from Lake Champlain. Make sure you keep your camera
at the ready for a snapshot of the old Champ.

Lake Willoughby offers public beaches and trails that are breathtakingly beautiful
view of the mountains around the lake.

Silver Lake offers not only the usual fishing, but kayaking
is also a common activity here.

Lake Bomoseen is a great place for fishing and boating, or maybe just
enjoy a picnic on the public beach.

The Vermont Truffle Shop

Here is a treat that you do not want to miss. Stop at the Vermont Truffel store
Rutland. Their truffles started with a maple filling developed in their kitchen
before the company was started in 2013. With 25 flavors to choose from
including cheesecake, the Vermont Truffle Shop uses as many local ingredients as possible
possible, including maple sugar. Visitors can see through a glass
window when the delicious sweets are made. This is a great opportunity
that children will enjoy. Buy what for yourself and as a gift for loved ones
the holidays are coming.

Book sales

Book lovers will be happy to know that a trip to Gifford Woods State Park
is just right for the sale of the library book. Make sure you visit Jeffersonville,
and you will not be disappointed.

The hour and a half drive is worth the trip for the great restaurants and
shopping to see in the area. Shopping in Jeffersonville offers great bargains
the Vermont Maple Outlets while the restaurant Hearth and Candle among others
Hint rest and refreshment for tired feet after shopping.

Which train journeys are available from Rutland, Vermont?

To view more of Vermont without trying to keep your eyes on the road
is the train journey from Rutland to the restored Fort Edward Depot. In front of
During this tour you will enjoy a four-course dinner on white tablecloths in a Pullman
car from the 50’s while you look at the beautiful autumn landscape that goes by. Once arrived
the Fort Edward Depot, you will find the timeless art gallery and gifts that it has
no less than fifty artists. Amtrak takes the journey back to Rutland, that is
already included in the tariff. If you are interested, view this contact
information: Vermont
Dinner train c / o Rail & Cruise Travel Center P O Box 652 Union,
NJ 07083-0652 Phone: 800-292-7245

There are other train trips that campers can choose to take, such as the Green
Mountain tour in which a narrator points out covering it
bridges and beautiful waterfalls along the road. More information can be found on

Other trips by train from Rutland include Niagara Falls and Washington D.C.
Remember that when you book a trip, you should be back in Gifford Woods State
Park by 15 October, because that is the closing day for the camping season on the

Revolutionary / Civil War Tour

Only an hour’s drive south of Killington, you will find the
Revolutionary / civil war Tour available on a bus of ten passengers. Run through
In November, the fee is $ 35 per person, including thirty-five sites.
Ticonderoga and the Battle of Bennington are among the visits. Reservations are
needed, so call 802-362-4997 to avoid missing these history buffs

What is the temperature in October in Vermont?

Although a large part of the country can have temperatures in the 60s and 70s
October, Vermont’s mountain area can be a bit cooler during the day
temperatures in the years and night temperatures in the years. You could plan
when packing a pair of sweaters, jackets and sweatshirts for those walking trips to
look at Vermont’s beautiful fall leaves and warm pajamas for the cool nights that are
come after.

Often leaves in the rest of the country hardly started to change
color in early October. Because of the colder temperatures, weather conditions and
the mountains, Vermont leads the way when it comes to a beautiful autumn
foliage. Campers must plan an early trip to Vermont in the first half
October to see the best autumn that Vermont has to offer. If you miss the campsite
season, the park is still open for daytime visitors for walking and walking. Plan
to do it before the snow starts, however, and do not forget your coat.

If you have postponed that return trip to Vermont, here is the perfect one
possibility to go camping. Visit for more information about this fall adventure
learn more.

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