Gifts for Road Trips People Will Actually Love

Whether it’s a birthday gift, Christmas present or gift, it can be difficult to choose the perfect gift for a traveling friend or family member.

Maybe you don’t know what a traveler would like. Here are 12 road trip gifts your favorite traveler will love.

Accept these suggestions and find a useful and functional gift for the next trip!

Why do people take road trips?

Some find thrills and adventures on a road trip. For some travelers, the road beckons to explore cities, national parks, and quirky attractions.

Others want to experience new cultures and cuisines from the Southwest to the Northeast.

People can go on road trips to see family, to work, or for a special vacation. And traveling together with a group of friends or family members can also bring you together towards a common goal. Whether it’s for a week or a month, a road trip can be a trip of a lifetime.

What makes a good gift for road trips?

The main criterion for a good gift on the go is its functionality. If it’s not useful, it’s not worth it. Consider what makes the road tripper’s life easier on the trip, not always something cute or weird.

A funny keychain about securing an RV might get a few laughs, but it’s not the most useful gift. Travelers often have limited space, so they want to fill it with things that matter.

12 road trip gifts people will really love

Below are 12 great road trip gifts that people will find functional. You may think that a magnetic key box is not a very thoughtful gift, but it is very helpful for someone going on a road trip.

Nobody wants to get locked out of their car while discovering the sights and sounds of Houston, Texas.

The same could be said about compression stockings. Who wants to give socks to a friend? But understanding the usefulness of such a gift makes it the perfect option.

1. YETI Hopper

Available in seven different colors, this YETI hopper is small enough for almost any vehicle.

You know you’re getting a quality product when you choose YTI. This cooler has a durable shell and holds six cans, making it perfect for a day of travel.

YETI Hopper Flip 8 Portable Cooler - Navy Blue

YETI Hopper Flip 8 Portable Cooler – Navy Blue

  • The Hopper Flip 8 features ColdCell insulation, a closed-cell foam that replaces traditional soft…
  • Features a 100% leak-proof HydroLok zipper and high-density fabric that resists punctures and UV rays

2. Rand McNally Road Atlas

Your road trip friend will appreciate an Atlas when venturing into areas without cell service and losing their GPS signal.

Getting the latest Rand McNally Road Atlas is a great gift to encourage adventure while ensuring your friend doesn’t get lost.

3. Compression stockings

Okay, that sounds weird, but these socks are great for long days of traveling in the car. The quick-drying material makes them breathable and comfortable.

In addition, the double-stitched fabric provides compression and support at the heel, foot, and calf, and increases circulation when sitting for long periods.

A man is walking with compression stockings on his road trip

4. Car Seat Backrest Organizer

Help your family members stay organized on their road trip by getting a car seat back organizer. You can easily store snacks, charging cables and maps.

Whether traveling solo or with others, an organizer on the back of a seat helps the rider find what they need quickly.

5. Selfie stick and tripod

You may not be able to go on the road trip with your friends, but you can ask them to take photos to share with you. A great gift for car trips is a selfie stick and tripod.

They’ll love the tripod for capturing epic moments in Yosemite National Park and the selfie stick when they’re walking the streets of Savannah.

A couple using a selfie stick gifted for their road trip

6. Carpool Karaoke Microphone

Sometimes long days of travel can become boring and tiring. Help break up the monotony by getting a carpool karaoke mic.

This model has a duet function, sound effects and voice changing functions. Your family can also sing along by reading song lyrics from a paired phone.

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7. Magnetic key box

Although a magnetic key box makes a great gift for any car owner, it’s especially important for someone traveling to unfamiliar places. Nobody wants to be locked out of their car in a busy city or a remote national forest.

Make sure your friend or family member has a backup on their road trip. You can stick it in a hidden area under their car if they lose their key.

Nite Ize KBXL-01-R7 Waterproof Key & Fob Stash, XL, Black

Nite Ize KBXL-01-R7 Waterproof Key & Fob Stash, XL, Black

  • POWERFUL MAGNET HOLDS STRONG – 3 strong neodymium magnets secure HideOut XL to any metal surface, even under the …
  • ALL-WEATHER WATERPROOF SEAL – HideOut has an IPX7 waterproof seal (submersible in up to 1m of water for up to 30 minutes)…

8. Scratch-off travel map

A scratch off travel map is fun and keeps the spirit of adventure alive. Morale can drop, especially when a road trip lasts several weeks.

Encourage wanderlust by giving a road tripper a map to track their travels and keep them motivated for the trip.

9. Sunflora picnic backpack

Road trips require lots of sandwiches and picnics at rest stops and travel centers. Make lunchtime more enjoyable by gifting a picnic backpack.

This Sunflora option has place settings for four, along with a cheese knife and wine opener, metal salt/pepper shaker and bamboo cutting board.

10. Travel Journal

Another great gift for road trips is a journal. There are many types to choose from, but a pocket-sized one fits in a glove box or center console.

It offers lines to write about special experiences and unforgettable moments and blank pages to draw or doodle. It’s a great way for friends or family members to record their road trip and share it when they return.

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11. Road Trip Table Topics To Go

Like the Carpool Karaoke Mic, this Road Trip TableTopics to Go game puts you in a good mood on long travel days. These 40 questions will stimulate conversations between people of all ages.

For example, discuss whether you like the city or the country more or what food you would choose if you could enter a food competition. This is an easy way to have fun in the car.

12. 50 states 5000 idea book

Finally embark on new adventures with this book from National Geographic. 50 States 5,000 Ideas showcases travel experiences in every state, from battlefields to beaches.

There are even suggested tours to keep travelers entertained wherever they go. Also, this book can initiate additional road trips.

Encourage adventure with these road trip gifts

Here you will find all kinds of road trip gifts to give to a friend or family member who is traveling this year. But these 12 gifts will make them love them for their usefulness and functionality.

Don’t get another t-shirt, towel or coaster. Get them something that will benefit them on their epic journey.

Which road trip gift do you think you will get soon?

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