Grand Design Momentum 397TH: Is This The Best RV For Full-Timing?

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Why the Grand Design Momentum 397TH Toy Hauler Is Our First Choice

Are you considering traveling full time with your partner? Are you looking for the perfect motorhome to fit your lifestyle?

Choosing an RV can be overwhelming with so many options available on the market. However, after careful consideration and extensive research, my wife and I decided on a 2020 Grand Design Momentum 397TH Toy Hauler, and after three years of full-time living, we couldn’t be happier with our choice.

Why the Grand Design Momentum?

The Grand Design brand won us over from the moment we started buying motorhomes. Their motorhomes are known for their high-end look and quality, both inside and out. But what really sets Grand Design apart is their commitment to customer service and willingness to stand behind their warranty. Over the past three years, we’ve had a few repairs and warranty claims, and each time Grand Design has taken care of us quickly and without a hitch.

We have also found that there is a vibrant and helpful community of Grand Design owners, with a wealth of resources to help new RV owners navigate this lifestyle. Choosing a Grand Design Momentum gave us peace of mind and a sense of belonging in this community.

Why the 397TH floor plan?

After considering several floor plans, we ultimately chose the 397TH for three reasons:

1. washer and dryer

We loved that the washer and dryer space was in the bedroom, so it was easy to reach and use. It’s also great that it can be closed and hidden when not in use.

2nd office/garage space

As full-time RV owners and business owners, having a separate garage/office space was important to us. Instead of hauling a toy, we wanted to carry a second vehicle that could handle long highway trips. The length of the Grand Design Momentum 397TH’s garage space was perfect for hauling a small car.

3. accessibility with slides in

An added benefit of the 397TH is that we have full access to the refrigerator, bathroom, and bedroom even with the slides retracted. This was incredibly helpful during our travel days, allowing us to take breaks and rest without having to set up the entire RV.

The Grand Design Momentum 397TH has room for our Fiat and more. Photo: Chris Dow


Choosing the right RV can be a daunting task, but the Grand Design Momentum 397TH is an excellent choice for those seeking luxury, functionality and reliability. At least it was for us!

Grand Design’s thoughtful floor plan, great ownership community, and top-notch customer service have made our full-time RV lifestyle a joyful and comfortable experience. I hope this provides some helpful insight and information for anyone considering the Grand Design Momentum 397TH as their full-time RV.

F250 pulls 5th wheel and accommodates a small car.
You can see Chris’ 5th-Wheel complete in his Insane RV Tour video. Photo: Chris Dow

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