Grease Your Trailer Hitch Ball The EZ Way

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Lubricate your trailer hitch ball with EZ Grease ‘n Go.

For many vehicle owners, lubricating their trailer hitch ball or gooseneck is a tedious and messy task. Here comes EZ Grease ‘n Go: a revolutionary product that simplifies this maintenance task and improves your towing performance.

Why grease the ball of the trailer hitch?

For safe and efficient towing, it is essential to lubricate your trailer’s ball hitch. Lubrication minimizes friction between the hitch ball and trailer hitch, resulting in less wear and tear on these important metal components. Such regular maintenance:

  • Extends the service life of your hitch.
  • Improves the handling of the trailer and enables smoother turning and stopping.
  • Reduces heat accumulationAnd preserves the structural integrity of the hitch.

In essence, lubrication ensures a reliable, comfortable and safe tow.


Advantages of using EZ Grease ‘n Go

  • Smoother towing operations: By reducing friction, EZ Grease ‘n Go ensures that jerky movements stop when starting and stopping.
  • Durability for your clutch ball: Proper lubrication with this product will increase the life of your ball head, resulting in long-term cost savings.
  • Hassle free application: With a specially developed applicator, greasing is simple and unproblematic.
  • Guaranteed secure connection: When towing, safety should never be compromised. EZ Grease ‘n Go promises a safe and reliable connection between your vehicle and trailer.
  • Compact design for more convenience: It fits in the cup holder and is a handy tool that you always have within reach.

Easy to use

EZ Grease ‘n Go is designed to make greasing your trailer hitch ball or gooseneck a breeze. It’s so easy and hassle-free that one customer even dared to wear a white shirt while applying the grease, and both the shirt and his hands remained spotless.

“It was super easy to use, with minimal mess. Just apply and throw the applicator away.”

Bob – Nickel Adventure

Learn more about EZ Grease ‘n Go

EZ Grease ‘n Go is not only a breakthrough product, it’s also a company with heart. It is proudly made in the USA and employs people from the HC Opportunity Center (HCOC), an organization that helps people with disabilities lead more productive and fulfilling lives.

In the world of towing solutions, EZ Grease ‘n Go stands out from the crowd. It simplifies the greasing process, reduces friction for smoother towing and supports a good cause. If you’re tired of the mess and hassle of maintaining your trailer hitch or gooseneck, it’s time to step up your towing game with EZ Grease ‘n Go.

Don’t let wear and tear on the road stop you; get your EZ Grease ‘n Go now and experience the difference firsthand.

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