How much does a truck motorhome cost?

How much does a truck motorhome cost?

A truck camper, also known as TC, is not a vehicle in itself, but a camper that has been specially designed to fit over the cab of your normal or long body. It is also called a drive-in or cab-over-camper. These campers are versatile and are loved by many to go anywhere.

because there are fewer, they keep their value. If you are looking for new, you expect to spend in the range of $5,000 to a high end of $ 60,000. A used model will vary between $ 2500 and $ 30,000, depending on age, condition, options and manufacturer.

Manufacturers recommend to have at least a 3/4 tonne pick-up due to the load capacity. Tying and buckling is what the TC attaches to the bed of the truck. It is recommended that you buy swing brackets that are spring loaded and that absorb more shocks when driving on a bumpy or unpaved road.

You will also need a rubber-lined bed in the truck to prevent the motorhome from sliding into the body of the truck. Make sure that the lights on your truck are properly connected and working and that you are ready to go on the road.

The campervan moves on his own legs at the campsite, giving you the opportunity to use your truck for exploring, fishing, shopping or whatever.

New Truck Campers

There are about 18 manufacturers of truck charters in the United States. Most of them are located in the western half of the United States and you will also find more truck drivers on the road in that part of the country. However, it does not matter in which part of the United States you live, there are many models you can choose from. Here is a sample.

Eureka SlideIn Vagabond: One of the most reasonable and lightest new campers at only 900 lbs. New models can be found for $ 5,000.

The welded aluminum construction and the laminated aluminum exterior make this camper a study bike to boot. Air conditioning, a small electric refrigerator, a sink, and a microwave are standard. The design is such that during the day you can enjoy two benches that are converted into single beds or a double bed at night. The headroom is 64 “.

Palomino Backpack Truck Camper HS-6601: For a suggested retail price of $ 21,000, this camper has a lot to offer. The exterior offers a high-gloss gel-coated fiberglass, heated and insulated basement and aluminum frame with foam insulation. The roof is walkable.

The motorhome is 16.6 ℃ long and has a dry weight of 2,051 lbs. The kitchen has a single sink, 2-burner gas stove, microwave, fridge with a single door and small freezer and cupboards. A hot/cold outdoor shower, awning, and electrical connections are handy.

Lance 1172B: If you are looking for luxury in a truck driver, you will find it in this new Lance model. Do not let the sticker price of $ 60,000 scare you off to take a look. It is always good to compare, and you may be WOW.

With an inside length of 11 and a dry weight of 4,174 lbs, Lance takes a stump with his one motorhome with a sliding carriage – that’s right – there are truck drivers with a slide, and the room it offers is great.

You will enjoy a separate bedroom with a closet and a bath with shower. The living room has a dining area for 4 people in the slide with storage under the couch, and a comfortable sofa awaits you. Quality in abundance in the kitchen with beautiful cabinets, 3-burner stove with oven, 3-way stainless refrigerator, large single sink and pantry.

Lance offers so many features in this truck camper, you will become big.

Are you using?

Look for a camper that fits your truck, that is if you already have the truck and one that does not exceed the load capacity. That helps refine your search. You can then decide what you want in a truck camper and go from there. A few used TCs are listed below to give a concise picture of what is on the market.

2006 Arctic Fox 860 Silver Fox edition with slide: This For Sale By Owner truck driver has a length of 16  and is pretty much on offer for a price tag of $ 10,000.

The kitchen has plenty of space, with a large sink, stove/oven, microwave, cupboards, and a large fridge. The dinette for 4 is pushed out of the trailer. The bathroom has a toilet and a sink. The storage tanks are generous and this camper also comes with A / C.

The exterior is a one-piece laminated fiberglass with a 3 “crown roof, a four-season insulation package and enclosed heated storage tanks complete this TC at a dry weight of 3,716 lbs. The arctic fox is known to be a good quality unit. .

2015 Northstar TC800: This 8 “floor length truck camper has the ability to fit into a long bed or a short-bed truck. When this option is equipped with a full cover, lockable storage compartments on the side and built-in taillights are added to suit the right way in a short-bed truck.

This model sells for $ 15,986 with a dry weight of only 1,510 lbs. The roof extends with a manual crank to raise the inside height to 6 “in total. The fantastic fan actually helps to close the canvas roof section, making it a simple task for one person.

The kitchen has a 2-burner stove, a single sink, and a fridge. The couch/dinette makes extra sleeping space, while the bedroom gives you a queen-sized mattress with floor storage on each side. There is extra storage space at the bank. In addition to the fresh water tank, there is space to store a generator or porta pot.

2017 Cirrus 820: Attractiveness and quality come first when seeing the Cirrus 820. nuCamp builds its TCs with materials such as the Alde hydronic heating system, Infinity floors and the Froli sleep system, which can not be found in other campers. This used model sells for $ 25,900 with a dry weight of 2,540 lbs.

The total length of the Cirrus is 17 4 “with a floor length of 8 6”. The storage tanks are large, the A / C unit is 9,200 BTUs and an outside ladder makes it easy to access the seamless aluminum roof of the truck camper. The dining area is comfortable with a fold-down table to make a youth bed.

Top class appliances complete the kitchen with a 2-burner stainless steel top stove, stainless steel sink, 5 cu. ft. fridge, microwave and storage cupboards. This property has a full wet bath.

There are many options available, but this TC is sold with a 160-watt solar kit included in the asking price, making it oh so easy to boondock.


Truck campers are easy to store, easy to carry and efficient when it comes to fuel mileage. Enjoying the time outdoors has left us all camping in the first place. With a truck camper you have plenty of time outside, but a place to retire for the evening or for a desired relaxing day.

A TC is also perfectly logical if you want to transport a small boat, a closed trailer for carrying extra camping equipment or taking a motorcycle, golf cart or ATV.

It is important to check the loading capacity and size of the truck before you buy a camper or when you want to collect additional items. Know the total weight you are going to tow.

Get an idea of the fair market value for new or used truck campers by checking dealer websites, RV-classified sites or even Craigslist. With the additional knowledge, you are prepared to make a deal.

If you are considering a used motorhome, ask for any damage, water leaks, repairs, upgrades and the like. An RV technician can carry out a thorough inspection.

When you buy from a dealer you have more certainty that the motorhome has been inspected and is in good condition. An honest dealer should be at the forefront of the condition of the motorhome and repairs.

When truck camping fever strikes, you are as prepared as you can to find the TC that works for you!

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