How To Have A Safe RV Trip With Apple CarPlay

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Apple CarPlay is critical to safe RV travel. (Photo via RVPlus3)
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These apps for CarPlay can ensure a safe RV trip

Apple CarPlay is now available in the most popular ½-ton, ¾-ton and 1-ton tow vehicles, as well as Class B, B+ and smaller C chassis RVs. Now more than ever, RV equipment suppliers need to ensure their products are compatible with Apple CarPlay so RVers can experience a safe RV trip.

The slow, fragmented adoption of Android Auto has put Apple CarPlay at the head of the class.

Due to Android’s various hardware devices and security concerns, Android Auto has not caught on as Apple CarPlay has.

“Android Automotive was announced in March 2017, but it’s no secret that its adoption has made little progress in recent years.” – May 12, 2023

Apple CarPlay in motorhomes

While we expect that eventually all other motorized RVs will have an Apple CarPlay option, it’s a slower process. Not as many of these units will be sold. Also, some features may not be built into the chassis itself. Still, even in this particular market, CarPlay usage has increased due to customer demand.

Newmar’s entry-level Baystar Class A motorhome and the Entegra Odyssey Class C motorhome both offer Apple CarPlay in their 2024 models. We expect this trend to continue across all product lines and price ranges. Suffice it to say, customers have voiced their opinions and now expect this amenity to be in every vehicle.

From the manufacturers’ perspective, it’s a win-win for them. They don’t have to put expensive navigation systems on these buses or worry about proprietary features changing or disappearing.

Advantages of Apple CarPlay

Apple CarPlay offers drivers a more convenient and safer way to access their iPhone’s features while driving. Here are some points that show how using Apple CarPlay can contribute to a safer RV trip:

Hands-free operation

CarPlay supports voice commands via Siri. Drivers can easily make calls, send messages, set reminders, and more without taking their hands off the wheel.

Simplified interface

Apple CarPlay offers a simplified user interface optimized for in-vehicle displays. This minimizes distractions and makes it easier for drivers to quickly scroll and understand information.

Intelligent navigation

With CarPlay, drivers can access third-party navigation apps, such as RV LIFE Pro, for safe RV navigation. Turn-by-turn directions are read aloud, so drivers don’t have to look at the screen as often.

Less temptation from the phone

With many of the phone’s key functions integrated into the vehicle’s infotainment system, drivers are less tempted to pick up their phones and interact with them directly, which is a significant source of distraction. This is critical to safe RV travel.

Seamless integration into the vehicle control system

Apple CarPlay is designed to work with the vehicle’s existing controls, whether they are buttons, knobs, touchscreens or voice control. This means drivers can use familiar controls without having to get used to a new system.

Prioritization of important applications

CarPlay prioritizes apps that are relevant and safe for driving, such as navigation or tire pressure monitoring. Apps that could be more distracting, such as games or social media, are not available in the CarPlay environment.

Consistent experience

For drivers using multiple vehicles, the CarPlay user interface remains consistent, reducing the learning curve and distractions that can come with unfamiliar systems.

Other Apple CarPlay features that lend themselves to safe RV driving include readable text, secure music and podcast controls, and Do Not Disturb mode. By incorporating these features, Apple CarPlay aims to minimize distractions and allow drivers to focus more on the road.

These CarPlay apps make for a safer RV trip

When it comes to RV travel, Apple CarPlay is even more beneficial because driving or towing an RV generally requires more concentration and attention to the road. Drivers can’t afford the distraction of multiple screens or trying to manipulate the phone in any way. Navigation and other RV safety features, such as a real-time TPMS system, can be clearly displayed on the dashboard with CarPlay.

The TireMinder app is displayed on the Apple CarPlay screen
TireMinder can track your RV and truck tires (Photo via RVPlus3)

TireMinder for Apple CarPlay

RVers who don’t travel with a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) for their RV are playing with fire. Perhaps some RVers simply don’t know that properly inflating and managing their RV tires is an important part of safe RV travel. Others may not have dashboard space or available power outlets for an external device. In either case, a TPMS designed for RV drivers is an important accessory. TireMinder is a popular TPMS solution provider that has been offering excellent products for RVers for over 10 years.

With the recent announcement that they have added Apple CarPlay integration, TireMinder has suddenly attracted even more interest in their TPMS products. TireMinder is already a popular leader in TPMS for RVs. Apple CarPlay integration takes that popularity a step further by decluttering an RV owner’s already cluttered dashboard by eliminating the need for another screen and power cord.

This is accomplished through the TireMinder Lite mobile app and its integration with Apple CarPlay. RV owners can see their RV’s tire pressure and temperature in real time from any Apple CarPlay-equipped head unit. TireMinder makes this possible without collecting user data, which is a nice security feature. The US-based support for their products is another welcome feature.

Using TireMinder sensors in your truck

The popular authors of RV Plus 3 have introduced one of their own special hacks for the TireMinder concept. Instead of relying on their OEM vehicle TPMS system for towing, they added TireMinder sensors to their truck tires in addition to their RV tires.

This gives them better monitoring up front and additional temperature measurement on the tires. This gives them full monitoring of tire pressure and temperature from front to back, right in their dashboard with Apple CarPlay and the TireMinder app.

RV LIFE Pro: Trip Planning and Navigation

RV LIFE Pro, a suite of tools for RV trip planning, navigation, maintenance and education, offers an Apple CarPlay component for RVers. The RV LIFE mobile app navigates with RV safe navigation and displays it on the Apple CarPlay interface.

RV LIFE Pro allows you to navigate ad-hoc RV trips with the built-in RV-safe GPS or plan your trips in advance in great detail with the RV LIFE Trip Wizard. Planned trips are accessed through the mobile interface, where you can follow the route exactly as you planned it with Apple CarPlay.

Start planning your next trip today

RVers using TireMinder and RV LIFE Pro are on the safe side when it comes to safe RV travel. With TireMinder, you can directly monitor tire pressure and tire temperatures, or be alerted when either of these values is out of range. The warning is displayed on your navigation screen.

When it comes to navigation and trip planning, RV LIFE Pro takes care of finding campsites, gas stations, rest stops … everything you want to plan along your route. This double pack ensures that your once-in-a-lifetime vacation is not ruined.

“The combination of RV LIFE Pro and TireMinder is an indispensable tool that makes traveling and camping easier and safer.”

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