How To Make A Hammock

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RVers take their relaxation seriously. Who else but RVers put so much time and energy into getting away from everything to see the sights and relax in nature? Many campers dream of that blissful place in the forest, lounging around the campsite after a successful morning of canoeing or a great walk. What better way to enjoy it than hanging a hammock between two trees and drifting off for a little quiet shut-eye. Maybe you are the RV resort-type, with a beautiful site on the beach or next to the golf course, watching the game on your outdoor TV. Hammock life awaits you too.

Unfortunately, if you’ve even used your standard hammock once, chances are you’ll delay that well-deserved relaxation while untangling it. It’s not just the different ropes and hooks used to attach it to the tree you’re struggling with. With so many hammocks utilizing a fishing net design that looks better suited for catching tuna than catching a nap, virtually Everything Sticks to it. Many a hammock is considered unusable, or just not worth it after just a few applications.

Lie back and relax in a new quality hammock.

The founders of the Maca Hammock are different, and they think differently. They have created a quality hammock based on their immersion in the culture of the Mayan origin of their product. That heritage is clearly visible in the Edzna Hammocks, a line of traditionally bright but warm colors. The Coba (cool colors) and Uxmal (natural colors) hammocks mean that there is a color choice available for every RVer.

Each Maca Hammock is hand-woven by traditional weavers in the Yucatan, which deliver the necessary materials at no cost in advance. The weavers work at home and at their own pace, creating handmade functional art the way their ancestors did. That individuality is evident as each weaver can choose the combination of colors they desire for each hammock line. You will notice that the Maca Hammocks are made with a much tighter fabric, providing more power; enough to keep you and your significant other for twice the fun.

If the quality and authenticity weren’t enough, the ingenious hammock cover that Maca offers with each hammock sets it apart.

To prevent tangles, wear, moisture and dirt from affecting your hammock while storing or transporting, each Maca Hammock comes with a waterproof sleeve that covers the hammock while not in use, but is easily pushed back and anchored when enjoying the hammock. When the relaxation time is over, simply slide the sleeve back over the length of the hammock for tangle-free storage space in the included storage bag.

The price for the handmade Maca Hammock is a very reasonable $99. That price includes the sleeve and storage bag and is ready to hang on existing hooks in your favorite hammock tree. By adding a pair of 6-foot straps ($21) made with the same material rock climbers depending on, you attach your hammock to pretty much anything.

Visit Maca hammocks today and experience authentic Mayan quality and beauty for yourself.

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