Is Devil’s Bridge in Sedona Worth It?

Sedona, Arizona has an eclectic atmosphere and immaculate scenery. So is the Devils Bridge in Sedona worth a visit?

You may have heard of Thor’s Hammer, Delicate Arch, The Narrows, Horseshoe Bend or Antelope Canyon if you are familiar with the Southwest region of the United States. These iconic natural features make up some of the most beautiful scenery in our country.

And the majestic formations lure us year after year to discover and fall in love with nature. Devil’s Bridge in Sedona is another such natural wonder.

Let’s learn why you should plan to hike this trail when visiting central Arizona. Let’s dive in!

What is Devil’s Bridge Sedona?

One of the most popular hiking trails and Instagram-worthy photos is at Devil’s Bridge Sedona.

The Devil’s Bridge is a 45 foot natural rock bridge surrounded by the red cliffs and mesas of northern Arizona.

It’s about 54 feet tall and is famous for the numerous photos of hikers venturing across and standing in the middle.

Where is the devil’s bridge?

You can find Devil’s Bridge in Sedona, Arizona, in the Coconino National Forest off Highway 89A and Dry Creek Road.

Highway 89A runs east-south then west, passing through Sedona and north of Red Rock State Park. Devil’s Bridge is just over an hour south of Flagstaff.

Additionally, there are dozens of trailheads in this area, including the Bear Mountain Trail, Long Canyon Trail, Brin’s Ridge Trail, and more.

How to get to the Devil’s Bridge?

There are several ways to get to Devil’s Bridge Sedona. First, if you have a 4×4 vehicle, you can park at the trailhead and just do the 2-mile hike to the natural rock bridge.

Dry Creek Road is not for 4×2 or low clearance vehicles. This rocky dirt trail leads off Highway 89A and leads you to the parking lot.

If you have a 4×2 vehicle, park at the Dry Creek Vista Trailhead. From here you have to walk to the Devil’s Bridge Trailhead, which makes the entire loop about 4.6 miles long.

Another option for 4×2 vehicle owners is parking in the Mescal Trailhead parking lot. From here, walk approximately 1 mile to Devil’s Bridge Trailhead for a 4.2 mile loop hike.

Is there parking at Devil’s Bridge Sedona?

Parking at the Dry Creek Vista Trailhead is very limited.

However, the City of Sedona offers free shuttle service from a Park and Ride in central Sedona to the Dry Creek Vista Trailhead. It only operates Thursday through Sunday but is a great way to bypass the parking challenges of the small lot.

High clearance 4×4 vehicle owners can drive closer to the Devil’s Bridge Trailhead. As previously mentioned, this is a rocky dirt road with huge ruts so do not venture on this road unless you have a suitable vehicle.

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Via the Teufelsbrückenweg

The Devil’s Bridge Trail is considered easy except for a steep climb at the end. You have to climb stairs to reach the natural rock bridge.

This is not a wheelchair accessible hike, nor is it suitable for those with knee problems. Also, keep in mind that while dogs are allowed on the trail, those steep stairs may not be suitable for all furry friends.

From the Dry Creek Vista parking lot, follow the marker to Devil’s Bridge Trail. It’s about a mile or so before you reach the trailhead.

This makes the total loop about 4 miles with an elevation gain of over 500 feet. The hike to Devil’s Bridge Trailhead has minimal elevation gain.

However, once you reach the trail it is a steady climb for about a mile with a steep incline and stairs at the end to reach the famous bridge.

Can you walk over the devil’s bridge?

You can walk across the Devil’s Bridge Sedona. In fact, you’ll probably have to wait in line to do this. Don’t expect to arrive at Devil’s Bridge to enjoy the solitude. It is one of the most popular attractions in Sedona.

Crowds tend to gather between 10am and 4pm, so arrive early. You will also encounter fewer people if you can hike on a weekday. But you don’t have to cross the bridge to enjoy it either. It’s a beautiful sight in itself.

View of Devil's Bridge Sedona in winter

When is the best time to visit Devil’s Bridge Sedona?

If you’re trying to capture the perfect Instagram photo, expect to be waiting with dozens of other people. Sometimes this can detract from the majesty and beauty of Devil’s Bridge.

But don’t let the crowds put you off the hike. It is worth it! As mentioned, if you can go out early on a weekday morning, you’ll have better luck finding parking and fewer people.

This part of Arizona gets snow in the winter, so it’s best to avoid this trail after a snowstorm because of its uneven terrain. Also, you don’t want to hike in Sedona in the summer because of the extreme heat.

Plan to visit in April and May for peak season. Temperatures are mild and comfortable, usually in the 70’s and 80’s. Or you can wait until October for similar weather.

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Hikers sitting at Devil's Bridge Sedona

Is Devil’s Bridge Sedona worth it?

There is something about natural wonders that captivates our hearts. From the depths of the Grand Canyon to the peaks of the Rocky Mountains, we are drawn to beautiful landscapes.

Devil’s Bridge Sedona is one of those iconic places to visit in Arizona. Like the hoodoos of Bryce Canyon or Arches National Park, this natural wonder attracts millions of visitors every year.

As long as you can stomach the crowds and interrupted tranquility of the central Arizona landscape, you’ll likely enjoy the hike to see this natural rock bridge.

Have you ever walked over the Devil’s Bridge and gotten that Instagram-worthy photo?

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