Oh, the horror! Sewer tank overflows while RVer is gone

I love the stories when people said, “It happened this way.” Example:

A customer of mine said, “I was drinking, and while I was on the side of my camper van I started flushing my tank. I forgot to open my black gate valve. Just at that point my neighbor came and we were talking about tools and hardware. He invited me to the hardware store. I didn’t think it was going to take long, so we went. So, long story short, by the time we got back the bathroom floor was flooded. It came down the stairs and flooded the kitchen and carpet and flowed out the front door.”

The damage. Oh my goodness, not pretty!

Steve Korsvall operates the RV Prologue in Quartzsite, Arizona. If you have problems with your company tanks, or just want them cleaned, and are in the area, you know who to call.

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