Our Honest Review of the MaxxFan Mini

One of the tasks in renovating our RV was to find a powerful fan to control humidity and airflow.

However, we needed something with a low profile because we wanted to put as many solar panels on our roof as possible in the future. After some hesitation, we decided on the Maxxfan Mini.

The small size of the fan was a bit disconcerting. Would it do its job? Would we be wasting our time and money by going down this road? Did we feel remorse when we bought it?

Today we give our honest review of the Maxxfan Mini and the decision we ultimately made to control airflow and ventilation in our RV.

Let’s get started!

What is a Maxxfan Mini?

The Maxxfan Mini is a product of the well-known fan manufacturer MaxxAir. It is a smaller version of the more popular MaxxFan.

It is a compact, powerful fan for motorhomes, caravans, campers and other small spaces. It is a replacement for most standard fans with a 14 x 14 inch roof opening.

This five blade fan may be small, but it is a competent exhaust fan. It also has a built-in insect and debris screen that prevents unwanted pests from entering. The fan requires a 12-volt power connection, which is standard in most RVs.

What does a Maxxfan Mini do?

Maxxfan Minis are typically used in bathrooms and kitchens to control ventilation for humidity, odors and air circulation. Its small size allows it to fit into smaller spaces without sacrificing performance.

The main function of the Maxxfan Mini is to help with air circulation, ventilation and temperature regulation. However, it also helps protect against rain and save energy.

Maxxfan Mini is suitable for anyone who has a small space to feel comfortable in different environments.

How much power does a Maxxfan Mini consume?

The Maxxfan Mini is a powerful and energy efficient exhaust fan. The maximum power consumption is less than 2 amps. So it provides plenty of power and provides good air circulation, but does not consume much energy.

This minimal power consumption makes it an excellent option for those who want to extend their battery life when they’re not out in the country. If you like to spend the night outdoors or have other off-grid adventures, this fan is a great way to save electricity.

Advantages of a Maxxfan Mini

There are a handful of things we love about the Maxxfan Mini. Here are some of the benefits of choosing this fan for your RV or other small living space.

Compact size

The Maxxfan Mini offers tremendous power without being too big. It fits in a standard 14 x 14 inch roof space and weighs about 6 pounds.

Whether you’re looking to save weight or work in tight spaces, the Maxxfan Mini’s compact size makes it a great option. It can be used in a variety of vehicles and situations.

Extremely efficient

With a power consumption of less than 2 amps, the Maxxfan Mini is one of the most efficient fans on the market. With such low power consumption, you can extend the life of your battery bank. It provides impressive air circulation and helps you control the climate wherever you place it.

The Maxxfan Mini is great for removing moisture and hot air, which is common in RVs and other small spaces, especially during hot showers or extreme temperatures.

In addition, these fans are great for removing bathroom and kitchen odors. We appreciated.

LED light

One of our favorite features of the Maxxfan Mini is the LED light. We find that the lighting is less harsh than the standard light in our bathroom. This is especially helpful when we go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

The standard lighting can sometimes be a little blinding, but the Maxxfan Mini provides enough light without being blinding.

Rain cover

The Maxxfan Mini comes with a built-in rain cover. This is a great feature because you no longer have to worry about whether you have closed the vent.

We have heard from other motorhome owners who have returned to their motorhome during a downpour and found that their motorhome was flooded due to an open vent.

The rain-repellent cover also doubles as a windbreak cover. You can leave the vent open while driving to promote air circulation and prevent hot air from building up in your motorhome while driving.

Some RV owners have left their vents open while driving without these covers and the wind has damaged the hinges, causing the covers to blow off.

Please note: Need a cover for your RV air conditioner? We strongly recommend it!

Easy to install

Installing the Maxxfan Mini is quite easy, especially if you are replacing or replacing an existing fan. Make sure you have some butyl rubber sealing tape and Dicor self-leveling sealant to seal the gaps after installation. You want to prevent moisture from entering your RV.

While installation is not overly difficult, it can be helpful to have an extra pair of hands. This can be useful when installing the sleeve, wiring, and attaching the fan cover.

Disadvantages of a maxxfan mini

Although the Maxxfan Mini has many advantages, we have also noticed a few disadvantages. Let’s take a look at a few things that we consider to be weaknesses of this powerful fan.

No intake functions

The Maxxfan Mini does not have an intake function. We don’t use this feature often, but it comes in handy on cooler nights when we don’t run our air conditioner and want to draw in cooler air from outside.

Our previous Maxxair fan had this feature, which we used occasionally to help circulate the air. The lack of the intake function is a minus in our eyes.

Limited controls

While we understand that this is a budget fan, it’s unfortunate that it has limited controls. Other Maxxair offerings offer features like a remote control, built-in thermostat, and multiple speed settings.

However, the Maxxfan Mini is severely limited, does not have a remote control or thermostat, and has only one speed setting. Compared to typical Maxxair products, the Maxxfan Mini is inadequate.

Please note: RV refrigerators do not work very well in extreme heat. You should consider purchasing an RV refrigerator fan to keep your food cold!

What do we think of the Maxxfan Mini?

For us, the Maxxfan Mini does its job. It doesn’t have as many features and capabilities as other Maxxair products. However, it meets the requirements we have for it and is quite inexpensive.

Its low-profile design helps ensure that we don’t waste space on our roof for solar panels, as we have with other options.

Priced at just over $100, the Maxxfan Mini is worth every penny. You get excellent value for your money, and it delivers incredible results. If we had to do it over again, we would gladly buy it again.

Is the Maxxfan Mini worth it?

The Maxxfan Mini is a powerful and capable exhaust fan. However, whether it is worth it for you depends on your needs and preferences.

It has its limitations, offering no intake function and only a single speed setting. But the results for the money made it worth our purchase. If you’re thinking about ventilation options, don’t overlook the Maxxfan Mini.

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