Pop-Up Camper Hacks You Have to Try

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While big fifth wheels and travel trailers often steal the show, pop-up campers are still incredibly useful.

While they’re not ideal for camping in bear country, they do allow you to stay in incredible places with your loved ones and make memories. However, if you want to make the most of your camping vacation, you should take advantage of some of the pop-up camper hacks we’ve found.

Today, we’re sharing some of our favorite pop-up camper hacks that you can use to take your adventures to the next level. Let’s get started!

How do you make a pop up camper better?

If you want to improve your pop-up camper, you need to consider what features are missing that could make your life with your camper easier. What works for others may not be best for you and the way you use your camper. It takes time to figure out exactly what you need or want in a camper.

Ultimately, you want to be able to use your RV as easily as possible. That may mean adding missing features, increasing battery capacity, or pop-up camper hacks like installing tanks that allow you to carry or store more water.

Once you know your needs, you can create a list of possible projects to improve your pop-up camper.

However, if it’s an older RV and you want to completely renovate it, you can start with the aesthetics. Replacing fabrics and painting surfaces can bring a space to life.

Adding decorations can create a homey environment that makes your pop-up camper the perfect place to relax while traveling.

An outdoor pop-up camper upgraded with these hacks.

Top pop up camper hacks and modifications

Some camper hacks and modifications can have a huge impact. Something simple can be just what you need to fully enjoy your pop up camper.

Let’s take a look at some of the best pop up camper hacks that you should definitely try!

Storage space for your pop-up camper

The frame of your pop-up camper has a tremendous amount of unused space at the front where it connects to your tow vehicle.

This is a great place to add storage for a generator or bike. The Jack-It from Lippert is an example of a carrying system that makes use of this space.

Let's Go Aero - 429756 Jack-It Double Bike Carrier System

Let’s Go Aero – 429756 Jack-It Double Bike Carrier System

Why waste space in the rear of your trailer when you can use that unused space to transport your bikes? Attach the rack to the A-frame of your pop-up camper before you hit the road and you’ll be ready for some fun adventures no matter where you camp!

Attach a gray water tank to the bumper of the pop up camper.

One of the biggest drawbacks of pop-up campers is that they don’t have adequate tank space. Therefore, it pays to have an additional storage tank for your gray water.

This way you can extend the useful life of your RV, especially in areas that are not close to a dump station.

Attaching a gray water tank to the bumper of your pop-up camper requires some effort. However, it is not an impossible task. There are luggage racks that wrap around the bumper and tighten it to keep it in place. Don’t over tighten them and don’t put too much weight on the luggage rack as it could crush the bumper.

Attach hook to ceiling for vertical space

You need to use every inch of available space.

You can use a pop-up camper hack and ceiling-mounted adhesive hooks to store items you need to access quickly, but don’t want to take up counter space. This is a great option for kitchen utensils and other similar items.

Fortunately, since you’re using peak-and-stick, these won’t cause any damage to your equipment. They are inexpensive and hold in place extremely well. You won’t have to worry about making adjustments or changing the position of the hooks.

Stackable drawers with Velcro

In many pop-up campers, there is virtually no storage space. So sometimes you have to get creative and use a pop-up camper hack. You can find inexpensive plastic storage bins at retailers like Walmart or Target. Stack them on top of each other and secure them with Velcro.

First, stack the bins on top of each other. Then you can attach a Velcro strip to the bottom corners of the top bin and to the top corners of the bottom bins.

You’ll need a piece of Velcro big enough to put over the two pieces and connect them. This will reduce the risk of slipping when using the bins.

Change the light bulbs to save energy

The light bulbs in RVs are usually cheap and ineffective.

However, upgrading your light bulbs or fixtures can drastically improve the look and feel of your RV. In addition, using LEDs instead of a traditional incandescent bulb can drastically reduce the amount of electricity used to light your RV.

This hack is worth a try for anyone who wants to camp off-grid for a while. It won’t increase the size of your battery bank, but it can extend its life. The longer you can enjoy your camper, the better.

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An easy pop-up camper hack is to upgrade your light bulbs

Use shower curtains with suction cups

You probably don’t want to drill holes in the walls of your pop-up camper. Still, you’ll need a place to shower unless you’re staying at campgrounds with shower facilities.

Using suction cups to hang a shower curtain can be a good option to provide privacy and avoid getting the entire RV wet while showering. Plus, you don’t have to worry about damaging the walls of your pop-up camper. A win-win situation!

Hang lanterns with a hanger and an extension cord

When the sun goes down, you’ll want to light up your campsite.

However, there is not always a place where electricity is available or a suitable place to hang the lanterns. Since many campers travel with long extension cords, there is a way to use them to hang the lanterns.

Wrap an extension cord around two trees and use it to hang a lightweight lantern. Make sure the cord is not too heavy or it could be damaged. This way you can put the lantern in a safe place out of the way and light up your entire campsite.

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Try these hacks on your pop up camper

Trying these hacks on your pop-up camper can improve your overall experience. Some of these hacks are quite simple and can be tried before your next trip.

You never know what new ways you’ll find to improve your experience and make the most of the time you spend in your pop-up camper.

The more time you spend, the more likely you are to develop your own helpful pop-up camper hacks.

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