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Recreational vehicles – Is special toilet paper really necessary?

Does RV-friendly toilet paper have its place in the world of RV bathrooms? If you're new to the RVing community, you probably thought you might as well play safely and buy the special toilet paper to stay on the safe side. Even if you are a long-time timer, you may be on the right track buying things and you think it has worked for you all these years.

Well, for the inquiring mind or specific RV toilet paper is a necessity, the answer is generally NO, but as a personal preference for you and your RV, the answer can be YES. Let's clarify that a bit.

In the first place, toilet paper should disintegrate quickly for each RV. This prevents the problems many people experience with clogs in the black tank and / or ensure that your sensors give wrong, crazy measurements.

Of course, everything that looks "special" generally costs more, including even toilet paper. Some RV experts still propose to use toilet paper that has been specially made and advertised for campers. If you prefer to play in a safe way, your answer is YES. You can find RV toilet paper in camping shops, many online sites or places such as Target and Walmart. Go for it!

Remember that the only purpose is to dissolve RV toilet paper fast and biodegradable. Look for statements such as "Safe for RV use", "RV / Sea Toilet Tissue" or "Safe for Septic Systems." If it is safe for your septic system, it will be safe for your RV.

RV Sewer Systems

We will briefly consider why the selection of a toilet paper should be compatible with the black waste water tank of your RV.

The black tank is normally located directly under the toilet, except in the case of bathrooms in the back. These RVs are generally manufactured with a "pump type" toilet. The toilet must transport the waste horizontally to the tank horizontally. In this case, this is called a "distributor" toilet, which will also use more water to pump waste to the tank.

The RV black tank is similar to a septic tank that you have in your house. A septic tank for home is not connected to a municipal sewer system and must be emptied after so much use. Most people with septic systems at home are extremely careful with what they put down their sewers and toilets.

Therefore, the use of toilet paper becomes a problem in the case of a RV black tank or a septic system. If you have a shredded toilet, you want to make sure that your paper easily and quickly dissolves to move it and take precautions to avoid paper residue in the tank or on the sensors.

If you are new to RVing, never leave your black tank flap open while it is parked and connected to the sewer or septic system of the campsite. The liquids will run away and you will stay behind with solids that dry out and build up in the tank. Keep the valve closed and dump the black waste water tank when it is at least 1/2 full – 2/3 to full is even better.

You can keep the gray tank open if you wish, while this is simply all liquids.

WC Paper Breakdown Test (TPBT)

This is a very interesting concept and a fun experiment, all at the same time. It is something like Science 101. You may even want to involve your children or grandchildren in this.

Use about 10 oz. clear glass jar or cup, preferably with a lid. Fill it halfway with water. Add a few sheets of clean toilet paper. Place the lid on the pot or hold your hand above the pot and shake vigorously twice – no more. Put the glass down. Check within a few seconds to one minute whether the toilet paper starts to dissolve.

If you still see large pieces of toilet paper, Do not use this brand of paper in your RV. Note that if you shake more than 2 times vigorously, each paper will more than likely resolve.

If it does not work at the beginning, try again with a different brand of toilet paper.

Toilet paper options

When examining the results on toilet paper, Angel Soft, Scott's Septic Safe, Scott's 1-ply toilet paper and environmentally-friendly Seventh Generation 2-ply achieved the toilet paper puncture test. Personally, I still test these brands for peace of mind.

If you want to stay with a WC paper with RV approval, Thetford Quick Dissolve, Camco RV, Thetford Aqua-Soft and Scott's Rapidly Dissolving (with the statement that it works 4x faster than other brands) are known to quickly solve and move through the RV black tank.

Two toilet paper to mention that should not being rinsed in black RV tanks are Northern Quilted and Charmin & # 39 ;. It is recommended that you do not use tissue that may appear "thick", even as soft as it may feel. Consult the manual of your RV owner in case they report certain taboos on toilet paper.

Dispose of toilet paper

Believe it or not, there are RVers who never want to flush "used" toilet paper through the toilet! When attending exhibitors, seminars or meetings at the RV show, toilet paper and black tanks become a point of discussion at one time or another.

It has been reported by sellers that RVers have stated that they mistrust each type of paper on the toilet, they do not trust their black tanks or their friends have told them to pack the used paper and throw it in the trash. Really?!

People, make your life a bit easier and let it go! Do not pack, burn, store or carry – flush! The black tank is made for that purpose. We may occasionally have a problem with a blockage or sensitivity with the accuracy of our monitor readings, but use lots of rinse water and clean your RV black tank from time to time (view that topic here on and things will work as they should.


Hopefully this has made it clear why the answer to this persistent question is yes, yes and no. It is truly a personal choice, once you do your own research and there is one that you feel comfortable with.

YOU do need paper that quickly and completely dissolves. This prevents possible blockages and helps to accurately keep track of the monitors. Nothing is more frustrating than half full of the tank if you dumped it 10 minutes ago.

Please note that it is best to use the least amount of toilet paper when visiting the bathroom. This is just logical. Certainly, does not curtail to the limit, but the least amount of paper that needs to be flushed makes it easier for your black tank and sensors. Make a mental note about how much you are rolling at that moment. (Women, you understand this and yes, I'm talking to you.)

If you get a lot on a large stock of toilet paper while you are driving, remember that it is light. You can always use the extra rolls to keep things in place in your closets so that objects do not collide with each other.

Be sure to pick up a good quality black treatment tank every time you launch the tank. This is another guarantee for destroying solids and paper and to keep things running smoothly through the hose and into the septic station or the septic camping site.

Here is RVing carefree and a bit more boring toilet paper!

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