Romance in a Campervan; Alternative Valentine’s Day Ideas

Romance in a Campervan; Alternative Valentine’s Day Ideas

Romance may not be at the top of your agenda; sorting the aftermath of Christmas and the new year may be higher on your list! With a new year, however, you come up with new plans, new holidays and new celebrations to make plans. Valentine's Day is actually quite threatening and we are here to save you "no, these were not the only flowers they had left at the gas station"! Have you ever thought about becoming a romantic on Valentine's Day with a great mini-vacation in a camper?

You can take the romance with you in a camper!

Not Your Typical Valentines Gift

Forget about cheeky lingerie; frankly it is often impractical and we prefer a store voucher! Forget faint chocolates, big teddy bears, forget comic boxer shorts and boxes with aftershave. You can even forget a dinner date – a romantic getaway with a camper is one of the most special things you can do in February.

Which motorhome is the most romantic?

You can choose from any type of van that suits the kind of break you want, from locations across the country. Do you like the romance of a fire? Reserve a camper with a wood stove. Do you want to stay in bed all day? A van with a fixed bed like the romantic Cleopatra is ideal. Do you like climbing, hiking and kayaking? Choose an adventure car like Wanda.

Stand on Dave's great rooftop deck for stargazing at night.

Where is the most romantic place to go?

Do you fancy a midnight walk on a moonlit beach? Do you want to have the rigid view over mountains? How would you like to return to a peaceful retreat after exploring a new city? Whatever Valentines ideas you have, we have the perfect camper for them at Quirky Campers!

I am biased because my heart belongs to the mountains! However, I do not think you can beat a weekend with walking or scrambling in Snowdonia. Go out with two of you, prepare yourself hungry and then return to a beautiful warm van. Put a camembert in the oven and nestle in a blanket with a view of what you just summarized!

A romantic Valentine's Day campervan holiday does not have to be in the far corners of the UK; some more central locations offer a lot to do (check out our 10 best things to do in Bristol for example). If you are more inclined to explore seriously, The Lake District of Scotland will certainly give you a romantic atmosphere.

The Fairy Pools, Skye. Photo Credit Ben Wykeham Photography taking Wanda on a recent road trip

Some of our favorite travel and romantic locations are:

  • Elfenbaden, Glenbrittle, Isle of Skye

The fairies who live in this magical place, give wishes to people in love …. OK that's a lie, but it's pretty spectacular!

  • Grasmere, Lake District

Nothing says romance as a walk around one of the most beautiful parts of the world.

  • City of Bath

Receive an evening pass for the Thermae Spa and relax in the warm swimming pool on the roof.

  • Durdle Door, Dorset

Play your inner Khaleesi and Khal Drogo with Dorset & # 39; s version of the Azure Window!

  • Literally a village in Cotswold!

Take a walk around Batsford Arbotetum in Moreton-in-Marsh.

Book your alternative Valentine's Day trip now!

Have we convinced you that our campervan holidays are a good alternative to a traditional Valentine's gift?

If we have not given you enough ideas about places to go and about romantic things to do, I'll leave you with this last thought. How about an overnight beach park with a picnic breakfast in the morning? That should convince you that an alternative break from campervan Valentine will definitely give you many Brownie points and a trip that will never be forgotten.

If it is your first camper campaign, do not worry, you can find out what a first timer should know here.

Seduced? Book here to secure the van of your dreams before someone else does it!

Asha is the perfect romantic vacation camper!

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