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Monday, April 6, 2020
Welcome to another edition of RV Travel’s Daily Tips newsletter. Here you will find useful RV-related and living tips from the pros, travel advice, a handy website of the day, tips on our favorite RVing-related products and, of course, a good laugh. Thank you for joining us. We really appreciate it. Tell your friends about us.

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Today’s thought

“Lock up your libraries if you want; but there is no gate, no lock, no bolt that you set to the freedom of my mind. Virginia Woolf

Do you need an excuse to celebrate? Today is National Caramel Popcorn Day!

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Coronavirus Updates for RVers

Because so much happens, and so fast, we separate our daily coronavirus news updates into its own file.

There is so much interest now about how the virus is affecting our lives as RVers, our staff is spending more time keeping you informed of critical issues that affect how you use and travel with your RV.

Read today’s coronavirus news updates for RVers.

New Facebook Group: How the coronavirus affects RVers. Learn more about park closures, canceled rallies and RV shows – and more. Your input requested.

If you are a member of an RV club or are affiliated to an RV-related event would you like to let us know if its meetings, meetings, etc., are cancelled or postponed due to the coronavirus? We pass the info on to our readers. We appreciate all the news regarding RVing that is affected by the virus. Send it in here. Thank you!

RV Life in a Coronavirus World: A Grateful Park Host

We’ve asked planetcampers.com readers to tell us how they adapt to life these days.

“We are full-timers and hunkered down in Arizona now and every difficult evolving day I am filled with gratitude …
Despite the fact that we had scored numerous reservations in a variety of National and State Parks instead of just bee-lining it back north for the summer. This was our year to travel and check out many places on our wish list. Okay My bucket list!” Continue reading Nanci’s thoughtful story.

Tip of the day

How about some dump station decorum?

By Russ and Tiña De Maris
Most of us picked up the little quirks of life when we were young, say, in kindergarten. Share. Take turns. Working on developing patience. For the most part we see it in our colleague RVers – courtesy seems to be a general rule among most. But still, there are areas where it seems like some need those little “soft memories.”

For those who camped for months on government land outside Quartzsite, Arizona, you already know most of the drill. With thousands of RVers plunked down on four Long Term Visitor Areas, and limited dump stations to serve all, lines leading to those stains can get quite long. Read more.

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RV fluorescent lamps gone dim – What gives?

An RVer that was connected to shore power reported a sudden “dimness” in its fluorescent lamps. Then a short time later they all just didn’t turn on. Meanwhile, his light bulbs shone brilliantly away. Well, RV Tech Detectives, what do you think the problem was? Find out here.

Reader poll

Another poll

We asked this yesterday but had technical problems. So here we go again:

How much do you need the government’s money soon? Respond here.

A lot of drugstores are empty. Make sure you’re on Tylenol.. Click here.

Readers tell us

Do you have a boat? (So many of you do that we think of changing our name to BoatTravel.com … joke, of course.) See what types of boats fellow RVers own here.

Useful resources


Quick tip

Make sure your camper is flat from the driver’s seat!

“Regarding leveling a rig … I have a Class B+ camper without leveling connections. What I’ve done is mount small glue levels on the dashboard and another either on the driver or passenger window (or both). This allows me to easily see how level I am on from the driver’s seat when pulling in. If not level, it allows me to easily determine where to put my leveling blocks. Another plus, it gives me an indication of the road rank and lets me anticipate what gear I should be in before the transmission automatically shifts.” — Thanks for the tip, Dale Lage! You can find some of those levels here.

Cancelled travel plans = an upset woman? Here’s the perfect gift…
If your travel plans are cancelled and the woman is upset, this earring and chain combo is the perfect gift to cheer her up! (Or, ladies, you just buy this cute combo for yourself!) We think all the ladies of the planetcampers.com staff need this… Chuck? Learn more or order here (believe us, you’ll get important brownie points.).

Random RV Thought

With many of the possessions of our lives, the expectation of acquiring the object is often more exciting than the product itself. Whether it’s a new camera, dress or home sprinkler system, we dream about the item and how it will improve our lives. But usually, once acquired, the product quickly becomes just another possession. That’s not true with an RV, which still captivates most owners for years and years. Maybe it’s because an RV is more than a “thing.” It’s a magical tapestry that takes us on grand, memorable adventures. Anyone who has travelled with their little children in an RV and then had to sell the RV years later can come to tears seeing the RV drive away with all his memories. An older couple, too old to travel more, will probably feel the same.

Website of the day

The deadliest highway in any state
This is certainly not one of our most cheerful websites of the day, but it’s an interesting one. Ever wondered what the deadliest highway in your state is? CBS News reports. And maybe be extra careful when traveling on these highways.

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New book a must-have for state park campers!
This recently published book, “50 States: 500 State Parks,” is a must-have for all state park campers and explorers. The book is a wonderful visual journey through America’s best state parks. Whether you’re looking for beautiful vistas, rare wildlife, a dose of history or a pleasant walk, the state parks offer a range of experiences. More information or order.


Santa is legally allowed to ride his sled. In 1927, the man in the red suit received a pilot’s license from The Deputy Secretary of Aviation William P. MacCracken.

Leave here with a laugh

Stay indoors, isolate or practice social distancing, clean yourself. … OMG, I’ve become a domestic cat!

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