RVers Share Things They Thought They Didn’t Need But Now Can’t Live Without

You don’t have to be an RV driver for long before you discover a long list of things to buy. Unfortunately, since most people don’t have unlimited budgets, they can’t buy everything.

You have to choose which items you need the most. We certainly had some things that we quickly put in our shopping cart when we got into motorhome driving.

Today we are sharing some articles that motor home owners have underestimated and who have discovered they cannot live without them. Let’s begin!

RVer asks other RVers what they can’t live without

They play whenever you post a question to a huge Facebook group. You have to have a thick skin and ignore those trying to live their dreams of being a comedian. Fortunately, many people can still offer some help.

Recently, a colleague, Jessica, asked a full-time RV group, “What is that one item that you didn’t expect to need/want in the RV but are so glad you have now?”

She, like many others, is preparing to be out and about in her RV full-time. She is selling her house and wants to make sure she has everything she needs to live comfortably on the go.

Over 200 answers with great recommendations

As you might expect, Jessica received a handful of stupid replies. They were anything but helpful and not even remotely funny.

However, she also received more than 200 responses with fantastic recommendations. Many of the suggestions are items that we believe will work well for all types of RVs, whether traveling full time or for leisure.

But we don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach to RVs. So take the time to evaluate your needs before making a quick decision when purchasing gear.

Equipment and gear that RVs can’t live without

We’ve taken the time to review the comments and narrowed them down to the best of the best recommendations. These are all articles shared by seasoned motorhome owners that they couldn’t imagine motorhome driving without. Let’s find out what they are!

1. Coat rack for RV ladder

The ladder on your RV will be useless 99% of the time. For most RV owners, the sole purpose of their ladder is to allow them access to the roof of their RV. However, we were surprised when several commenters reported how they turned their ladder into a clothes rack.

There may be times when you are dealing with wet clothes and towels but have no place to store them.

Whether you’re trying to save a few bucks by not drying your clothes at the laundromat or don’t want wet towels on your picnic table, this clothes rack is the answer.

2. Air fryers and crockpot liners

Motorhome driving is full of fun and exciting moments, but washing dishes isn’t one of them. Air fryers and crockpots may make it easier to prepare a delicious meal, but they don’t do you any favors when it comes to dishes. This is especially true when you need to conserve water when boondocking or camping without hookups.

One commenter, Emily, shared that these inexpensive liners save her a ton of time and dishes. Less time washing dishes means more time doing activities you enjoy. Don’t waste more time, energy or water than necessary.

3. Kitchen gadgets that make cooking easier

Maybe you can cook a feast fit for king in an eat-in kitchen, but RV kitchens can be comically small.

Because of this, many RV owners reported that their kitchen appliances get significantly more use in their rigs. Some popular suggestions included Blackstone grills, crock pots, instant pots, and air fryers.

However, before you buy all this equipment, you need to consider the type of cooking you are going to do. You probably won’t need all of them, so choose wisely.

Also, you should consider how much storage space you have. You need a safe place to store these items when not in use and on the go.

An added benefit of many kitchen appliances is that you can use them to cook outside. The heat from cooking can quickly raise the temperature in your rig and put the air conditioning systems in your rig to the test.

An RV kitchen full of kitchen appliances

4. Ice Machine

There’s nothing better than an ice-cold drink after a long hike. However, most RV refrigerators do not come with a built-in ice maker.

Most RV owners think that if you want ice in your drink, you’re going to take up your limited freezer space with a large, bulky ice pack. But tons of RVs shared how their ice machine has become a game changer for them.

With these countertop units, simply add fresh, clean water and it turns it into ice. You can then remove the ice from the appliance and place it in a container in your freezer.

Whether you’re making margaritas or staying hydrated, you’ll love having ice close at hand when RVing.

5. Cordless vacuum cleaner

Some RVs have built-in vacuum cleaners to keep the outdoors out of your RV. Unfortunately, they are not always easy to use.

Lee shared, “I love my cordless vacuum. Even though we have a built-in vacuum, the hose is long and heavy and I hated using it.” Rather than struggle with a bulky hose, they opted for a lighter, handier cordless vacuum.

Many RV owners shared that they love using a cordless vacuum in their rig. It makes it easy to get into hard-to-reach places and you don’t have to worry about accessing an outlet. Plus, you can easily store these items under a bed.

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6. Headlight

Another popular response for Jessica was a quality headlamp. Seriously, you’re going to have a lot of projects that require both hands. Having a headlamp strapped to your noggin lets you see and hands-free.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have to be night to use a headlamp. You may need to crawl into a storage compartment or solve a plumbing problem where the sun isn’t shining.

You’ll probably be glad you have a headlamp ready to go at this point.

7. Heated mattress topper

RV mattresses can make cheap hotel mattresses feel like a puffy cloud. Most manufacturers use the cheapest possible mattresses in their rigs. It only takes a single night to sleep on those poor excuses of a bed before you start looking for options for a solid night’s sleep.

Many RV owners choose to use a mattress topper to get the job done. However, one RVer shared how they upped the ante by purchasing a heated mattress topper.

After a day of adventures, who doesn’t want to crawl into a warm, cozy bed? Count us among them!

Keep in mind: RV mattresses are not known for being comfortable. Wilderness RV Mattress is a popular option, but we have a few Reasons We Avoid Wilderness RV Mattresses

8. Additional shower rod

Life hacks make your life easier, and RV hacks make it easier to enjoy your camper. Leona was the first of many to share how she bought an extra shower rod for her shower. This allows her to maximize space by hanging items in the shower that don’t get in the way.

With such limited space in an RV, you need to use every inch of space you can. Whether it’s your favorite sweater or a mesh bag you lug around in the shower, this is a great way to let items air dry.

An RV shower rod

9. Knife magnet bar

Just like the space in the shower, RVs lack counter space and drawers in the kitchen. The last thing you want is something you don’t use often and is taking up space.

Amanda shared that she loves her knife magnet. She says it’s great not having a knife block on the counter or a drawer full of sharp knives.

You can attach a knife magnet to almost any surface in your kitchen. The magnets are strong and will hold your knives and other commonly used utensils in place. Then you can access them quickly and easily when you need to use them.

10. Above the sink drying rack

Motorhome driving still means you have to do the dishes. Unfortunately, with limited space, this is not always the easiest task.

However, an over-the-sink dish drying rack allows your dishes to air dry without taking up your valuable counter space.

Jocelyn recommended this item, stating that it could be pricey but worth every penny. The water automatically drips into the sink and your gray tank, where you can empty it at the end of your trip.

Keep in mind: Looking for other ways to save space in your kitchen? Try these kitchen storage ideas for your RV

A drying rack over the sink with plates

Be ready to hit the road with the right gear

Whether you’re preparing to hit the road full-time, already have it, or enjoy using it recreationally, you need to have the right gear.

The items these RV owners have recommended make it easier to enjoy the lifestyle. What items will you add to your shopping cart to take your adventures to the next level?

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