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The ultra luxury coach 2024 Marathon

Motorhomes come in all shapes and sizes. While there are some budget motorhomes on the market, there are also luxury, high-end motorhomes that come with a hefty price tag. Very few people can afford the most expensive models, but these vehicles are a great way for manufacturers to show off their engineering and design skills. Marathon Coach, for example, has just unveiled a new motorhome that costs $3 million!

Marathon Coach is known for building some of the most expensive RVs in the country. Their products consistently show up in rankings of the best (and most expensive) vehicles. This new model is no exception, and it’s actually one of the most expensive models they’ve built to date! It has a purchase price of $2,928,989, and that’s not even counting additional costs and taxes.

While very few people will be able (or willing) to buy an RV that costs this much, it’s still fun to discover high-end models like this one. Marathon Coach #1375 is expected to be available sometime in 2024. So keep your eyes peeled for more details as the release date gets closer.

Marathon Coach #1375

“With an innovative floor plan and a perfect blend of form and function, Coach #1375 is the culmination of all of Marathon’s achievements over the past 40 years.”

The #1375 is an exciting new release from Marathon Coach. The company is still keeping some details under wraps, but we already have some information about the upcoming release. The prototype of the model was unveiled on February 8 at the Prevost Motorhome Expo.

Each motorhome is built on a Prevost H3-45 bus chassis. These million-dollar vehicles feature large slide-outs that expand space and provide plenty of room for appliances, storage and high-end furniture.

Every coach is quite tall. This height offers a lot of space in height and spacious storage under the motorhome.

These double rail motorhomes are beautiful and offer the ultimate in comfort no matter where you are in the world. Of course, these motorhomes have a high price tag, but the builders have spared no expense to create this masterpiece. They have worked hard to include all the features that RV customers want, and then some!

Floor plan

The average person won’t be able to afford an RV like this, but there’s no reason we shouldn’t appreciate the beauty and ingenuity of this design! Full details of the floor plan have not yet been revealed, but the prototype at the RV show gives us an idea of what to expect.

Behind the driver’s cabin is a nice living room. This space is nice and open with several comfortable seating areas. A plush sofa sits against one wall, while a pair of swivel chairs and a fireplace sit on the other side. A small counter runs along one arm of the couch and provides a perfect place for snacks, games, or a laptop.

The next area is the kitchen and dining room. Along one wall is a comfortable L-shaped bench that wraps around a dining table. There are storage cabinets under the seats so you can store all the cooking utensils and appliances you need!

The kitchen is located across from the dining area. Everything can be neatly covered and stowed away, creating a spotless and level work surface. The sink and stove have special covers, and the refrigerator, microwave and other appliances are hidden behind the attractive cabinets.

Off the bedroom is a small hallway with a bathroom on one side and a spacious closet on the other. The bathroom features stylish curved countertops and warm, inviting lighting. There is also a beautiful backsplash of tile above the vanity and in the shower. A rain shower enhances the luxurious feel of this space.

Finally, in the back of the motorhome is the bedroom. A huge, luxurious bed sits against one wall, but there is plenty of room to walk around the foot of the bed. Nightstands flank the bed on either side, and it faces a mounted TV and large dresser. A pair of closets are recessed into the wall, and there’s even more storage space on the back wall.

Interior of the Marathon Coach


Of course, appliances and furniture are only part of the benefits of this motorhome. It was also lovingly designed to be comfortable and attractive.

“From the ice blue exterior to the shimmering tiles in the shower, this coach appeals to the senses as soon as you see it. The rest of the interior sings just as sweet, with a light and airy color palette in a contemporary and modern design.”

The interior lighting is warm and golden. This creates a peaceful and inviting environment. Everything is bright and well lit thanks to the large skylights, gold accent lighting and recessed can lights.

All the cabinets in the kitchen are made of dark, attractive wood. This contrasts with the light-colored floors and walls and adds a touch of richness to the space. Gold accents and fixtures complement the color scheme in every part of the vehicle, from the cabinet knobs to the sink faucets.

The exterior of Marathon Coach #1375 is also very attractive. It’s smooth and sleek, with almost invisible lines for the pullouts and storage areas.

The angular design runs the length of the vehicle, giving it a sense of power and direction. The top half is black, while the bottom is white. Cool blue accents break up the monotony and add some visual flair to the exterior.

No matter where you look, there is always something beautiful and unique to enjoy here. When this motorhome is available, customers will likely have additional color schemes and decorations to choose from as well. Personalization is one of the best aspects of purchasing a high-end vehicle like this!

Bedroom in Marathon Coach

Notable features

Coach #1375 won’t be released until 2024, so we don’t have a full list of specs and features yet. However, the company has highlighted a few elements that are particularly exciting! Some of the best parts of the new Marathon Coach are:

  • Marathon’s exclusive TECHLINK “Intelligent” electrical system.
  • Patented Freedom Plus channeling system
  • 50″ LED backlit LCD in salon, 50″ LED backlit LCD in bedroom.
  • 41,000 BTU variable speed hydronic heater with four heat exchangers throughout coach
  • 20 KW diesel generator with auto-gen & pressure regulated air bag mounts.

For more information on this motorhome, visit Marathon Coach’s website.

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