Stay Cool With the Best Camping Tent Air Conditioners

If you like camping, you may have more time for it in the summer when the family is out of school.

But in those temperatures, camping can become unbearable if you don’t have a way to cool off. But did you know that there are also air conditioners for tents?

Stay cool in the summer with a camping tent air conditioner and enjoy the adventure of wading in a secret swimming hole or watching the sunrise on a hike. Learn more about how to keep cool on your summer camping trip here.

Is it safe to camp in a tent in the summer?

Just as camping in the winter raises questions about safety, camping in the summer also poses risks. Severe heat and drought can be brutal for tent campers.

But if you are well prepared and know how to manage the weather, you can camp safely in any season. You can camp safely in any season.

And you’ll want to keep cool in the summer, so let’s look at some tips to make the experience more enjoyable.

Tips to stay cool while camping

In the winter, you want to stay warm. Therefore, the use of heaters and ventilation are very important safety tips.

In the summer, special safety precautions are also necessary to keep you from overheating and suffering dangerous health problems such as heat stroke.

Pitching a tent in the shade

First, try to find a shady place to pitch your tent. Avoid camping in deserts where shade is almost impossible to find.

Also, save places like Utah and Arizona for camping in the spring and fall. If you don’t have many options, pitch your tent in the shade during the hottest part of the day.

Pitch your tent facing the breeze

Another consideration when pitching your tent is the direction of the breeze. You should aim the breeze so that it blows easily through the tent and brings in cooler air.

Use weather apps to find out the wind direction and pitch your tent accordingly.

Use a reflective parasol

If you don’t already have a parasol in your tent gear, you should get one for the summer. It works best if it is at least 15 cm above the tent so that the air can flow through it and it stays cool.

A parasol will also prevent you from being woken up too early in the morning by the sun’s rays, so you can have a restful night’s sleep.

Remove the rain cover

When summer camping, you always have to pay attention to the weather. It will help you determine the direction of the wind, how hot the temperatures will rise and whether it will rain or not.

If there is no rain predicted, you can remove the awning as it will not act as a sun shade. Since the awning hugs your tent, it does not allow air circulation.

So you want heat and moisture to be able to escape from the tent and not be trapped inside.

Buy tent with mesh walls

You may not be able to afford camping tent air conditioners, but you can get a cool breeze into your tent if it has windows.

Mesh tents prevent bugs from entering your sleeping space and let wind through during the day and night.

There are no tents made entirely of mesh, as they must have some waterproof features, such as a floor that extends a little beyond the walls. But you want as much mesh as possible.

Use a portable fan

Portable fans can run all night long. The gentle hum can lure you to sleep, but the constant airflow also makes nights more comfortable.

Look for a lightweight, portable fan that can be easily attached to the tent ceiling, floor, or walls. You should also opt for a fan with foam blades, as you will always have it close by.

Taking down the tent during the day

Finally, a tent can act like a greenhouse and trap the heat. Then when you come back, it feels like a sauna. When you’re out all day, you take down your tent.

Although it’s more work to take it down and put it back up later, it’s worth it. You’ll also extend the life of your tent, as the sun’s harmful UV rays won’t cause premature damage.

What to consider when buying an air conditioner for camping tents

If you plan to do a lot of camping in the summer, you should look for a camping tent air conditioner. Keep power source, portability, cooling capacity and quiet operation in mind during your search.

You don’t want to have to lug around a generator or battery. Look for a camping tent air conditioner that is fully functional on its own. It should also be lightweight for easy transport.

Also, an air conditioner should significantly lower the temperature inside your tent. If you do not feel any difference, it is worthless and you have wasted your money.

You don’t need 10,000 BTUs, but you do need more than 1,000 BTUs. So pay attention to the cooling capacity.

After all, you’re out in nature to enjoy the outdoors, not to hear the loud rumble of an air conditioner. Your camping tent air conditioner should not disturb other tent campers with its noise.

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Best Camping Tent Air Conditioners

If you need some suggestions for the best camping tent air conditioners, look no further. Here are four of the best options, depending on your space and budget. Let’s take a look!

The best for small spaces: Evapolar evaCHILL portable air conditioner.

Available in three colors, this portable air conditioner is easy to move around. But that doesn’t mean the evaCHILL isn’t powerful.

Despite its whisper-quiet technology, it has a cooling capacity of 1,190 BTUs. It cools and humidifies the air with four fan speeds. It is best suited for solo travelers.

Best for large rooms: BLACK+DECKER air conditioner

With over 41,000 reviews and 4.3/5 stars, these BLACK+DECKER camping tent air conditioners are among the best on the market. Its 14,000 BTUs can cool a space of up to 700 square feet. Its three functions include an air conditioner, a dehumidifier and a fan.

So for larger groups, this air conditioner provides plenty of cooling in the summer heat.

The best value for money: Arctic Air Pure Chill evaporative air cooler.

Like the evaCHILL option, this portable air conditioner from Arctic Air is great for solo travelers with limited space.

It costs less than $40, and its whisper-quiet fan and blue nightlight make it a comfortable place to get a good night’s rest. Simply fill water into the top-mounted tank, plug it in, and enjoy up to 10 hours of cooling.

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The Best to Spend: Zero Breeze Mark 2

These Zero Breeze Mark 2 camping tent air conditioners are the only ones that are truly made for tent camping. But they do cost a pretty penny. If you can afford to splurge, this is the air conditioner you want.

You’ll need to run the 2,300 BTUs on your own 24-volt battery or on the air conditioner’s battery, which lasts 3 to 5 hours. Within 10 minutes, the air outlet temperature drops 30 degrees.

Plus, it weighs 16.5 pounds but doesn’t require electrical outlets like the other options.

Stay cool this summer with an air conditioner for camping tents

Summer is not the time to pack away the tent. Head out to explore the great outdoors. Just choose a shady and wind-protected place.

Keeping cool in the summer is a difficult task when temperatures can reach 90 degrees or more during the day. But with these tips for staying cool and using a tent air conditioner, you can enjoy the summer camping trip!

Do you have an air conditioner for your camping tent?

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