The Best Big Camping Tents for Large Groups

Tent campers come in a wide variety of styles, and that goes for big camping tents as well. Some people prefer solo camping in the Utah backcountry. Others love the camaraderie found in developed campgrounds.

Still others only go camping when friends or family members join them. These large group camping weekends can be a great adventure for people who like to be together and share responsibilities.

Let’s take a look at some of the best large camping tents for large groups so you can start planning your weekend adventure with family and friends!

What are the benefits of large group camping?

Many people enjoy group camping because of the cohesion and relationships, the common areas, and the shared efforts that contribute to the overall experience. It’s a great way to spend time with colleagues, family or friends.

In addition, group campgrounds usually have spaces such as a pavilion or multiple picnic tables where you can all gather in one place. Each person can contribute with different tasks to make the camping experience enjoyable.

One family might cook dinner one night while another family plans the next night.

What are the disadvantages of camping in large groups?

Others choose not to go group camping because space is too tight, there are fewer options, and more planning is required.

Even though group campgrounds usually offer plenty of space, they can still be crowded for those who want their own space.

Also, not every campground has group sites, so you may not be able to camp together everywhere. This may require additional planning.

Also, much more preparation for meals, activities, and supplies must be made in advance. Camping in a large group can be more of a headache than it is worth for some campers.

Tips for camping with a large group

If you enjoy camping with a large group, we have a few tips to help you and everyone else have an enjoyable and comfortable experience.

The most important thing is to plan ahead. It may not be your strong suit, but the experience will go much more smoothly if you prepare in advance.

Choose a place with lots of activities

First, look for a campground with lots of activities, especially if you’re camping with kids. Although children are more likely to entertain themselves in a large group, they will have much more fun if there is a horseshoe pit, swimming pool, cornhole boards, basketball court or fishing pond.

In addition, these activities give parents a chance to socialize with each other and children a chance to make new friends.

Book early

Once you’ve found the perfect campground, make your reservations early. Group camping sites are not as readily available in some locations as tent sites or RV sites.

So if you can reserve several months in advance, you’re more likely to find an available site. Otherwise, you may have to settle for a campground that offers fewer activities or is farther away.

Establish responsibilities

With large group camping, everyone needs a job. Maybe a group of moms puts together the evening menu for the week. Maybe a group of older kids plans the games.

Maybe one couple is responsible for bringing the solo stove, while another brings the Blackstone. It is not necessary for everyone to bring everything. Divide the tasks so that everyone has a role and you don’t bring unnecessary items.

Plan the menu

Finally, it may sound silly to plan the menu when camping with a large group, but this is an important tip to enjoy the experience. This way, different people can come up with different dishes.

If everyone brings peanut butter, jelly and bread, that’s all you’ll eat. So plan the meals and divide up the responsibilities for getting the different things. You won’t even have to worry about dinner because you’ll already have it prepared.

A group cooking in front of their big camping tent

Best large camping tents for group camping

Now that you have planned ahead and have a few tips to make the group camping experience enjoyable for everyone, here are some of the best large camping tents to make the experience comfortable. You can find the best option for you depending on your needs, the size of your family and your budget.

Best Cabin Large Camping Tent: Core 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent

If you need a large cabin-style camping tent instead of a teepee, the Core Cabin Tent is just the ticket. It takes about two minutes to set up, which means less fiddling with tent poles and more time enjoying the company of friends.

The included rainfly provides weather protection, and the vents and mesh ceiling keep you well ventilated. Plus, the 14-by-9-foot floor plan accommodates up to nine adults, providing plenty of room for a family.

Best large camping tent with screen room: Wenzel Klondike family camping tent.

Many tent campers prefer a screened-in space where they can relax or the dog can chill out. This Wenzel family camping tent sleeps up to eight people in the 16-by-11-foot sleeping area and offers an additional 60 square feet in the screen room.

The mesh roof, two mesh windows and rear mesh vents keep bugs out and provide excellent ventilation. And for added weather protection, the included rain canopy.

Best large camping tent with multiple rooms: Ozark Trail Instant Cabin tent.

This large group camping cabin tent measures 16 feet by 16 feet and has three rooms. It can sleep up to 12 people in sleeping bags.

With a center height of 82 inches, most campers will feel comfortable in this spacious option. Weighing in at 55 pounds, it is a larger tent, but offers much more room for large families or groups to be accommodated comfortably.

It also features seven windows for great ventilation and a covered porch to enjoy the outdoors without feeling the heat of the sun.

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Best large camping tent for 12+ people: Tahoe Gear Ozark Large Family Cabin Tent

Another large camping tent is this option from Tahoe Gear. It features a 7-foot center and 15 x 16-foot sleeping space.

The included rainfly extends beyond the door for added protection, and the mesh design and floor vents provide excellent cross ventilation.

It seats up to 16 people, so multiple families can enjoy a camping trip together.

Best value large camping tent: Coleman Montana 8 person tent.

If you don’t want to spend $200 on a large camping tent, this Coleman Montana is still a good buy. It’s available as a six- or eight-person tent and comes in three colors.

The interior measures 16 feet by 7 feet with a 6-foot-2-inch center. Quick setup in about 15 minutes makes this another great option for large groups.

Best Luxury Large Camping Tent: White Duck Regatta Canvas Yurt Tent.

If you want to buy something truly luxurious, this White Duck Regatta canvas tent is something to behold.

Available in four different colors, this canvas tent provides excellent protection from wind and rain and is made from sustainably sourced products.

The steel poles, water-resistant fabric, heavy-duty pegs and stakes, and double-stitched seams and edges make this large camping tent durable. You can choose from 8-foot, 10-foot, 13-foot and 16.5-foot sizes.

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Remember this camping season with friends and family

Camping with a large group can be so much fun. From the campfire to the games in the meadow to the conversations, you’ll cherish the time with your family or friends.

So prepare for your camping adventures with a quality large camping tent. You don’t have to spend a lot of money, but you also don’t want to buy the cheapest tent that then tears the first night you go camping.

These spacious tents will give you shelter and room to sleep or have fun with the whole family.

Which large camping tent do you think is best for your weekends?

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