The Best RV Jack Pads For Your Camper

Have you ever seen a Facebook or Instagram photo of a camper whose jack has sunk into the ground? These unfortunate events happen more often than you think. And maybe you’ve experienced it yourself.

One way to avoid this embarrassing and troubling situation is to use RV jacking pads. Let’s take a look at the purpose, pros and cons, and best options for RV jack pads for your RV. Let’s dive in!

What are motorhome jack stands?

RV jack pads help stabilize your vehicle by distributing weight over a larger surface area. Instead of the jack resting on the ground, a jack pad increases the diameter of the surface.

This can prevent your RV from sinking into grass or dirt. It can also limit the rocking motion inside the vehicle.

Are RV Jack Pads Necessary?

There are many RV owners who do not use jack pads. If you haven’t had problems in the past, you probably don’t use them. They can seem like an extra piece of equipment that is unnecessary.

But if you’ve ever had to deal with your jackstands sinking into the ground in a muddy campsite, or you’ve had trouble straightening your vehicle on an uneven campsite, you’ve probably added jackstands to your list of must-have RV accessories.

Because they are multi-functional and improve camping in many ways, it’s worth considering RV jack pads.

RV Jack Pads Advantages

Below are three important benefits of RV jack pads. These accessories can make or break your camping experience.

Stabilize your motorhome

Motorhome jack rests firstly help to stabilize the motorhome. This is not only important when setting up to make sure the motorhome is level. It is also important when moving around inside.

If you’ve ever felt like you’re rocking on a boat, it’s because your RV jacks aren’t enough to keep the RV from swaying. Adding cushioning will help eliminate that rocking motion.

Distributes the weight of the motorhome

Motorhome jacking pads not only keep the vehicle stable, but also distribute the weight better.

Your jacks only cover a small portion of the floor. When you add jack rests, you increase the diameter and surface area. This alone can help keep your rig from sinking into sand or mud.

Protects your motorhome supports and the ground

If you’re staying in a Cracker Barrel parking lot or a Harvest Host winery, you don’t want to damage the parking lot by putting your jacks directly on the sidewalk.

The weight of your RV can damage the concrete of the driveway if you are staying at a friend’s house or at a Boondockers Welcome Home.

Installing jacking pads will prevent damage to both the floor and jacks of your RV.

A bent truck camper jack without padding.

Disadvantages of RV Jack Pads

But despite these advantages, there are also reasons not to use RV jack pads. From the added cost to the extra equipment, it’s not always practical to have another RV accessory.

Can be expensive

RV jack rests are another accessory that you have to pay for. This cost can be very burdensome for people on a tight budget, especially if they are not absolutely necessary.

But don’t worry, we’ve added a budget-friendly option below.

You have to carry it around with you

Another problem with adding camping gear is the precious space needed to store the pads. You need to create storage space in the basement to carry them between trips.

However, the SnapPads stay on the jacks. You don’t have to remove and stow them when you leave the campsite.

Must be rebuilt for each trip

The flip side of the coin is that you have to store it after your camping trip and set it up during your trip. That’s another task on your to-do list when you arrive at a campsite.

But again, the SnapPads stay on the jacks so you don’t have to reattach them each time.

Pro Tip: If you don’t have your set-up and tear-down procedures down yet, we recommend our RV camping checklist to help you stay on top of things!

A lowered RV jack that rests on Utility Block brand RV jacking pads.
Source: Wittke

Best RV Jack Pads

If you’re convinced that RV jack pads are a good product to add to your camping gear, we have three products to choose from that will give you the stabilization and protection you need. Each option comes highly recommended by several RV enthusiasts, so you can’t go wrong. Assess your current needs and choose one of the options below!

Our choice: RV SnapPads

We use RV SnapPads and consider them the best RV jacking pads for several reasons.

RV SnapPads are convenient because you don’t have to take them off or put them on every camping trip. Once they’re attached, they stay on. There’s a reason they’re rated 4.8/5 stars. They work, they last, and they are easy to use.

These pads are durable and sturdy and can withstand UV rays, water, heat, oil, tar and mud. They also come with a 2-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

Whether you have a fifth wheel, travel trailer, Class A motorhome or Class C motorhome, SnapPads fit almost any vehicle. Use the cheat sheet to determine the right size for your RV.

They may be the most expensive option on the list, but you’ll only buy them once. If you use and abuse the jack stands listed below, you may need to buy a new set every year.

Pro Tip: You can save 10% on your order on RV SnapPads by using the coupon code “GETAWAY10” during checkout! Buy it here!

Second place: Utility blocks

If you’d rather spend less, these utility blocks are another good option. They are rated 4.7/5 stars and are made of high-density plastic for a sturdy block.

They also have convenient grooves on the top and bottom that hold them together. So if you need to stack two for leveling purposes, they can be locked together.

What’s more, the integrated ropes make it easy to pack up. Just grab and go.

Budget-friendly: Camco jacking pads

Finally, one of the most affordable options are Camco pads. Even at less than $20, they are rated 4.6/5 stars.

Each pad is made of durable, UV-stabilized polypropylene and features an integrated handle for easy use.

The interlocking design and storage strap make it easy to pack up and take with you when your camping trip is over.

The front of a travel trailer with the yellow Camco RV Jack Pads under the two front jacks.
Source: Carrasquillo

Protect your RV with RV Jack Pads

Regardless of what you choose, RV jack pads will make your camping experience more enjoyable.

No longer will you have to worry about sinking into the ground or taking Dramamine at Harvest Host Alpaca Farm because you get nauseous moving around inside.

Chances are you haven’t had any problems with your RV’s jacks yet. And that’s a good thing, too. To keep it that way, you should add some jack stands to your camping equipment!

Do you have any camper jack pads that you would recommend?

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