The Best Teardrop Trailers For 2023

Our favorite teardrop pendants for 2023

As one of the original RVs, teardrop trailers have come a long way. What was once a simple evolution of a tent has become its own category in the RV industry.

When I bought my first teardrop trailer nearly 20 years ago, it was a simple bed on wheels with an outdoor kitchen (no sink or refrigerator) in the rear. What it lacked in space and amenities, it made up for in many roadside looks, some great adventures, and excellent mileage for my tow vehicle.

Teardrops today are small power wagons. They have kitchens with 12-volt refrigerators and water tanks, full solar panels, roof racks with roof tents, and even enough room to take the whole family.

However, the basic equipment is still there. A teardrop is still literally a tiny camper with a bed and a rear kitchen. They are usually between six and eight feet long and have a dry weight of about 1,000 pounds. They can be towed by almost any vehicle, and the lightest RVs can even be pulled by a Toyota Prius or electric vehicle.

Unfortunately, most Teardrops do not have a toilet.

Unfortunately, the teardrop I bought almost 20 years ago for $4,000 is hard to find today. Due to their popularity, prices for these miniature wonders have risen exponentially.

If you look around, you can still find some used, affordable Teardrops. However, if you want to buy a new one, expect prices around $10,000. Some of the better equipped trailers cost around $25,000.

For travel in 2023, we found a number of the best teardrops and teardrop companies. These include trailers with all the bells and whistles, as well as some that are a good mix of affordability and convenience in a small package.

Oregon Trail’R

Oregon Trail’R is at the top of the list not only because it has been around for over a decade, but also because it offers so many customization options for each of its five models.

This company borrows much of its building techniques from boat manufacturers. These small motorhomes are rugged and can handle rough roads. They come as basic models or with all the bells and whistles.

FronTear’s base camper comes with a custom chassis, 15-inch wheels and a marine-grade Baltic birch interior. Prices start at about $18,000.

The deluxe model costs around $29,000. The smaller DoDrop has minimal interior space, but weighs only 600 pounds and costs $8,500.


If you can not do without some luxury, then the nüCamp [email protected] is exactly what you need. This popular brand offers everything you need for a tiny life on the road.

The [email protected] is available in two different sizes: the standard [email protected] is 6′ 8″ wide and nearly 14 feet long, and the XL is 7′ 8″ wide and just as long. Each of the motorhomes has a nice interior with heating and air conditioning, Amish-made cabinets, and a stargazer window.

The kitchen is the heart of the [email protected] from many other Teardrop trailers. The 2023 model has a standard microwave, two-burner stove, and sink with an eight-gallon fresh water tank. The standard “refrigerator” is an Otterbox cooler, but it can be removed to connect a 12-volt refrigerator.

With all their amenities, these two motorhomes are a bit heavier than most Teardrop trailers. The Standard [email protected] has a dry weight of 1,282 lbs. and the XL brings it to 1,418 lbs.

Rustic Trail Teardrops

Rustic Trail offers a small kitchen in most of their trailers. This is perfect if you are camping in a place with bad weather and do not want to cook outside.

The family-owned company, based in North Carolina, offers a wide range of RVs – including some that you can stand up in.

The Papa Bear has the classic teardrop shape, but includes a dinette that converts to a bed. A simple cabinet area at the front can be converted into an indoor kitchen. For a little more storage, the Grizzly Bear has a wrap-around dinette/bed with storage and upper cabinets.

These teardrop trailers come in under 1,500 lbs and cost under $17,000.

Colorado Teardrops

The Colorado Teardrops maintains the classic teardrop style, but adds off-road capability with its seven models. You can even fit a family of four in three of the models!

The Mt. Massive model (about $33,000) is the company’s most popular model and features an indoor dinette that converts to a double bed and two bunk beds for kids. The outdoor kitchen has strong swinging doors with shelves and open cabinet space for customization.

This company could be one of the first to build an EV-friendly teardrop trailer. The Boulder Teardrop trailer can accommodate a family of four and has backup power for your vehicle. This trailer is still in the prototype phase, but could change teardrop camping forever.

inTech Luna

The Luna from inTech is an example of how far teardrops have come. This beautiful motorhome has all the amenities and the best views in the world of teardrops, with a pretty decent price for what you get.

With a large window on the front of this teardrop, the interior space is increased. This interior can also be converted from a typical bed into a living and dining area in a few easy steps. The galley kitchen also has everything you need: a 12-volt refrigerator, a two-burner stove, a sink and plenty of storage space.

For around $24,000, this camper also comes with an indoor fireplace, an outdoor awning, a roof rack, and even an optional cassette toilet (okay, maybe some Teardrops actually have a bathroom).

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