The Cheapest RVs You Can Buy New in 2023

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Getting out into nature and enjoying it has never been more popular. In recent years, we’ve seen a huge increase in people hitting the roads and campgrounds.

If you want to be one of those people, you should start looking for the cheapest RV for your trip as soon as possible. In this case, we have good news!

Today, we’re featuring seven of the most affordable RVs to consider in 2023. Could your next RV be on this list?

Let’s take a look!

What type of camper is the cheapest?

Which type of RV is the cheapest depends on several factors, including the size, features and equipment you need.

Generally, a travel trailer or pop-up camper is the least expensive option compared to other RVs. However, depending on the features you want, they can quickly become expensive.

Despite their cheaper price, travel trailers often come in a variety of sizes. You can find everything from small and simple to larger and more luxurious models.

Pop-up campers are even less expensive than travel trailers, but offer a more basic and less luxurious camping experience due to their limited features and smaller size.

Are campers expensive?

The cost of an RV can vary greatly depending on size, type and features.

Overall, RVs can be expensive, as many consider them luxury items. However, there are a variety of options at different prices to suit different budgets.

The cheapest RVs tend to be smaller campers and pop-up campers. They can cost anywhere from a few thousand dollars to $30,000 or more. This price depends greatly on the model and equipment.

If you can stretch your budget, larger motorhomes or fifth-wheel trailers are a good option, but they can cost much more. These units can range from $50,000 to several hundred thousand dollars for a top-of-the-line model. However, they can provide a very livable experience when you use them.

When is the best time to buy a mobile home?

The best time for dealers to buy an RV is during the off-season. The off-season is the time when people don’t usually go camping, which in most countries is in the fall and winter.

If you are looking to buy an RV, you can get a good deal when shopping during this time of year.

Many dealers negotiate more in the fall and winter to clear inventory. They want to make as much room as possible for the new models that will soon hit the market. You can use this to your advantage and show off your negotiating skills.

Another good time to buy an RV is at an RV show or trade show. Many dealers offer special pricing or discounts at these events for buyers who are willing to make a deal on the spot.

Toward the end of a show or expo, they may even offer deep discounts on RVs on display.

7 Affordable Motorhomes You Should Consider in 2023

If you’re looking for the most affordable motorhome, we’ve found a few that are worth considering. Although you can probably find even cheaper options, the ones we selected have a good reputation and better quality.

Let’s dive in and look at the possible options for your next RV!

Rockwood Mini Lite 2104S

MSRP: Starting at $32,500

Length: 22 feet 4 inches

GVWR: 6,841 lbs.

Features: Some of our favorite features of the Rockwood Mini Lite 2104S are the lift bed, full bathroom, and large kitchen for meal preparation.

Rockwood designed this motorhome to take advantage of every inch of space. Whether you want to relax during the day or rest up for tomorrow’s adventures, the 2104S can get the job done.

The Rockwood Mini Lite 2104S is a great option for solo travelers and couples. It’s small enough to fit in almost any campsite, but big enough to make you feel right at home.

The full bathroom has a shower, toilet and sink. The kitchen offers easy access to a refrigerator, stove, oven and microwave, making meal preparation a breeze.

Whether you’re planning a short vacation or a longer trip, the Rockwood Mini Lite 2104S is a versatile and comfortable budget motorhome worth considering.

Casita Spirit Deluxe

MSRP: Starting at $32,694

Length: 17 feet

GVWR: 3,500 lbs.

Features: The Casita Spirit Deluxe features a fiberglass shell that makes it durable and lightweight. The increased insulation keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

There’s no shortage of storage space either, with multiple overhead cabinets and under-seat storage. In addition, the closet offers plenty of space for clothes.

Casita has several features that you can customize, so you can design your vehicle according to your needs and preferences.

The Casita Spirit Deluxe is a popular choice for solo travelers, couples or small families who want to explore the great outdoors without sacrificing comfort or convenience. It is a compact travel trailer known for its durability and light weight.

Its fiberglass shell makes it suitable for a wide range of camping conditions. The dinette is one of the first things you notice when you enter the Casita Spirit Deluxe. It easily converts from a dining or gathering space to a bed.

The bathroom is equipped with a toilet, sink and shower, which can help you avoid a messy bathroom at the campsite. It also has other standard amenities such as air conditioner, furnace and water heater, which make camping more comfortable and luxurious.

Little guy MyPod

MSRP: Starting at $21,700

Length: 11 feet 6 inches

GVWR: 2,200 lbs.

Features: Little Guy’s MyPod is a modern camper with a comfortable full-size sleeping area, making it a great choice when looking for the most affordable RVs.

Its 100% fiberglass body has a gravel guard to keep it in good condition for as long as possible. In addition, the built-in air conditioner keeps you comfortable when camping in hot weather.

Want to go exploring but don’t want to worry about a big camper? The Little Guy MyPod is the perfect solution. Couples and solo travelers will love hauling this teardrop-shaped vehicle to exciting places.

Its unique aerodynamic shape and light weight make it easy to pull. However, don’t underestimate the Little Guy MyPod because of its small stature.

You don’t have to sacrifice comfort and convenience when you choose this device. After a long day of exploring, you can comfortably lie down and watch TV or listen to music.

The blinds open and close, so you can maintain your privacy or have a great view of the fantastic place where you park your vehicle.

Jay Feather Micro

MSRP: Starting at $35,993

Length: 19 feet 8 inches to 23 feet 2 inches

GVWR: 4,995 to 5,750 lbs.

Features: The Jay Feather Micro is packed with useful and practical features. The large 55-gallon fresh water tank, two propane tanks and 15,000-BTU air conditioner are just the beginning.

Units are prepared for rearview and side marker cameras to keep you safe on the road. You can also rinse off with the outdoor shower to keep Mother Nature away from your RV.

Convenient upgrades include heated fuel tank pads, a roof rack system, and a convection microwave to make it easier to enjoy your RV in more places.

The Jay Feather Micro is the lightest travel trailer from the well-known RV manufacturer Jayco. With years of experience in the industry, Jayco knows exactly what customers want and need from an RV.

The 17-inch outdoor grill plate is a perfect example of why many campers want to keep heat and odors out of their living space.

The Jay Feather Micro Series has a variety of floorplans to meet the needs of solo travelers to larger families. Jayco offers solar preparation and a solar panel for each unit in the series.

However, you can upgrade to one of the Overlander packages and take your off-grid camping adventures to the next level.

Airstream Basecamp

MSRP: Starting at $46,000

Length: 16 feet 2 inches to 20 feet 2 inches

GVWR: 3,500 to 4,300 lbs.

Features: While not the cheapest motorhome on the market, the Airstream Basecamp is fully equipped with just about every modern amenity you could need. The standard refrigerator, microwave, and cozy sleeping space are no surprise.

With the 2023 models, however, Airstream is pushing the envelope, introducing high-performance solar panels on most models. Consumers can also choose the battery chemistry that suits their individual needs.

Those who want off-grid adventures can opt for lithium-ion batteries from the start. If you want to park your Airstream at campgrounds and connect it to shore power, you can opt for lead-acid or AGM batteries.

The Airstream Basecamp may seem small, but it packs a punch. Whether you’re working from the road or taking weekend trips, don’t underestimate the Basecamp.

The Airstream Basecamp offers everything you’d expect from the Airstream brand, including high-quality construction. It’s rugged enough to camp almost anywhere.

It may be tiny, but it has everything you need to explore and camp comfortably, including a wet bath and cooking area inside.

The Basecamp comes in two floor plans. Which one you choose depends on your needs. The shorter 16-foot version is perfect for couples, while the 20-foot model is good for small families. But no matter which option you choose, you’ll have one of the highest quality vehicles in the industry.

Read more: If you are interested in an Airstream Basecamp, click the link to learn more about this RV!

An Airstream Basecamp being pulled by a truck

Scamp-19 Deluxe

MSRP: Starting at $35,000

Length: 19 feet

GVWR: 3,600 lbs.

Features: The Scamp-19 Deluxe has everything users love about the smaller Scamp trailers, but in a larger fifth-wheel design. It has a tremendous amount of interior storage space, a large food pantry and a two burner stove for preparing delicious meals.

Other standard features include a 12-volt USB station, a sturdy door sill, and a choice of oak or birch cabinets. Take your Scamp-19 to the next level and choose from the extensive list of upgrades like a generator, outdoor shower, or solar panel kit.

The Scamp-19 Deluxe is a well-built fiberglass shell motorhome that sits on a sturdy frame and suspension system. Its durable, high-quality construction provides excellent insulation and weather protection.

It’s perfect for solo travelers, couples or small families looking to create priceless memories. These custom units are a far cry from the standard RVs you see at most dealerships in the parking lot.

When your order is ready, you can pick up the vehicle at the factory in Backus, Minnesota, or have it delivered directly to your home.

Riverside RV Retro 135

MSRP: Starting at $27,551

Length: 15 feet 9 inches

GVWR: 3,640 lbs.

Features: The first feature that most people notice about the Riverside RV Retro 135 is its unique look. Trust us, its vintage look will attract attention no matter where you camp.

Riverside continues the retro look in the interior, with checkerboard pattern flooring and leather seats that take you back to the days of soda parlors. It also features a refrigerator, air conditioning and an electric awning.

The Riverside RV Retro 135 is a great option for couples and solo travelers who want to travel in style and comfort. The 15 feet of this RV will take you back to the days when things were slower and less chaotic.

However, you don’t have to sacrifice your comfort when traveling in this vehicle. The rear door helps make the most of limited space and offers a queen-size sleeping area.

Please note: Now that you’ve seen the most affordable RVs, take a look at these 5 luxury fifth-wheelers!

A Riverside RV Retro 135 parked outdoors
Source: Riverside RV

Is it worth it to buy the cheapest RV?

Buying the cheapest RV can be a great way to get on the road. However, if you’re not careful, you could be wasting your money. Some manufacturers make questionable choices about the quality of materials to make cheap RVs.

The end result can be a lower-performing motorhome that’s difficult to feel comfortable adventuring in.

Take your time and research extensively to avoid buyer’s remorse. However, as we’ve shown, you don’t always have to break the bank to start your RV adventure.

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