The Grooviest Vintage Motorhomes You Have to See

Vintage motorhomes are quickly becoming the go-to choice for those looking to experience life on the open road with a unique style.

Looking for a classic memento or a brand new model with a retro flair. These vehicles have something special that can take you back in time.

Here we discuss what exactly makes a vintage motorhome. We’ll examine some amazing examples and share our pricing insights so you can start your journey down memory lane.

What is a vintage motorhome?

A vintage motorhome is an older motorhome that has stood the test of time with historic and nostalgic charm.

There really is no definitive guide to what constitutes a classic motorhome. However, most people would say that it must be at least 20 years old.

These vehicles typically feature classic styles and aesthetics reminiscent of eras gone by. These include polished wood accents, ornately curved cabinets, and glossy or artistically angled bodies.

Don’t have access to a classic piece of history? There are many brands that offer newly manufactured RV models with a vintage vibe.

These retro style motorhomes exude the vintage vibe. But they will have modern conveniences and unique features not possible in the past.

How do you recognize a vintage motorhome?

Identifying a vintage RV is like playing I-Spy. There are many subtle differences in shape and design.

In general, classic motorhomes have recognizable features. These include rounded edges, wood accents and other time-stamped features that hark back to the glory days of the road trip.

While the overall shape can be similar across all models, you can easily identify a vintage motorhome by looking for more distinctive features such as: B. decorated buckles and rivets for the outer paneling or distinctive stickers on the windows.

In addition, the paintwork can often reveal an older model. Watch out for faded colors that show signs of wear from years on the open road. However, some vintage recreational equipment has been so well serviced or restored that it looks almost like new again.

The greatest vintage motorhomes

There’s a certain “cool factor” to a vintage motorhome or trailer that’s too good to be true if you leave it in the mind’s eye.

So sometimes you have to see why the older stylings make such flashy groove candies. Below are some of the most unique and intriguing vintage motorhomes we’ve seen.

1950 Westcraft Coronado

Production year(s): 1946 to 1948, 1950

Cool Features: One of the rarest and most desirable vintage motorhome models of its time, it features a unique exterior design with curved lines and eye-catching two-tone paintwork.

On top of that, its iconic front end looks just as modern today as it did in 1950.

The 1950’s Westcraft Coronado offers adventure seekers all the comforts of home: a full kitchen with oven, stove, sink, a large dining area, a couch and a king bed.

An old Westcraft Coronado motorhome
Source: Flytecamp

Riverside retro toy tractor

Production year(s): Since 2008

Cool Features: Riverside RV’s Retro Toy Hauler isn’t a true vintage camper, but it certainly looks vintage. It has all the pride of vintage 1950’s style but is packed with today’s modern conveniences.

This cool looking vintage motorhome is available in two layouts, a 20ft 6″ version and a 27ft 4″ version.

It has all the modern conveniences you would expect, such as a bathroom with toilet and shower and a kitchenette. The cargo area of ​​the toy transporter can also be converted into a dining and sleeping area.

Shasta Airflyte

Production year(s): Originally 1961, reintroduced in 2015

Cool Features: The 1961 original introduced a sleek design in fabulous colors like matador red, seafoam green, and butternut yellow. It also has stylish air fins on the back.

While the original was difficult, there was a limited edition reintroduction in 2015.

They mimic the originals with a small kitchen and table for four, but with updated lighting, electricity, and windows.

Happy camper HC1

Production year(s): Since 2015

Cool Features: Happier Camper’s HC1 is another vintage motorhome with a fabulous retro look. The coolest thing about this little eggshell RV (besides looks) is its interior, which uses Adaptive components. An owner can easily reconfigure this modular design to suit his or her desires on the fly.

The HC1’s tailgate opens the entire rear, and an upward-opening side window creates an indoor-outdoor counter to expand living space. An owner can arrange the modular pieces outside for an outdoor living space.

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A classic Happier Camper motorhome

1961 Cottage Geographic

Production year(s): 1960 to 1962

Cool Features: Also known as the Model X, only seven of the Holiday House Geographics may have been made, with only two remaining.

This vintage motorhome has a sci-fi look to it due to its custom design. One was completely restored from the ground up by Flyte Camp in Bend, OR.

The Holiday House Geographic is 24 feet long and sleeps up to four people. It has a 40 gallon water capacity and air conditioning.

Winnebago (Brave & Warrior)

Production year(s): Started in 1966 and still produces motorhomes today

Cool Features: The Winnebago grew in popularity with models like the Brave and the Warrior featuring its iconic flying W logo on the side. Winnebago inspired the road trip dream.

The originals were between 17 feet and 27 feet long and each contained a full bathroom, queen-size bed, loft above the bed, fresh water tank, pantries, and closets.

They also have a dining area, a sofa bed, a pedestal table in the living area and space for a TV. The retro 1960’s look has continued its influence over the years, but with modernized amenities inside.

GMC camper van from the 1970s

Production year(s): 1972 to 1978

Cool Features: Dubbed the Cadillac of RVs in their day, the GMC Motorhomes of the 1970s were a 6×6 beast of a RV with a V8 engine and a three-speed automatic.

If you’re not familiar, 6×6 means the GMC camper had all-wheel drive, but with three axles and at least two wheels on each axle. In short, it could get you places!

GMC hasn’t skimped on the interior either. It had wood paneling, warm cozy cushions, captain’s chairs, a kitchen area with a full-size refrigerator and oven for cooking meals, and a sink for washing dishes. There was also plenty of storage space.

Gidget Teardrop

Production year(s): 2013 to 2018

Cool Features: This stylish, modern take on the popular 1960’s teardrop motorhome has a curved front end that slides out like a slideout on larger motorhomes. This almost doubles the space in the cabin.

Not only does the Gidget Teardrop feature its unique slideout feature on the front, but a tailgate opens to a full outdoor kitchen.

The camper also has a solar panel at the top and a skylight to make this small space feel a bit more spacious.

How much does a vintage motorhome cost?

An older RV, which isn’t all that rare, can range from $1,000 to $10,000 or $15,000 depending on size and condition.

On the other hand, the older and rarer a vintage motorhome is, the more it costs. It’s not uncommon for a well-maintained and rare vintage RV to range in price from $50,000 to $75,000 — or more.

Remember the 1961 Holiday House Geographic on our list? This one is so rare it has been publicly listed for sale on eBay for as much as $229,000! But that’s what happens when it’s fully restored and is just one of two believed to exist.

How long do vintage motorhomes last?

With proper maintenance and care, vintage motorhomes can easily last for decades. It depends on how well they are taken care of.

In addition, many parts are available to keep these old classics in tip-top shape, so they will last as long as the owner keeps them in good condition.

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Would you own a vintage motorhome?

When it comes to traveling in style, nothing beats a vintage motorhome.

While they may require more maintenance than their modern counterparts (although that’s debatable), their unique design and charm make them incredibly desirable.

Whether you’re embarking on your next adventure or just enjoying a quiet weekend getaway, owning a vintage motorhome is an experience you’ll never forget. The only question left now would you own one?

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