Top 5 Best Class A Campers for Large Families

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Of all 3 classes of campers, RVers looking for a spacious interior and top-of-the-line features can’t go wrong with Class A campers. They are especially quite useful for people with large families because the added real estate and features will keep everyone comfortable. Class As are built for luxury and space, and if you are ready to go out on the road and camp in comfortability. Check out these best Class A campers for large families!

What puts an RV on the list: Apart from being able to sleep at least 6 people in a spacious room, these Class A campers possess large tailgating features It goes without saying that this is the top rated CAMPERS among users and critics too!

The Top 5 best Class A campers for large families:

  1. Newmar Bay Star Class A Camper
  2. Fleetwood Bounder Class A Camper
  3. Thor Miramar Class A Camper
  4. Newmar Mountain Aire Class A Camper
  5. Holiday Rambler Admiral Class A Motorhome

#1. Newmar Bay Star Class A Camper

Spacious Camping Sans Compromises!

Check out all the Newmar Bay Star Class A Motorhome floor plans!

No. of floor plans Empty weight Sleeps Length
7 17494-20880 lbs 4-8 30-36 feet

Why we recommend the Newmar Bay Star Class A Motorhome: The Newmar Bay Star is a favorite in the RVing world, and for good reason! With over 10 floor plans that sleep up to 8 people, Bay Star gives you the space you need without sacrificing great features. While we recommend viewing the Bay Star 3518 and bay star 3419 floor plans, there are a lot of other models with up to 3 extending errors if you want more space from your Class A camper!

The Bay Star’s list of features gives you everything you’ve wanted and more. It offers you a variety of amenities, such as convex exterior mirrors that can defrost, side wall foam insulation and a fireplace in the living room for camping in winter. You won’t be disappointed with the luxury décor! Bay Star shows vinyl ceiling panels, decorative wall art, an optional soundbar system and much more. Make sure you look at the many options available that your RVing Experience even better!

Key features:

  • 17 different maps available
  • Dura shield protection on front cap
  • Illuminated storage compartments on the outside
  • Ford® F-53 chassis £22,000 on 33′s floor plans
  • A piece of tinted windscreen
  • Manually operated hold-to-run slideout switch

Video summary:

#2. Fleetwood Bounder Class A Camper

Make you long for more!

Check out all fleetwood bounder Class A Motorhome floor plans!

No. of floor plans Empty weight Sleeps Length
7 22000-26000 lbs 4-8 34-38 feet

Why we recommend Fleetwood Bounder Class A Motorhome: Plan to spend a lot of your time outside while you camp? The Fleetwood Bounder is the one to go for. Floor plans such as the Bounder 35K and Bounder 35P are equipped with outdoor entertainment and can sleep up to 6 people. If more space is a necessity, the Bounder 36F has two full baths and is 38 feet long, showing how versatile the Bounder is as well, making the Bounder one of the best Class A campers!

The type and number of features you get vary by floor plan. However, many of them are similar across all floor plans, such as a solid surface galley top, interior flat soft touch vinyl ceiling and floors, interior choices, slideout fascia, adjustable shelves in, and many others! If you want ultimate luxury, you also choose from a wide range of options available, so make sure you check them when you visit the RV page!

Key features:

  • 7 different floor plans available!
  • Vacuum-tied aluminium framed roof, side walls and floor
  • Steel constructed entry box
  • TPO roof thermoplastic polyolefin
  • Frameless windows without two panels
  • Four-point fully automatic hydraulic levelling connections

Virtual tour:

#3. Thor Miramar Class A Camper

The Class A version of Thor Chateau!

Check out all Thor Miramar Class A Motorhome floor plans!

No. of floor plans Empty weight Sleeps Length
5 22000-24000 lbs 7-10 34-38 feet

Why we recommend Thor Miramar Class A Motorhome: While the Chateau and Four Winds stay as one of the top class Cs by Thor Campers, it is safe to say that the Miramar is definitely their Class A equivalent. A look at their floor plans and it is clear that these Class A campers were made with large families in mind. There are a few that also feature outdoor entertainment and an outdoor kitchen such as the Miramar 32.2 and Mirarmar 34.2.

Looking at the features, you will notice that the Miramar has all the bells and whistles of a typical Class A and then some. The driver can be prepared for a truly pleasant cruise experience thanks to the touchscreen dash radio with Bluetooth and navigation, heated exterior mirrors with cameras, storage table coffee table, 22.5-inch tires with aluminum wheels and more! You get a few options to upgrade this Class A, such as full body paint and double panes too!

Key features:

  • 5 different floor plans available
  • Premium TPO roof in one piece
  • Side-hinged aluminium compartment doors
  • Power roller shadow on windshield
  • Soft vinyl ceiling
  • Sturdy surface counter tops

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#4. Newmar Mountain Aire Class A Camper

The 40-foot Monstrosity Seriously Spacious Camping!

Check out all newmar mountain aire class A Motorhome floor plans!

No. of floor plans Empty weight Sleeps Length
9 42900-45100 lbs 4-6 40-44 feet

Why we recommend the Newmar Mountain Aire Class A Motorhome: The Mountain Aire is characterized for a specific but still common scenario: if you only need space for 6 people but require as much space as possible, then the Mountain Aire is the RV for you. This ~£40,000 monstrosity comes with an equally massive 44 metre footprint which, combined with the 3 slide outs, will keep everyone comfortable. We recommend taking a look at the Mount Aire 4535 and the Mount Aire 4550.

On the outside, the Mountain Aire lets you admire its full paint finish, fiberglass roof with walkable terrace and foam insulation. Once you head in, be prepared to be really surprised.  The 44-foot floor plan accentuates the maple cabinets in the kitchen, designer feature ceiling, tile flooring, and hardwood windowsills. While this is already great, those wanting balls to the wall can also opt for extensions to get the ultimate luxury camping experience!

Key features:

  • 9 different floor plans available
  • Access door with automatic step
  • Aluminum-Frame SideWalls & Roof Construction, 16″ at Center
  • Three 15M Penguin™ Heat Pump Central Air Conditioners With Remote Control Thermostat
  • Hidden hinges on cabinet doors
  • Cedar panelling in bedroom wardrobe

Video summary:

#5. Holiday Rambler Admiral Class A Motorhome

Affordable? Check. Spacious? Check. Versatile? Check!

Check out all holiday Rambler Admiral Class A Motorhome floor plans!

No. of floor plans Empty weight Sleeps Length
5 16000-22000 lbs 7-9 29-36 feet

Why we recommend the Holiday Rambler Class A Camper: The Class A Admiral is the answer to an affordable camper for large families thanks to the floor plans that are as small as a Class C, but have all the characteristics of a Class A. It is also very versatile, as it has several floor plans, such as the Admiral 34J which can sleep up to 9 people or the Admiral 28A which has outdoor entertainment. The other 3 floor plans have different layouts too!

With regard to features, the Admiral is built with a fiberglass front cap and rear laminated wall on the outside, and adds that luxurious atmosphere to the inside thanks to the Lino floors and vinyl padded ceiling. The kitchen makes up for the lack of size with some smart storage space and a huge fridge. You could also always go for a larger size floor plan to get more space for your kitchen, but it’s definitely very good with a smaller footprint too!

Key features:

  • 5 different floor plans available
  • Electronic cruise control
  • USB and help inputs
  • Premium gel high gloss outer fiberglass skin
  • Behind laminated wall with car lighting
  • Vinyl graphics

Virtual tour:

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We hope you will consider looking at these Class C campers when purchasing your camper van, as these are a great starting point in the wonderful world of RVing!

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