Top 5 Best Class A campers with slide-outs

Since the introduction of slide outs in CAMPERS, it has become commonplace in the RV world, and now almost every RV has at least one. After all, adding more space to an RV when it’s parked and pulling it back into its Original size when you’re on the road is an invention you just can’t get enough of. We have compiled a list of the top 5 best class A CAMPERS with slideouts to help you find the most spacious RV for you!

What puts an RV on the list: Virtually every Class A camper has floor plans with at least 1 or 2 slip. However, we have only selected models with at least 3 slideouts, of which 4 and above is a nice advantage. In addition, we also took a look at the ratings and reviews of all these campers in the RVing world and only included CAMPERS with the highest ratings!

The top 5 best Class A-campers with extending:

  1. Newmar Dutch Star Class A Camper
  2. Newmar Bay Star Class A Camper
  3. Entegra Aspire Class A Camper
  4. Tiffin Allegro Bus Class A Camper
  5. Newmar Ventana LE Class A Camper

#1. Newmar Dutch Star Class A Camper

Make you long for more!

Check out all Newmar Dutch Star Class A Motorhome floor plans!

No. of floor plans Empty weight Sleeps Length
15 32900-40700 lbs 4-6 37-43 feet

Why we recommend the Newmar Dutch Star Class A Motorhome: One of the most respected names in the Class A industry is undoubtedly the Newmar brand. With a CAMPER like the Dutch Star, you’ll be sure that you’ll end up with a camper van that lets you enjoy the spaciousness of a 35+ foot camper that increases in space when parked. With a maximum sleep capacity of 6, the Featured for couples and small families. We propose the Dutch Star 3717 and the Dutch Star 3718 floor plans, because they each have four extension works.

The Dutch Star features a plethora of features ranging from a full paint masterpiece finish on the outside to the Bermuda glazed maple hardwood cabinets on the inside. The diesel engine also allows the mileage of the Dutch Star to reach 8.5 miles per gallon, which is quite nice for a Class A. Finally, there is also a list of available options that will further increase the possibilities of this camper, making the Dutch Star worth recommending to someone looking for Class A CAMPERS with extendable slides.

Key features:

  • 15 different maps available
  • Rear clutch for towing car
  • Stainless steel stair panel at entrance door
  • Polar suit R19 batten insulation on roof
  • Electronic chassis information centre in dash
  • Girard G2000 power side awning with wind sensor, remote control & LED lighting

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#2. Newmar Bay Star Class A Camper

Spacious Camping Sans Compromises!

Check out all Newmar Bay Star Class A Motorhome!

No. of floor plans Empty weight Sleeps Length
17 17494-20880 lbs 4-8 30-36 feet

Why we recommend Newmar Bay Star Class A Motorhome: Newmar’s Bay Star is another large RV with slide outs and is recommended for someone who wants a smaller footprint and greater sleep capacity., The Bay Star weighs a little less than the typical Class A RV, so if you were looking for a lighter weight camper, you’ve found it in the Bay Star. Floor plans such as the Bay Star 3626 and Bay Star 3419 feature 4 and 3 extending shear respectively, making it spacious when you’re on a campsite!

The Newmar shares some similarities to the Dutch Star, such as the 5/8″ foam insulation in the side walls and ceiling, the polar suit R19 batten insulation on the roof, USB chargers near the passenger compartment, and the 10-watt solar panel. In addition to that, it also has a diversity of “convenience” features for the driver, such as cruise control, anti-lock braking system, aluminum wheels, and more. The Ford Engine gets you a mileage of ~7.5 miles per gallon, however, some users have reported getting as much as 9 mpg, so the possibility of getting some higher than average is there!

Key features:

  • 17 different maps available!
  • Dura shield protection on front cap
  • BriteTEK roof with walkable deck
  • Polar suit R19 batten insulation in roof
  • Frameless double pane tinted safety glass windows
  • 45 amp converter

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#3. Entegra Aspire Class A Camper

Real class An experience starts here!

Check out all entegra Aspire Class A Motorhome floor plans!

No. of floor plans Empty weight Sleeps Length
6 41000-49000 lbs (GVWR) 4-7 40-44 feet

Why we recommend Entegra Aspire Class A Motorhome: The Aspire houses the best of both worlds: those who want tailgate can enjoy the outdoor features and tailgate-centric floor plans like the Aspire 38M, those who want to spend their time indoors can go with any floor plan as they start at 40 feet and have a host of luxurious features that will keep you cosy and comfortable. We also recommend the Aspire 44F for an even larger footprint and the 4 slide outs!

Camping in winter is also possible with the Aspire thanks to the R-33, R-24, R-22 and R-16 insulation on the floor, roof, rear caps and sliding walls respectively. However, for camping in extremely cold states like Minnesota or Michigan, we recommend upgrading to optional CSA compliance. There are plenty of other features and options too, which are worth considering the Aspire when looking for Class A CAMPERS with slide outs.

Key features:

  • 6 different floor plans available
  • 1,000 watts of engine heating
  • Radiator on the side
  • Equalizer hydraulic automatic leveling
  • Insulated, closed, thermostat-controlled storage space
  • Ultra-Vision® a piece of wrap-around tinted windshield

Virtual tour:

#4. Tiffin Allegro Bus Class A Camper

Bigger than big!

Check out all tiffin Allegro Bus Class A Motorhome floor plans!

No. of floor plans Empty weight Sleeps Length
8 41000-51000 lbs (GVWR) 4-5 38-45 feet

Why we recommend the Tiffin Allegro Bus Class A Motorhome: With a lot of different exterior and interior options, the Allegro Bus makes a very good first impression, after which it builds on it with the exceptional quality and many upgrades it offers. Similar to the Aspire, it is also made for small families with its maximum sleeping capacity of 5. We found the Allegro Bus 40AP and Allegro Bus 40IP floor plans especially because of the 4 slide outs.

Driving is a piece of cake on the Allegro Bus, thanks to its in-dash navigation system, color behind sight monitor system, and even small necessities such as a cup holder and double dash fans. The soft touch vinyl system and the extraordinaire AC system add some eye-candy and convenience, while the fiberglass front caps and double pane tinted windows keep the RV durable and insulated. You are able to expand and add tons of new features, which we recommend checking out on the RV page by clicking on the link below the images!

Key features:

  • 8 different floor plans available
  • Durable, tubular aluminium roof skeleton
  • High-quality thermal insulation
  • Full-body paint with protective film on the front cap
  • Single engine intermittent wipers
  • Automatic door and terrace canopy

Virtual tour:

#5. Newmar Ventana LE Class A Camper

The Class A that lasts a long time!

Check out all nemwar ventana LE Class A Motorhome floor plans!

No. of floor plans Empty weight Sleeps Length
12 25600-27900 lbs (GVWR) 4-7 34-40 feet

Why we recommend the Newmar Ventana LE Class A Camper: The Ventana LE is Newmar’s answer to a small family camper. Floor plans range from 34 meters to 40 meters and are small enough to be considered cozy. With a sleeping capacity of 5 to 6 people, you have plenty of space when calculating the 4 slide outs present on the Ventana LE 4048 and the Ventana LE 3717 floor plans

The Ventana LE is recommended with only its mileage. After all, a 10mpg as the standard mileage is remarkable on a Class A RV. A few users have gotten as much as 13 mpg depending on weight and driving speed, but you should get 11 mpg without a problem. This is keeping apart from the equally amazing list of interior, exterior, and upgradeable features, which we also recommend checking out. All in all, we love the Ventana LE, which is why it’s on our list of the best Class A CAMPERS with slide outs!

Key features:

  • 5 different platte grounds available
  • Allison® 3000 MH 6-speed transmission
  • Insulation with reflective Flexfoil® floor (R-33), roof
  • Three 15,000-BTU low profile A/C’s with heat pumps
  • 3M® protective film mask
  • Girard ultra window shade canopy and ultra

Video summary:

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What did you find this as our choice for the best Class A CAMPERS with slide outs? Do you have any experience with this or any other class like with slide outs? Share your adventure with us in the comments below!

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