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Top 5 Best Fifth Wheels With Front Kitchen

You will notice the abundance of choices in the floor plan styles when exploring the fifth wheels. One of those choices are the floor plans of the preferences, which are unmistakably provided with beautifully designed front kitchens. There are 2 popular advantages to this. First, it places the bedroom at the back, giving more privacy for couples traveling with the children. Secondly, it will also offer plenty of kitchen space and storage, and you can never get enough of it in an RV. If that aroused your interest, read on to discover the best five best fifth wheels with presets.

What puts an RV on the list: The truth is that there are not many of the fifth wheels fitted with floor plans from the front of the kitchen, but we've all looked at them and have shown the wheels with the best ratings, ratings and features!

The top 5 best fifth wheels with preferences:

  1. Jayco North Point Fifth Wheel
  2. Keystone Alpine Fifth Wheel
  3. Palomino Columbus fifth wheel
  4. Keystone Montana Fifth Wheel
  5. Forest River Sierra Fifth Wheel

# 1. Jayco North Point Fifth Wheel

Put the & # 39; Grand & # 39; in Grandeur!

View all Jayco North Point Fifth Wheel floor plans!

Number of floor plans Empty weight Sleeps Length
21 12100-14200 lbs 4-6 34-42 feet

Why we recommend the fifth wheel of Jacyo North Point: One of the larger fifth wheels you will find is Jayco's North Point. It starts with a 40-foot map, but you'll probably be more interested in the North Point 383FKWS because it has a kitchen at the front. There are other great maps, such as the North Point 377RLBH for up to 9 people!

With regard to functions, the North Point is filled with great amenities that you will love. From the small things, such as USB chargers in special places to important things like a fireplace with thermostat controls, this fifth wheel has a long list of functions and an equally long list of options. Some of which include an 18 cubic foot refrigerator, exterior grill, double glazing, and so on. All in all, those looking for fifth wheels with a front kitchen should definitely give North Point a chance!

Most important features:

  • 21 different floor plans available
  • Wide landing gear
  • Two external marine-quality speakers
  • Pre-programmed for outside LP grill
  • Vinyl floors of living quality
  • Decorative ceiling function of the kitchen island

Virtual tour:

# 2. Keystone Alpine Fifth Wheel

The greatly upgradeable beauty!

View all Keystone Alpine Fifth Wheel floor plans!

Number of floor plans Empty weight Sleeps Length
26 11.652-18.830 lbs 4-8 34-41 feet

Why we recommend Keystone Alpine fifth wheel: Keystone's motorhomes are known for delivering a large number of floor plans, and the Alpine fifth wheel is no exception. Of the 26 floor plans, the Alpine 3800FK and the Alpine 3801FK are fitted with front kitchens. If you are looking for something cozy and a fifth wheel with a preference is an option instead of a necessity, there are also smaller floor plans available!

The apline is equipped with 80% tinted windows, tunneled heat, triple sofa bed and master bedroom suite, and that is just a few! In addition, there are many options and packages available, such as the North Face Insulation Package. It adds a heated water work area, a heated basement and high-gloss sidewalls, in addition to other additions that make it ready for use in this chilly month and the next.

Most important features:

  • 26 different floor plans available!
  • Triple sofa bed
  • Solid worktops on the surface
  • Furrion sound system
  • High gloss sidewalls and doors
  • Electric high-speed awning with LED lighting

Virtual tour:

# 3. Palomino Columbus fifth wheel

Explore your heart!

View all Palomino Columbus Fifth Wheel Maps!

Number of floor plans Empty weight Sleeps Length
16 10667-13826 lbs 4-8 35-42 feet

Why we recommend the fifth wheel of Palomino Columbus: While our previous 2 choices of the fifth wheels with kitchen at the front could sleep up to 8 people, you could also benefit from the extra property by having a smaller sleeping capacity if you are not camping with a lot of people. For this we recommend the Palomino Columbus, and especially the Columbus F386FK-map, because it is 42 meters long and can accommodate up to 6 people, which really offers a lot of extra space.

Although the Columbus is not advertised as one, the amount of insulation and construction features on this rig convinced us that it is a great 4-season semi-trailer camper. They have also paid equal attention to appearance and luxury by including features such as cherry wood hardwood steps, central vacuum system, frameless tinted windows. There are also many extensions available, so be sure to check them out!

Most important features:

  • 16 different floor plans available
  • Cherry hardwood slide fascia
  • Door of magnetic compartment
  • Painted front cover of fiberglass
  • Electric rear stabilizer plugs
  • Storage rack in front pocket

Virtual tour:

# 4. Keystone Montana Fifth Wheel

The Cozier & # 39; Family or 4 & # 39; Fifth Wheel!

View all Keystone Montana Fifth Wheel Floorplans!

Number of floor plans Empty weight Sleeps Length
29 11895-13812 lbs 4-8 35-40 feet

Why we recommend the fifth Wheel of Keystone Montana: The floor plans for the kitchen on the fifth wheels are usually more than 40 feet long. However, if you want something smaller, the Montana of Keystone is exactly what you are looking for, because the map plan of the Montana 3741FK has a kitchen at the front and is only 40 feet away. If you are looking for other styles of the map, there are also shorter and lighter styles available!

The functions range from the standard version to a 20-year jubilee model, but the standard features are under-plates with solid surfaces, aluminum frames on walls, Roadarmor suspension, among others. It also has a whole series of expansion packages, the most popular being the Four Seasons package in our opinion. This package is great for this winter season with all the insulation options it offers.

Most important features:

  • 29 different floor plans available
  • Tumble backsplash
  • Jensen® 50 "HD LED TV in living area
  • Huge storage under the bed
  • Solid countertop kitchen
  • Powder coating 12 steel I beam frame

Video overview:

# 5. Forest River Sierra Fifth Wheel

The easy to carry family camper!

View all Forest River Sierra Travel Trailer Floorplans!

Number of floor plans Empty weight Sleeps Length
25 7920-13535 lbs 4-10 31-43 feet

Why we recommend Forest River Sierra fifth wheel: We can rarely place a top 5 list without a Forest River model! Among an abundance of its motorhomes, the Sierra, especially the Sierra 38FKOK, has a kitchen at the front. This specific model offers a spacious 41 footprint and has 6 slideouts! It is suitable for 6 people, but has other floor plans that can accommodate up to 9 people.

As far as the functions are concerned, the Sierra does not disappoint, as with all other RVs of the manufacturer. Everything from a central vacuum to a 40-inch TV is present, offers ultimate luxury and keeps you warm when you choose the package that adds better insulation, improved construction and many other cool features. In a nutshell, we have no trouble marking the Sierra as a first-class fifth wheel with a preference.

Most important features:

  • 25 different floor plans available
  • Fender skirts in the style of a car
  • Foldable handle
  • Decorative backsplash
  • TV antenna with booster
  • Double sun thermostat for living room and bedroom A / C

Video overview:

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With these fifth wheels, you will have a nice setup to invite all your friends in the living room and make lots of use of the kitchen to cook and converse with ease!

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  • The characteristic must-haves that are important to you and your family
  • Which brands or manufacturers you like
  • Budgeting tools, including a resource for payment calculations
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  • BONUS sources: trade-in values, ratings and financing options

Share with us your favorite five-door wheels for the winter in the comments below!

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