Try These Drool-Worthy Pie Iron Recipes

Cooking over an open fire can be one of the best parts of a rustic camping trip. But it doesn’t have to be limited to hot dogs and s’mores.

With simple gear like a cake iron, you can dramatically expand your campfire and on-the-go cooking arsenal with delicious sweet and savory treats.

So let’s take a look at some of the best cake iron recipes and how to make them.

What is a cake iron?

A cake iron is a simple cooking utensil designed to be used over an open flame. In a way, it’s similar to a waffle iron with no electrical connection. Two cast-iron panels are connected at a hinge, allowing them to swing open or close tightly.

These plates are attached to a long handle that allows chefs to hold the cake iron over the fire and turn it over when needed.

Why is it called a cake iron?

While real “cakes” don’t come from cake irons as many people think of them, they do share a similar concept. The closed pie iron’s clamping action essentially crimps and partially seals whatever is placed inside.

Think of sandwiches made in a cake iron as “hand pies” or empanadas, and the concept and name should make more sense.

The “iron” portion simply reflects the traditional material they are made from – cast iron. Many are still made today from this tough, durable material.

How do you clean and season a cake iron?

Like all cast iron products, to properly care for your cake irons, you should clean them immediately after use.

Contrary to what many believe, it’s perfectly fine to use soap on a properly seasoned cast iron item, which most are upon purchase. However, many only get clean with warm water and gentle scrubbing.

Then dry the cake iron and lightly coat it with oil or shortening. Finally, heat the cast iron over a grill or in an oven until smoking to complete the re-seasoning process, preserving the pan and its natural non-stick properties.

Spicy Cake Iron Recipes

Some of the best cake iron recipes aren’t for cake at all! These savory treats are as delicious as they are easy to make.

Pie Iron Pizza

Ingredients: Pizza/sponge dough, pizza sauce or sauce of your choice, grated mozzarella/Italian cheese, topping of your choice

Preparation: Who needs delivery pizza when you have this cake iron version? Simply divide the batter between the two halves of the cake iron and top with sauce and cheese.

Add toppings and then close the cake iron. Bake for 5 to 10 minutes until crust is golden brown and inside is hot and melted.

Pie Iron Ham and Cheese Sandwich

Ingredients: Bread, sliced ​​ham, sliced ​​cheese, butter or mayonnaise

Preparation: A toasted ham and cheese sandwich is among the simplest of comforts. Butter (or mayonnaise) the outside of two slices of bread and place on each side of the cake pan.

Layer slices of ham and cheese, then close and toast until bread is golden brown or cooked to desired level.

Cake iron PB&J

Ingredients: Bread, peanut butter (or nut butter), jelly or jam

Preparation: How do you improve on a classic like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich? Toast it in a cake iron, of course! The heat of the fire will help it get nice and gooey and enhance the salty and sweet mix.

Spray the inside of the cake iron with nonstick spray. Place a slice of bread on one side, add the nut butter and jelly (or jam), and place the other slice on top. Close the cake iron and bake for about five minutes. Check it regularly.

Pie Iron Breakfast Casserole

Ingredients: Bread, egg, luncheon meat or cold cuts, sliced ​​or grated cheese

Preparation: Cake irons can cook delicious food at any meal – including breakfast! First you need to pre-fry your egg and breakfast meat if it needs to be cooked.

Then place two slices of bread in your greased cake pan and top with your eggs, meat and a slice of cheese. Close the cake iron and toast briefly to melt the cheese and warm the sandwich.

Pie Iron Quesadillas

Ingredients: Tortillas (corn or flour), shredded cheese, pre-cooked chicken/beef/pork/vegetables, refried or black beans

Preparation: For some easy Mexican flair, there’s nothing quite like a quesadilla when it comes to cake iron recipes. Place a tortilla on each side of the greased cake pan. Add cheese to one side, then top with pre-cooked meats, veggies, and beans.

Finish with another sprinkle of cheese and then seal together. Cook until the tortillas are lightly toasted and the cheese has melted enough to hold the quesadilla together.

Pie iron chicken and pesto wraps

Ingredients: Flour tortilla, prepared pesto, pre-cooked chicken breast, shredded cheese (mozzarella or other)

Preparation: Pie Iron Chicken and Pesto Wraps are just as simple and sophisticated in flavor. First, you need to pre-cook your chicken breasts and season to your liking. Italian seasoning works well in this case.

Next, place the tortilla in the greased cake iron and spread a spoonful of pesto on top. Add the cooked chicken and sprinkle with cheese. Fold the wrapper into a burrito shape on one side of the cake maker, then close. Toast until tortilla is lightly browned and warmed through.

Keep in mind: Cast iron cookware scares a lot of people, but these dutch oven camping tips will help you prepare delicious camping meals!

Sweet Cake Iron Recipes

If the idea of ​​a cake makes you want dessert, there are many sweet, delicious treats you can make with a cake maker. Here are some of the easiest and tastiest sweet cake iron recipes.

Pie Iron S’mores

Ingredients: Bread (preferably cinnamon strudel or sweet bread), mini marshmallows, chocolate chips, crumbled graham crackers

Preparation: Cake iron s’mores may be one of the cake iron recipes that outperform their original versions. First, place two slices of bread in a greased cake iron.

Cinnamon strudel or other sweet breads work well for this. Top with mini marshmallows, chocolate and some shredded graham crackers.

Close the cake iron and cook over the fire until the chocolate and marshmallow have melted together. Unlike traditional s’mores, this pie iron version doesn’t crumble or make a mess, but still retains that delicious graham cracker flavor and texture.

Pie Iron Cookies

Ingredients: Cookie dough prepared

Preparation: When it comes to easy and delicious, pie cookies take the cake. All you have to do is press the prepared cookie dough into each side of the cake pan and close it.

Unlike other cake iron recipes, campers should prepare this one with an open iron. In 10 to 12 minutes, the two large biscuits are ready to eat.

Cake Iron Pumpkin Pie

Ingredients: Prepared pie crust, canned pumpkin pie filling, whipped cream (optional)

Preparation: You don’t have to wait until Thanksgiving for this fall treat. Simply spread the prepared pie crust on each side of the cake iron and top one side with pumpkin pie filling.

Close and cook over the fire for about five minutes on each side. After removing it from the cake iron, top your cake with whipped cream for added flavor and flair.

Pie Iron Apple Sales

Ingredients: Prepared cookie dough/pie crust, canned apple pie fillings, marshmallows

Preparation: This old-fashioned American treat requires just a few ingredients and minutes in the cake pan. Place a biscuit (or portion of cake batter) on each side of a greased cake iron.

Top one side with apple pie filling and the other with a marshmallow. Close and roast for about 10 minutes, turning once halfway through, until golden brown.

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Spice up your camping trip with these cake iron recipes

Camping food can be charming and rustic, but it doesn’t have to be boring or bland. All you need is your trusty cake iron, a versatile piece of equipment that is as easy to use as it is easy to carry and clean.

With these cake iron recipes, you’ll never have to worry about unsavory or difficult campfire meals and desserts ever again.

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