What Is a Squatted Truck (And Why It’s Banned)

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Some vehicles stand out from others and make you look twice. We’ve seen some unusual things before, but the first time we spotted a squatted truck, we had to look twice. These modified vehicles don’t look normal.

You haven’t missed much if you’ve never seen one of these strange vehicles on the road. What is an occupied truck, and why do states ban them?

Today, we’re going to look at these modified vehicles and the potential risks associated with them. Let’s get started!

What is an occupied truck?

A squat truck is a vehicle that has been modified to lie lower to the ground, often by lowering the suspension. The front part is a few inches higher than the rear part.

This modification is popular with truck owners who want to give their vehicle a distinctive, individual look.

A squat truck can look like the driver has put an enormous amount of weight on the bed. This creates a similar effect as the truck squats on the rear axle when carrying the load.

Since when and where have crouched trucks existed?

Although squat trucks are often known by the nickname “Carolina Squat,” the trend didn’t start in the Carolinas.

The phenomenon began in California with Baja racers. These racers wanted an aid to cushion the impact of jumps. However, it was only a matter of time before non-racers got excited about this look.

There is now a community of vehicle owners who take pride in converting their vehicles this way. The “squatted truck” trend found its way through social media and various car enthusiast communities, and they began to appear more and more frequently on the roads.

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Is it expensive to staff a truck?

The cost of staffing a truck depends greatly on several factors, such as the type of truck. Some smaller trucks are easier to staff.

The larger the vehicle, the more robust the parts and the more expensive it will be. You also need to consider how much squat you want to achieve with your vehicle. Again, the more you modify the vehicle, the more it will cost.

The biggest cost factor, however, is the amount of work you can do yourself. If you know how to handle cars and have the right tools and equipment, you can save a ton in labor costs.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the skills, tools or knowledge to do the work themselves.

Depending on the kit, size of the vehicle, and other factors, this conversion can cost anywhere from $300 to $10,000.

Are crouched trucks unsafe?

Even if you like the look of squat trucks, they are generally not very safe. They shift weight from the front axle to the rear axle.

Since the front axle steers the vehicle, this can affect the driver’s ability to control the vehicle. And at high speeds, you want to have as much control of the vehicle as possible.

Also, the angle can cause visibility problems for the driver. He may not be able to see something directly in front of him as easily. In addition, the wider angle can cause the headlights to shine upward, making it difficult to drive these vehicles at night.

If safety is important to you, a truck with a squat position is probably not the best choice. You will want a vehicle with a standard suspension. For safe driving, it’s important that you have control of your vehicle and can see everything around you, whether it’s day or night.

Fortunately, you can undo your vehicle’s setting if you regret it or find it too unsafe. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as pressing “Ctrl + Z” on your keyboard. You will have to undo all the work you did to change the suspension. And that will cost you more money.

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Source: Ford Authority

Where are occupied trucks prohibited?

Many states have recognized that occupied trucks are unsafe. As a result, there are more and more rules and regulations for converting your vehicle. Some states even ban occupied vehicles from the roads.

Currently, North Carolina and Virginia are the only states with a ban on occupied trucks. Other states, such as South Carolina, plan to pass legislation banning these vehicles. Violators would face increasingly stiff fines, and repeat offenders could have their driver’s licenses suspended.

Should you drive an occupied truck?

We understand that many drivers want to add some character to their vehicles. Unfortunately, squat trucks can be unsafe on highways. And over time, this can cause excessive stress on other vehicle components.

However, there is nothing wrong with enjoying these vehicles when they are parked at car shows or in magazines.

However, it’s best to stay off the highway and not get behind the wheel. Looking cool is not worth sacrificing your own safety.

Do you like the look of an occupied truck?

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