What is a Yurt?

What is a Yurt? Yurt Camping Explained (Plus 5 Tips)

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Have you ever wondered, "What the hell is a yurt? "

They can make a great camping adventure … or completely awful, depending on where you are staying.

Kayla and I stayed in a yurt once and had a terrible experience. We essentially stayed in a free state-owned yurt that is owned by the government and open to everyone.

(I think about it now, it was a pretty bad idea to start with, what were we thinking ?!)

But only because we had a bad experience does not mean that it is!

A yurt is a step up from the regular camping in the tent and can be a great way to experience nature (if you do your research).

Some yurts are so big that they can comfortably sleep up to 15 people (!), But they are also so easy to set up and remove (if you ever decide to own one) that the whole process takes only 30 minutes to 3 hours .

With so much space, your entire family or group of friends can enjoy a fun camping trip – with some tips from our own experience of course!

In this guide you will learn what a yurt is, the different types of yurts, some tips to have the best yurt-camping experience, and some great places to stay in a yurt. Let's dive into it!

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What is a Yurt?
Why do people live in Yurts?
What is Yurt camping?
5 tips for staying in a yurt
5 places where you can stay in a yurt

Yurts are actually gigantic, portable, round tents that can be as luxurious or as simple as you want!

If you look it up in the dictionary, the actual definition is "a round tent of felt or skins on a collapsible framework, used by nomads in Mongolia, Siberia and Turkey." They have come a long way and have become a camping staple in the US.


Some people even live in communities of modern yurts because they have a lower environmental impact.

community of yurt

Younger life can be a temporary camping experience for some or a permanent way of life.

What is a Yurt made of?

The frame of a yurt is made of a number of flexible posts that form grid walls, with felt or another textile covering to make the walls.

Yurt interior

Building materials for the wooden frame can include any kind of flexible wood in a criss-cross or vertical pattern.

The covering can be made of different types of fabric, such as a canvas, tarp, felt wool or other solid material. Previously, animal skin was a popular cover because it offered natural isolation, especially in extreme weather.

Mongolian ger

Modern yurts (North American yurts) have small differences with the original Central Asian Mongolian (see above) from which he originated. Both are portable, round tents. The only real difference is that the Mongolian ger (at home) is slightly less chic than our modern yurts!

Fun fact: These traditional yurts were often used by nomadic shepherds in the Central Asian region & # 39; s!

Where does the Yurt come from?

Who thought of this great way to camp? How were yurts even one thing?

Believe it or not, the yurt life has a long history that goes all the way back to Central Asia and Ghengis Khan's time when the central Asian Mongolian ger was the standard of living.


Thousands of years ago, in Central Asia, nomads roamed freely and lived in the world's first yurts. They were everywhere! People used them along the Silk Road and the yurt life was the norm at that time.

Quickly switching to modern yurts, people around the world use them as another way to boost it. They can be found at various camping hotspots and some brave people even live in yurt communities in the US. Pacific Yurt even hires yurt contractors to create tailor-made yurts!

Why do people live in Yurts?

Why would someone take the big step to live in a yurt?

For many, the money saved and created a lower environmental impact. With climate change as a big problem, people want to leave less of a footprint on the world to save it.

Another reason is that many modern yurts have all the comforts of home. In some cases they can sometimes be as big as a log cabin, and I've seen some with interior walls to separate the space. So you can live in nature without sacrificing your comfort!

Fun fact: The world's largest yurt has a diameter of 94 # 6 "!

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What is Yurt camping?

It is no secret that yurts are more affordable, closer to nature and more unique than staying in a hotel. Yurt camping is a step higher than your standard tent because it offers more space and sometimes more facilities.

yurt interior

Unlike in Central Asia, you can choose to go to bed alone or stay in a high-end yurt with electricity, a bathroom and even a kitchen! That's the nice thing to choose as your base station.

5 tips for staying in a yurt

Ready to go for a modern yurt adventure now that you know what they are? Awesome! I strongly recommend it. But to help you avoid our worthless experience, here are five tips to help you make this a great camping holiday:

1. Bring multiple layers of clothing

Taking multiple layers of clothing may not seem like much, but camping can become cold. Inside or outside the yurt, you want to feel at ease. If you have multiple layers, you can add more when you are cold or remove when you start to get warm.

2. Have a Fire Starter Convenient

Depending on what comes into your yurt, you may be cooking outside. A fire starter is a good tool to use if you have to use a fire ring or an outdoor grill. It is also great to have in case you want to have a bonfire.

3. Do not forget your lantern

Although most yurts are equipped with electricity, you never know when the power goes out. It is always good to have a lantern to make a backup.

4. Close your door

It may not seem like much, but closing your door is huge. It not only keeps spiders and bugs outside, but it will also keep out some larger bandits. You do not want to wake up and share your bed with a raccoon!

5. Do not forget the bug spray

Camping is camping. You never want to forget the bug spray and become a buffet for mosquitoes and other insects. This is an essential camping tool that you should never leave without home.

5 places where you can stay in a yurt

Now that you are eager to stay in a modern yurt, here are five great places to stay (that's MUCH nicer than the public space we stayed in – do not do what we did!):

  1. Sky Ridge Yurts, North Carolina

  2. Yosemite Pines, California

  3. High Falls State Park, Georgia

  4. Lake Raystown Resort, Pennsylvania

  5. Golden Gate Canyon, Colorado

This envelops how you camp like a pro yurt. You now know the answer to the question "What is a yurt?"! I hope these tips will help you prepare for the next camping holiday of your dreams.

If you are interested in buying your own yurt, it is easy to find a yurt company. Checking out Colorado Yurt Company or Pacific Yurts!

If you have tips or if you have your own Yurt camping experience, please share these in the comments below!

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