What Is the Busiest Camping Weekend?

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You can create unforgettable memories with a camping weekend. Unfortunately, those memories may not be too positive if you book your trip on one of the busiest camping weekends.

Some weekends are notorious for chaos breaking out in a campground. The noise level gets cranked up to 11, and it feels like people are swarming everywhere.

If you like peace and quiet, don’t camp on these weekends. So which is the busiest camping weekend of all? Let’s find out!

When is camping season?

Unfortunately, the camping season varies depending on an area’s location and climate. In much of the United States, the camping season lasts from late spring to mid-fall.

However, in places like Florida, Arizona, and Texas, the peak season is in the winter because the climate is warmer in the South.

Camping season in some areas means increased visitor traffic and higher prices for camping reservations. You may even have to book a certain number of nights, especially on peak holiday weekends.

Some campgrounds across the country remain open year-round. However, they may not offer all services or amenities during the off-season. On the other hand, camping in the off-season means fewer crowds and possibly cheaper camping fees.

What is the busiest camping weekend?

The busiest camping weekend in the United States is usually the last weekend in May, Memorial Day weekend. For many families, this three-day weekend marks the beginning of summer vacation. They use it as an opportunity to camp with their friends, family and other loved ones.

Depending on the campground, you may need to book your spot several months in advance. If you want to snag multiple or adjacent sites, you may need to reserve six to 12 months in advance of your trip. If you’re planning on camping this crazy weekend, we wish you the best of luck!

Other Busy Camping Weekends

Memorial Day may be a busy weekend, but it’s not the only chaotic weekend for camping.

On a handful of other weekends, things can get pretty crazy in the campgrounds. Let’s take a look at what other times of the year you’re better off avoiding on your adventures.

Fourth of July Weekend

Fourth of July weekend is another busy weekend for camping. Many people have Friday or Monday off, depending on when the holiday falls.

That means three days off for families to get out, spend time together and celebrate America.

With the summer heat arriving and pools opening, summer is in full swing. It’s the perfect opportunity to soak up some sun and enjoy some marshmallows by the campfire. However, expect high prices for camping reservations and attractions in the area.

Labor Day weekend

Labor Day officially marks the end of summer in most parts of the country. Some school districts wait until after this holiday weekend to return from summer vacation.

As a result, many campers use this day as an opportunity to say goodbye to summer. Soon, the daily grind of school or sports will take over their lives again.

Camping on Labor Day weekend can be challenging in some parts of the country, as temperatures may already be trending downward. It may be too cold to swim in lakes or pools by this time. However, it may be the perfect temperature to warm up around a campfire.

Halloween Weekend

A popular camping weekend, especially among families, is Halloween weekend. It is a good occasion for those who want to book a campsite and spend time with their loved ones.

For some campers, this weekend is an annual tradition. However, not everyone can participate, as seasonal campgrounds are usually closed by the end of October.

Some campgrounds hold costume contests and challenge campers to decorate their campsites. Some sites we’ve seen are simply amazing and make the festivities even more interesting. On Halloween weekends, campgrounds usually have a completely different atmosphere.

During local festivals or events.

Unfortunately, you may arrive at a campground and find that it is overcrowded.

This is especially true if you book a site in an unfamiliar area. For example, the Parke County Covered Bridge Festival in Indiana is a mid-October tradition for many. As a result, campgrounds in the area can fill up quickly and charge high prices.

If you are planning to camp in an area you are unfamiliar with, be on the lookout for events in the area. You don’t want to arrive and find that you’re camping next to a big music festival or in town with a big rivalry game. That could ruin the experience for you and your family.

A busy campground at a music festival

Tips for camping on busy weekends

We have some tips for you if you are still not convinced not to camp on busy weekends. If you follow these tips, you will have a fun and memorable weekend with your loved ones.

Book early

If you want to camp on these busy weekends, plan as early as possible. Some campgrounds take reservations a year or more in advance.

However, other campgrounds open their reservation systems on a specific date. If this is the case, you need to know when that is and set up a calendar reminder so you don’t forget.

Plan your arrival/departure wisely

Most campers arrive on Friday and depart on Sunday or Monday on most weekends.

Unfortunately, this can lead to long lines at check-in and at the dump station when leaving the campground. However, it is possible to avoid the stress of these long lines.

Arriving a day or two early or staying a day or two longer can make the arrival and departure process much smoother. Waiting in a long line at the dump is not the best way to end a memorable trip.

Remember: Life can be unpredictable! If you arrive late at your campsite, consider these tips for arriving late

Be flexible

Camping on a busy weekend requires some flexibility. You may not get the site you want or the shower house may be farther away than you’d like. But at least you can still camp. Or?

Flexibility is important when camping with friends or family. There are few things that will ruin a trip faster than someone who can’t adjust to change. You may have to adjust your plan due to weather or other circumstances beyond your control.

A campground sign

Bring your patience

Don’t forget to pack your patience when camping on a busy weekend. As I said, it is quite possible that everything will take longer.

Busy weekends can test the efficiency of a campground’s check-in and check-out procedures. Unfortunately, some campgrounds are better able to handle this than others.

If you’re struggling with patience, arrive as early as possible and stay as long as possible. This will help you avoid crowded and frustrating situations that can infuriate someone who lacks patience.

Remember: 2023 is the year of travel! If you want to avoid the crowds, avoid these destinations that will be overrun with tourists

Follow the campsite rules

Following campground rules is important no matter when you go camping, but especially on busy weekends. Remember to adhere to quiet hours, keep your dogs on a leash, and clean up messes.

If you do, you’ll probably have an uneventful weekend, and the campground operator and management won’t know your name at the end of your stay.

Campground rules are not suggestions. You and the other campers must follow them. No matter how special you think you are, you are not the exception to these rules.

If you step out of line, you could find yourself the loser of a heated discussion with an angry host or campground manager.

Is camping worth it during a busy weekend?

There’s never a bad time for a camping vacation. However, camping during a busy weekend can be challenging in some circumstances.

When camping in a large crowd, you may feel crowded, making it difficult to enjoy some of the campground amenities. Choose your camping weekends wisely and know what you’re getting into when you book a spot.

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