Who Owns Loki Expedition (Formerly Basecamp)?

If you love overlandings, you’ve probably heard of Loki Basecamp. This leader has been in the industry for over a decade, producing quality truck campers for adventurers who want to get off the grid at any time of the year.

Recently, Loki Basecamp became Loki Expedition. The company also added two new series to its Overlanding lineup.

Let’s look at these units and what makes them the most expensive and durable RVs in the world.

What is Loki Expedition?

Loki has been designing and building diverse habitats for adventurous overlanders for the past 15 years. Recently, Loki Basecamp became Loki Expedition. The company is owned by Pierre-Mathieu Roy, founder and president.

This new subsidiary reflects the synergy between the company’s personal interests and professional expertise.

The company still makes Loki Basecamp Truck Campers, but has expanded to include bigger and bolder units to allow Overlanders to go anytime, anywhere.

Where is the Loki Expedition located?

For the past 10 years, Loki Basecamp has shipped products from busy North American cities.

However, with Loki Expedition’s new expansion and look, the company decided to move its manufacturing base to Quebec City, Canada.

A second West Coast location is also in the works.

What makes the Loki Expedition unique?

Loki Expedition habitats look like tanks. They have high quality materials to withstand extreme weather.

Additionally, the off-grid capabilities and modular components make these units comfortable, convenient, and functional. In addition, owners can customize their units to create the perfect overland vehicle.

Loki pushes the limits of design and seeks to build premium living spaces that meet the needs of each owner. You can get fiberglass or aluminum truck RVs or heavy duty 15- to 20-foot tanks.

These self-sufficient vehicles provide base camps so owners can enjoy their outdoor adventures, from rock climbing to snowmobiling, no matter the season or terrain.

The Loki Expeditions line-up

Loki Base Camp still exists as units under the Loki Expedition lineup. But the Falcon X series and Discovery series complete the line with additional options for overlanders.

Depending on whether you want a basic truck camper or the heaviest, Loki likely has something for you.

Falcon X series

The Falcon X Series is based on a Ford F550 or Ram 5500 chassis and is available in both 8ft and 15ft models. These units have larger water tanks, larger batteries, additional sleeping quarters, an enclosed shower and toilet, and more.

Compared to the original Loki Basecamp Falcon 8, these models are quite a bit larger.

The windows are suitable for extreme conditions due to their built-in pressure system and double glazing. In addition, the premium composite panels feature R15.5-R17.4 insulation.

Owners can add up to a 900Ah lithium battery bank and a 4,000 watt inverter and charger.

Inside, up to six guests can sleep comfortably. The floor plan features a large U-shaped breakfast nook, wet bath, quartz counters, queen bed, induction cooktop, microwave, 160 liter refrigerator and 35 liter freezer.

Source: LOKI Expedition

Discovery series

Although the truck comes with the Falcon X body, Loki offers full truck bodies or fully furnished habitats in its Discovery series.

You can choose your truck chassis or use a vehicle you already own. Discovery habitats feature windows designed to withstand extreme conditions and units designed to withstand all temperatures with R15.5 to R17.4 insulation.

Special features of this series include an outdoor kitchen, sporting accessory racks, a mud room for drying gear or an optional toy hauler.

In addition, the floor plan offers all the amenities of the Falcon 8 series. Inside, up to six guests can sleep comfortably.

Owners can add up to 1,520 watts of solar power, up to a 2,000 Ah lithium battery bank and a 10,000 watt inverter and charger.

Loki Basecamp Icarus series

Not everyone needs the rugged Habitats of the Falcon X and Discovery series. The Loki Basecamp Icarus Series features a reinforced fiberglass hull truck camper that fits in a 6-foot or 8-foot truck bed.

In addition, the double-density synthetic composite insulation and high-efficiency air conditioning and heating ensure that you can enjoy comfortable camping all year round. And they’re custom-made, so every Loki Basecamp Icarus can meet each owner’s unique needs.

Inside, the functionality of the Icarus series is unparalleled. It features a mud room for hanging your wet gear and a detachable shower. This room also converts to a dining area.

In addition, the removable aluminum platforms allow owners to relax, do some work or watch movies. The kitchen area includes an ergonomic counter, a stainless steel sink and an induction hob.

At night, owners can pull out the sleeping platform to enjoy a good night’s sleep on a large bed.

The off-grid capabilities of the Loki Basecamp Icarus series aren’t as extensive as those of the Falcon X or Discovery series, but they still offer plenty of power.

Finally, owners can choose to add up to 300 watts of solar power, a 600 Ah lithium battery bank and a 2,000 watt inverter and charger.

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Loki Base Camp Falcon 8

The Loki Basecamp Falcon 8 unit is a slide-in truck camper designed for 8ft pickup beds. It weighs approximately 3,000 pounds and is custom made to meet each owner’s needs.

Unlike the fiberglass Icarus series, the Falcon 8 features an aluminum shell that is built to last. It is corrosion resistant and easy to maintain.

The floor plan is similar to the Icarus series but with a larger queen-size bed. And it features multiple mounts and racks for convenient storage solutions and customizable configurations.

Owners can choose to add up to 360 watts of solar power, a lithium battery bank of up to 600 Ah and a 2,000 watt inverter and charger.

A Loki Base Camp Falcon 8
Source: LOKI Expedition

What truck chassis does Loki Expedition use?

Loki Expedition has teamed up with Elevation Off Grid to provide the world’s most capable truck chassis. These trucks offer superior on- and off-road capabilities.

They feature intelligent full liquid suspension, a super single conversion and a luxurious cabin. Considered the most advanced F-550s ever, these truck chassis have a minimum payload capacity of 9,500 pounds and a towing capacity of 30,000 pounds.

How do I order a Loki Expedition Habitat?

Contact Loki Expedition first so you can discuss your project and goals. The customer service representative will help you choose your device.

The initial deposit for a vehicle is $5,000. You must also sign a purchase contract to reserve the next production slot.

Then you can customize your device and collaborate with the Loki team. You will receive photos and video updates of the building process.

Finally, you will receive your device and training on proper maintenance and care. The whole process takes about three to four months.

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How much does a Loki Basecamp truck camper cost?

The most affordable unit, the Loki Basecamp Icarus Series, starts at $69,000. The Loki Basecamp Falcon 8 units start at $135,000.

For owners interested in the high-performance Habitat Ford F550 or Ram 5500 Falcon X15, pricing starts at $560,000. The truck is included.

If you want to know the prices of the Discovery series, you need to contact Loki Expedition.

Is Loki Expedition a good company?

If you’re a serious overlander who craves self-sufficiency and off-road ability any time of the year, Loki Expedition might have a truck camper for you.

You might find cheaper alternatives. However, the Loki units are designed to withstand extreme conditions, bespoke and manufactured with quality materials and products. They can’t get much better than a Loki Expedition habitat.

Are you starting your Loki journey soon?

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