You’ll Want to Avoid These Spring Break Destinations in Your RV

Families, couples and solo travelers prefer to explore the country in their rolling home instead of paying thousands of dollars for a hotel room or Airbnb.

So if you’re looking for a spring break getaway, you may have thought of popular destinations like Fort Wilderness or South Padre Island.

But before you book those places, you might want to think twice. From rowdy college students to the constant smell of alcohol, these cities invite partygoers to go wild.

They’re not the relaxing vacation spots they seem to be at other times of the year. So let’s take a look at 10 popular Spring Break spots you should probably avoid.

Spring break is a celebration of warmer weather, sunshine and vacations. Children are usually off from school and parents can take a week off from work.

For families on a budget, traveling by RV may be the only way to afford a family vacation. Campgrounds are usually cheaper than hotel rooms.

Also, preparing meals in an RV is cheaper than going to a restaurant every night. Therefore, spring break is a popular time for RV travel.

Popular destinations are popular for a reason. These places may offer gorgeous views, perfect weather, excellent customer service, and the best nightlife in the area. You’re likely to find many more benefits at a popular destination for Spring Break.

Plus, everything you want to visit is usually open during spring break. If you’re traveling during the off-season, restaurants, attractions and trails may be closed due to weather or lack of visitors.

Even though there are countless opportunities to shop, dine and party in Miami, that doesn’t mean you should go there during spring break. Popular destinations like Miami and Las Vegas are overrun with tourists, and many hate the traffic and crowds.

The excellent restaurant down the street may have a two-hour wait. You may find yourself shoulder to shoulder with other hikers on a popular trail. The Disney attractions are not nearly as much fun if you wait in line longer than you do for the rides.

You’ll also find that popular Spring Break destinations cost a lot more. From food to attractions to accommodations, you’ll pay more in Myrtle Beach than in Kure Beach.

Plus, you’ll need to make reservations well in advance. If you want to take a last-minute vacation, you’ll have little luck booking a trip to Daytona Beach.

Spring Break Destinations to Avoid

While your best friends may be planning a trip to these popular Spring Break destinations, you’re better off choosing other destinations. They will be crowded, dirty, noisy and expensive. Instead, choose an alternative with a similar atmosphere.

1. fort lauderdale, florida

According to STS Travel, “Thousands flock to the warm beaches along A1A for the biggest Spring Break party ever. Across the street on the shore, open-air venues like the Rock Bar and Elbo Room are packed all day.”

These types of crowds do not make for a relaxing Spring Break vacation. Also, expect the streets and beaches to be noisy and dirty as thousands of young people party boisterously.

2. South Padre Island, Texas

Although South Padre Island is a popular destination for young people, it is not quite as rough as Fort Lauderdale.

Still, you should avoid this destination because of the great spring heat. Summer has usually arrived in South Texas, which can make Spring Break unbearable.

3rd Daytona Beach, Florida

Daytona Beach, named the trashiest Spring Break destination by Ranker, is a popular destination you’re better off avoiding. The streets fill with partygoers from sunrise to sunset and all night long.

DJs heat up the night and make for wild evenings for Spring Breakers looking to dance, carouse, drink and other (perhaps illegal) activities.

4th Las Vegas, Nevada

If you’re looking to blow your money, Las Vegas is the perfect destination. From casinos and nightclubs to restaurants and shows, there are countless ways to spend way too much money.

Plus, most people agree it’s not worth the hype. You pay more and get less. Avoid the Strip this spring break.

View of Las Vegas, a popular spring break destination.

5th Lake Havasu City, Arizona

We only have a few places in the West on this list. Unfortunately, Lake Havasu City, a beautiful area in Arizona, made it onto this list. In recent years, the lake has been overrun by young people getting drunk and rowdy.

The relaxing scenery and recreational activities are best experienced at other times of the year.

6th Galveston, Texas

Another party town to avoid during spring break is Galveston, Texas. College students travel here when Florida is too far away.

Nicknamed the “Playground of the Southwest,” Galveston is a cheap spring break town, but it’s still crowded with party animals and drunken revelers.

Don’t forget: Escape the heat during spring break at one of these indoor water parks!

7 Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

While Myrtle Beach may be one of the most affordable places on this list, the scene there is just like the other destinations.

Myrtle Beach is characterized by nightclubs, bars and endless parties and is not a place you want to visit with your family on spring break.

Choose a different time of year to soak up the sun on the South Carolina coast, or head down a bit further for a less crowded beach.

View of Myrtle Beach, a popular spring break destination.

8. Miami, Florida

Sandy beaches and a vibrant nightlife attract young people every year during spring break. Miami is a party scene like many other cities on this list.

It’s not a good destination for RVers, especially if you’re looking for a family-friendly atmosphere. It can also be quite expensive.

9. Panama City Beach, Florida

Another famous place for its all-night parties and trashy spring break scene is Panama City Beach. It is best to avoid this place if you want to have a nice vacation. After Daytona Beach, this is the second worst place in Florida on Ranker’s list.

It’s a place where locals celebrate Spring Break, not a bunch of college students.

10th Fort Wilderness at Disney World Resorts.

Disney World is generally a place to avoid during spring break. With kids out of school, families flock to the Orlando area for vacation.

Wait times for rides, shows and restaurants are long, which can dampen fun throughout the day. Fort Wilderness is the only Disney World resort that has RV sites. If you come here during spring break, you’ll pay a small fortune and also have to deal with traffic and crowds.

Please note: While we don’t recommend visiting Disney World in the spring, we still recommend it! Learn how to plan an RV trip to Disney World here!

View of Disney Castle at the Magic Kingdom, a destination to avoid during spring break.

Where will you be spending this Spring Break with your RV?

There are many beautiful places with sandy beaches, children’s activities or gorgeous scenery. Choose a less visited place like Bryce Canyon, New River Gorge or Emerald Isle.

You’ll probably have more fun because you can enjoy the experience without crowds, high costs and the endless smell of beer.

Especially if you’re traveling with kids and looking for a family-friendly destination, avoid these places. You don’t have to give up a beach vacation – just choose a quieter destination.

Where will you be taking your RV for spring break?

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