Your Guide to RV Bed Lift Systems

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Storage space in an RV doesn’t come in abundance. When you’re packing for a weekend camping trip, you may wonder where everything will go. To maximize interior storage space, many RV manufacturers are installing bed lift systems.

But even if your RV doesn’t have such a system, you can retrofit it to gain more valuable storage space. Learn more about a bed lift system and how it can enhance your camping experience!

What are RV bed lift systems?

RV bed lift systems increase storage space, which is important given the small interior space of an RV.

It can look like a box frame under the bed that provides storage space, or a system that raises the entire bed into the air. The latter option can create a play area for the kids or a work area for the parents.

In any case, the extra space is important to enjoy life in the camper.

Does every motorhome have a bed lift system?

Not every motorhome has a bed lift system. For example, a motorhome with a lift bed does not have a lift system because the lift bed folds up completely to reveal a sofa or dinette. It has no additional storage space underneath.

Class B motorhomes often do not have a bed-lift system either. Because of their smaller size, there is no room to install such a system. In addition, smaller vehicles often have convertible rooms instead of a separate sleeping area.

However, many motorhomes have some type of bed lift system. Whether it’s a Class A or fifth wheel motorhome, you’ll find that most larger motorhomes have extra storage space thanks to these systems.

What are the advantages of an RV bed lift system?

The biggest benefit of a bed lift system is the additional storage space. Storage solutions are critical to the RV lifestyle. So extra space is a big advantage for motorhome owners.

If you have an electronic lift system in the rear of an RV, you have a multifunctional space at your disposal. You can create an office or a craft room under the bed.

At night you lower the bed to sleep, and in the morning you raise the bed and have a completely different multi-purpose space.

What are the disadvantages of RV bed lift system?

Every time you have another RV system, it is something else that could break. This disadvantage is usually something RVers do not bother to have extra storage. But it is still something to keep in mind.

An electronic bed lift system has motors and cables that can break. A second disadvantage is the difficulty of accessing the storage spaces.

Lifting the bed to get a Camelback hiking bag out is not as convenient as getting the bag out of a drawer or closet. Camper beds can also be awkward to lift.

And if you have to work and your spouse is already ready for bed, the electronic bed-lifting system isn’t much use. Once the bed is folded down, the space underneath is no longer usable until you fold it back up.

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Two types of RV bed lift systems

As mentioned earlier, there are two bed lift systems. The bed frame attachment is the most common. It can be found in all types of motorhomes. The electronic system is usually found in motorhomes and sometimes in B-class motorhomes.

Attaches to the bed frame to raise the mattress.

You can retrofit a simple bed lift system for RVs if your RV was not originally equipped with one. A mechanism attaches to the bed frame, which then lifts the mattress to expose the storage space underneath.

If you want a bed in a fixed location and don’t mind lifting it to access the storage space underneath, this is a good option.

Electronically raises and lifts off the floor

You can also install an aftermarket electronic bed lift system. If your system fails or you want to upgrade to another system, you can find several brands that offer this type.

A motorized system or hoist lifts the entire bed off the floor and floats it near the ceiling. This allows access to the room below. When it is time to go to bed, the system lowers the bed again.

Which RV bed raising system is better?

There is no universal answer for bed lift systems. First, some RVs do not have the capability for an electronic system. Your vehicle must be set up a certain way to really take advantage of this type of system.

Other motorhome owners are physically unable to lift their motorhome mattress, so a bed frame attachment will not help. If you can’t get to the storage space you’ve created, it’s useless. So you need to choose the lift system that suits your needs and abilities and fits your type of RV.

Can you install an aftermarket RV bed lift system?

As mentioned above, you can either install RV bed lift system aftermarket. You may want to replace the original with an upgraded system. Lippert Components, HappiJac, Hatch Lift, and Camping World sell these kits. You can also purchase a hatch lift kit on Amazon for $70.

However, you should not do this installation yourself. Take an extra pair of hands to help with the installation.

In addition, you may need to take the RV to a repair shop for electrical work if you are installing a motorized system. It may also be difficult to safely install the lift without proper tools and assistance.

How much do RV bed lift systems cost?

Obviously, a bed frame attachment costs much less than a motorized system. The bed lift kit from Amazon mentioned above costs $70.

But just a HappiJac motor for a motorized RV bed lift system costs over $500 from Lippert. This complete kit from Pleasure Land Surplus Store costs $2,000.

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Source: Pleasure Land Surplus Store

Increase your storage or living space with an RV bed lift system.

Depending on your needs and available space, installing a retrofitted bed lift system or installing one for the first time is a great way to increase your storage and living space.

Imagine how much more room you’ll have to eat, work and play when you lift your bed in the morning. Or if you want to pack a few things you don’t need on a regular basis, such as ski gear or hiking poles, you can store them under the bed so they’re out of the way.

Do you own a bed lift system for RVs? What advantages do you enjoy as a result?

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