Yurt Tents: Everything You Need to Know

Yurts are one of the hottest styles for upscale camping or “glamping.” If you’re looking for a portable, affordable, comfortable and charming alternative, check out a yurt tent.

If you’re wondering about the differences between the various glamping styles and the specifics of yurt tents, you’re not alone. Read on to learn more about this useful tent that is becoming increasingly popular. Let’s get started!

What is a yurt tent?

Where A yurt tent is pretty simple. It combines certain aspects of a typical yurt and a traditional tent. In terms of space and style, it is a step above a standard tent, but below the average yurt, providing less durable shelter and protection from the elements.

Where and why are yurt tents used?

Many people think of a yurt or yurt tent as luxury camping or “glamping. But versatility and portability are two of the strengths of yurt tents, so you can use them almost anywhere and for almost any event!

These include business or personal retreats, small barbecues or parties, or a great extra space in your backyard for everything from a kids’ play area to a home office. The possibilities are almost endless, the only limits are your imagination and interests!

This is in contrast to traditional yurts, which are much more difficult and time-consuming to dismantle, transport and reassemble.

Can you live in a yurt tent?

While a yurt tent offers more comfort, space and protection from the elements than a regular tent, it is generally not a full-time living space.

They offer less protection from the elements and intruders such as vermin or animals than a standard yurt. They are also less stable than a true yurt because a central pole and guy ropes support the structure, as opposed to the lattice “skeleton” of a yurt.

What distinguishes a yurt tent from a regular tent?

Those looking to replace a camping tent can enjoy several notable benefits of a yurt tent.

The most obvious is its size. An average yurt tent is significantly larger than most personal tents and provides enough space for a medium-sized group to stand or sit. This is ideal for campers who don’t like to crawl in and out of small, cramped sleeping quarters.

Many yurt tents are also equipped with stove lifters that allow smoke to be vented directly through the roof. This can be incredibly valuable, allowing campers to cook inside.

They can also heat the space efficiently and safely in cool weather. This makes them generally 4-season capable, unlike many regular tents that can only be used comfortably in the spring, summer, and fall. The walls can also usually be rolled up to allow for better ventilation in warm temperatures.

Finally, yurt tents have an undeniable style that distinguishes them from utilitarian models made of nylon or polyester. Undoubtedly, they will be the talk of the campsite or neighbors, no matter where you put them.

The best yurt tents you can buy online

If you’re ready to join the yurt tent lifestyle, there are many models available. Here are our five favorites and why they deserve the top spot.

Dream House outdoor tent made of waterproof cotton canvas.

Occupancy: 4

Material: Alloy steel, polyurethane, canvas, plastic, metal

Special Features: Windproof, Waterproof, UV Protection

This high quality yurt tent is a great starter model for those who aren’t sure if the style suits them.

Available in 4, 5 and 6m sizes, it sleeps two double beds up to five queen beds and has four windows. It is perfect for families and groups, small or large. It’s also our most comfortable mode of transportation, weighing from 44 pounds.

Latourreg Outdoor Safari Glamping Yurt

Occupancy: 5

Material: Alloy steel, canvas, fabric, polyvinyl chloride, stove bushing.

Special Features: Waterproof

This yurt tent from Latourreg is the most affordable option among our top recommendations: The four-meter tent costs less than $420. Larger five- and six-meter tents are also available. The double-stitched construction ensures that the tent can withstand the wear and tear of the great outdoors.

A built-in stove socket makes cooking and heating easy, while mesh doors and windows provide the ventilation you need without letting in bugs or other creatures.

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Yurtent Luxury All Season Bell Tent

Occupancy: 6

Material: Canvas

Special Features: Water repellent, waterproof, fire retardant, hearth socket.

If you’re looking for a tent that can withstand the weather all year round, check out this Yurtent. The water-repellent material contracts when wet, protecting occupants from rain, snow and other bad weather.

In addition to useful features like a stove socket and mesh covers for windows and doors, the tent is also made of fire-retardant material, so campers have less to worry about from potential accidents.

Danchel Outdoor Luxury Glamping Yurt Tent

Occupancy: 8

Material: Canvas, fabric, polyvinyl chloride

Special Features: Waterproof, Rain Cover, Top Stove Jack

This high quality yurt tent from Danchel offers a premium combination of space, style and ease of use.

With four-season protection and a stove port, you can provide a comfortable environment in any weather. A rainfly provides additional protection from the elements. Plus, you can set up the tent in just 20 minutes with one or two people.

Whiteduck Avalon 4 Season Glamping Yurt

Occupancy: 10

Material: 100% cotton canvas

Special Features: Waterproof, UV protection, hearth socket

Those with the largest groups and the most money to invest in a yurt tent will find their perfect match in this spacious Whiteduck Avalon. Up to 10 people can comfortably enjoy this weatherproof tent with premium Pro Canvas fabric.

This spacious model has a maximum roof height of more than 11 feet. A dozen windows and roll-up walls provide the ventilation larger groups want.

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How long do yurt tents last?

Yurt tents are generally quite sturdy and will last a long time with daily use and care. Most yurt covers make up the exterior and are exposed to the elements.

They generally last 5-10 years if well cared for. Internal components such as guy ropes and a support post can theoretically last indefinitely as long as they do not fray or break.

That’s much longer than a normal tent, which typically only lasts 3-5 years of daily use before needing complete replacement.

A yurt tent outdoors

Up your glamping game with a yurt tent

If you’re looking for the best choice for affordable, comfortable glamping, there’s no better option than a yurt tent. They offer the shelter and style of a yurt with the portability of a tent. After spending a night in a tent, you’ll never want to go back to a traditional tent.

Which tent would you most like to take camping?

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