How Big Is Alaska Compared to Texas?

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We all know that Alaska is huge. And the saying that “everything is bigger in Texas” is popular for a reason. But how big is Alaska actually compared to Texas? Is there that much of a difference between America’s two largest states? The answer may surprise you.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the largest states in the United States.

Which is the largest state in the United States?

If Alaska were its own country, it would be one of the 20 largest states in the world. It is about the size of all of Western Europe or Scandinavia.

Although Alaska is the largest state in the United States by area, its population of 736,000 puts it in 48th place. In comparison, New York City alone is home to over 8 million people.

How many hectares is Alaska?

Alaska covers 571,000 square miles of land and over 91,000 square miles of water. That equates to over 425 million acres. It’s hard to grasp just how big Alaska really is.

For comparison, the Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve in Alaska is over 13 million acres, the equivalent of six Yellowstone National Parks.

The four major mountain ranges in the park include nine of the 16 highest peaks in the United States. Rhode Island, Delaware, Connecticut and Hawaii would all fit into this huge national park.

How big is Alaska compared to Texas?

But the question remains: How big is Alaska compared to Texas? Alaska is about 2.5 times the size of Texas. With an area of 268,000 square miles, the “Lone Star State” is the largest country on the American mainland. But it is a far cry from the 663,000 square miles of the “Last Frontier”.

When we cross Texas on our way from the East Coast to the West Coast, it seems like I-10 goes on forever. It’s 878 miles long! The entire interstate highway system in Alaska is only about 1,100 miles long. But there is so much wilderness in this great state.

What else is Alaska known for?

As already mentioned, the largest national park, the Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve is located in Alaska. But the state is not only home to the largest park. It is home to seven of the ten largest national parks in the country.

Only Death Valley doesn’t make it into the top five. Gates of the Arctic, Denali, and Katmai round off the four largest national parks in the United States.

Alaska is also known for having the highest mountain in North America. Denali is over 20,000 feet high. The mountain is even taller than Mount Everest but is lower in altitude.

Alaska is also home to the third longest river in the United States, the Yukon, which is nearly 2,000 miles long, and has the longest coastline of any state at 6,640 miles.

Many travel to the “Last Frontier” to bask in its natural beauty and majesty. Others want to see the abundant wildlife. With so much wilderness and protected areas, Alaska is one of the best places to see bears, caribou, and moose.

Maybe you’re driving on the highway and have to stop to cross paths with a caribou. Or take a trip to Brooks Falls in Katmai National Park to watch the bears feeding on salmon.

What are the 5 largest states in the Lower 48?

Alaska is more than twice the size of Texas, but how does it compare to other large states?

In the continental United States, Texas, California, Montana, New Mexico, and Arizona are the five largest states. Amazingly, Texas, California, and Montana could all be placed in Alaska!

1. Texas

Texas covers much of the southern and central parts of the United States. It is over 171 million acres in size, which equates to over 268,000 square miles. Of those square miles, over 261,000 are land and over 7,000 are water. The country of France could fit into the state of Texas.

The border between Texas and Mexico is over 1,200 miles long, making it the longest international border between the lower 48 states. The Lone Star State has the second largest population with over 29 million residents.

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2. California

On the West Coast, California covers 163,000 square miles. Nearly 156,000 square miles are land, and over 7,700 square miles are water. The entire United Kingdom could fit into California 1.5 times.

The Golden State is the most populous state in the country with over 39 million residents. Los Angeles is the second largest city in the country after New York. Its land area can be compared to Texas and Alaska, but it is superior in terms of population.

3. Montana

The third largest state in the Lower 48 is Montana. Alaska has the longest international border with Canada at over 1,500 miles, but Montana shares 545 miles with our neighbor to the north. It is the only state that borders more than two Canadian provinces.

Montana encompasses over 147,000 square miles, including over 145,000 square miles of land and over 1,000 square miles of water.

View of the mountains in Montana.

4th New Mexico

Our last two largest states in the contiguous United States are in the Southwest. New Mexico and Arizona are very similar in size and rank 4th and 5th on our list. The Land of Enchantment offers one of the most diverse landscapes in the United States. You’ll find deserts, grasslands, mesas, lakes, forests and mountains.

The state covers 121,000 square miles, almost entirely land. It shares a 180-mile border with Mexico. New Mexico would fit inside the state of Alaska five and a half times.

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5 Arizona

Finally, Arizona rounds out the five largest states in the Lower 48. Like New Mexico, almost all are 114,000 square miles of land area. Arizona shares about 378 miles of border with Mexico. Arizona’s largest city – Phoenix – is the fifth largest city in the United States and the state’s most populous capital.

View of a city in Arizona.

Which is the smallest state in the United States?

With all the discussion about the largest states in the United States and the comparison between Alaska and Texas, the question arises: which is the smallest state? Up in New England is Rhode Island, with an area of only about 1,500 square miles.

This tiny state could fit inside Alaska 425 times. But more people live in Rhode Island than in Alaska. With just over one million residents, Rhode Island ranks 45th in population.

Everything is bigger in Texas? Not quite true!

Some things may be bigger in Texas. After all, it has the world’s longest bowie knife, the world’s largest cowboy statue and the world’s largest pecan. But when it comes to the size of the country, Alaska has Texas beat.

A drive through the Lone Star State may take a few days, but it will take you much longer to traverse the Last Frontier.

Did you know how big Alaska is compared to Texas?

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