The Best Ways To Cook Food When Camping

Best Way To Cook Food While Camping

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Eating while camping can be done with a variety of different equipment. You can choose from a kitchen at home from home to a more rustic setup. This blog will discuss different ideas for cooking on the campsite and describe the advantages and disadvantages of each of them. Hopefully, this will help you choose the best option for your campervan conversion or vacation.

For luxurious dining

Angel has a big oven in her kitchen

For the ultimate home from home, you can have a gas-fired oven installed in your motorhome. With an oven y,ou can really cook everything that you cook at home, especially in combination with a hob. Imagine that you are away at your favorite places and can cook a roast dinner!


  • You are not limited by what you can easily cook;
  • Suitable for people who love cooking and for whom it is an important part of their holiday;
  • Great for longer trips or a full-time life of a caravan – no longer craving a pizza or the ultimate mac & cheese recipe from your mother.


  • They are not cheap. A self-contained oven / grill from Thetford costs around £ 250, while an oven / grill combination may be more than £ 400;
  • They take up more space and weight than a single hob / ring burner.

Get tasty!

If you have limited space but want more flexibility in what you cook, then a grill is a good compromise. You can easily cook smaller pieces of meat and, most importantly (according to my wife) Welsh Rarebit in a grill.


  • Significantly cheaper than an oven – a Smev grill costs around £ 200;
  • Takes less space and still offers good flexibility for what you can cook.


  • No pizza, cakes or cake!

Some Portable luxury Items

There is a relatively new piece of equipment on the market that allows you to cook in a portable manner; the Omnia oven.

It consists of 3 parts and creates top and bottom heat with the help of heat from the stove.

When placed on a heat source, the heat spreads along the bottom of the container and then rises and crosses the top due to its specially made lid with ventilation holes.

That is why this is a great way to prepare bread, cake, lasagna, pies without spending the money or taking up the space of a traditional oven.


  • Affordable – costs from £ 55, depending on where you buy;
  • Many accessories to broaden the cooking potential of food!


  • Can be difficult to learn the relationship between gas flame and oven temperature.

Now Let’s be cozy

Let’s face it, there’s nothing like eating outside around a fire with your friends and having a good bottle of wine at hand. There are all kinds of different BBQs that you can use from large swanky gas barbecues to small collapsible charcoal versions that you can take with you in the most compact motorhomes.

Cooking with fire is undeniably satisfying, there is something that harks back to “ye days of olde”. However, it may not be the most full-time practical of options, because you have to take into account the British weather!

It is important that you think about storage for all components – charcoal/kindling/ lighter liquid if you cheat with starting the fire!

Snuggling around the BBQ with Dave


  • There are so many options that something is suitable for every budget;
  • Feels like & # 39; good camping & # 39 ;.


  • Requires organization to set it up and work on time;
  • Weather dependent!

Keep it simple

Almost all campers have a kind of gas cooker. It can be a more basic portable gas cooker or a built-in hob of 2 to 4 pips. You can cook so many things on a stove, you will be amazed at how many pot meals there are and how good they are!

You can cook wonders on Minty’s cooker!


  • Cheaper options available (although you can also get top-end burners, including induction hobs |);
  • Takes up less space;


  • More limited about what you can cook at the same time;
  • It is a good idea to get burners of different sizes for different types of food.

For the wilderness:

If your campervan is a vehicle to transport you into the wilderness of the United Kingdom or beyond, the JetBoil is a phenomenal option. With the Jetboil you can cook wherever you want; on top of your favorite mountain, or on that remote spot that you can only reach on foot. In addition, it gives you both an extra hob in the van and a back-up emergency cooker if your gas runs out or your hob stops working.

The JetBoil MiniMo is a 1 liter cooking system that is super small, complete with burner and fuel stabilizer. The burner has a regulator, so you can both simmer and cook. This means that it is more versatile than some of the other JetBoil systems. You can also add accessories such as a coffee press or a larger frying pan, so that it can be an advantageous system in a camper.


  • Easy to transport and does not take up much space;
  • Good as a back-up for the van or a portable reconnaissance option.


  • The full setup is a bit more expensive than you would expect for £ 120 (Flash model);
  • It probably does not work for most people as their only cooking option.

Wanda & # 39; s owners took a JetBoil MiniMo on a climb to the Peak District.


With so many options and ways to prepare a feast in your camper, there is absolutely no excuse to stick to cans of beans and Smash! Moreover, it is important to have fun and take the opportunity to try out new things, or new ways of cooking that you might not otherwise do.

Look for more ideas about camping in our great selection campervan recipes from professional French chefs Radius Ulna here.

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